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Rabb Se Hai Dua 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Haider firmly grasping Dua’s hand, halting her in her tracks. He confronts her, expressing how Hina consistently inflicts pain upon her. Despite this, Dua disregarded Hina’s actions and came to her aid when needed. Haider believes that Dua’s love is undeserved by them and accuses her of concealing it from them. He emphasizes that just as a flower may wither, its fragrance remains, implying that Dua’s attempts to display hatred towards them cannot deny her lingering care. Moved by his actions, Haider kisses Dua’s hand, stirring up emotions within her. However, Dua recollects Haider’s betrayal and demands that he release her hand, reminding him that she showed him mercy. She asserts that if Gazal were in Hina’s position, she too would have extended her assistance. Haider counters, reminding her that he witnessed her providing medication to Kaynaat. Dua retorts, dismissing it as a sign of care. Haider argues that her nervousness was evident and suggests that she wouldn’t have reacted that way towards a stranger. He challenges her to confess whether she still cares for him and his family. Suppressing her tears, Dua lies and declares that she no longer holds any concern for them. Haider walks away in tears, leaving Dua in distress as she admits that she can pretend to be unfeeling in front of everyone except Haider. She pleads for him to stay away from her.

Meanwhile, Gazal inquires about Hina’s well-being, to which Hina responds that she feels better. However, she places blame on Dua for her current condition, recounting the scene Dua created during their meal. Haider becomes enraged upon hearing Hina’s accusations and questions how she could blame Dua in such a manner, considering that Dua had saved Hina’s life. Hina dismisses Dua’s actions, claiming that she only pretended to save her. Haider intervenes, insisting that Hina should refrain from unjustly accusing Dua and treating her poorly. He reminds Hina that it was Dua who had provided her with the necessary medicine at the right time. Hina denies Dua’s involvement, asserting that Kaynaat was the one who brought the medicine. Haider urges Hina to disclose the truth, leading Kaynaat to confess that it was indeed Dua who had provided the medicine. Hina scolds Kaynaat for lying to her, but Kaynaat explains that she did so out of concern for her mother’s deteriorating health. Frustrated, Hina remarks that she would rather die than accept Dua’s help. Haider rebukes Hina, highlighting that Dua had saved her life while she continued to curse her. He reveals that Dua sent the medicine, and it was Gazal who neglected to order her own. Gazal explains that she couldn’t reach the shop owner when she tried to order the medicine. Haider questions why Gazal didn’t answer his call, and Gazal avoids eye contact, unable to provide an answer. Haider accuses her of prioritizing sleep over Hina’s medicine, implying that Hina’s current state is a result of Gazal’s actions. Hina intervenes, pleading with Haider to stop, insisting that Dua is merely causing a scene and that Gazal genuinely cares for her.

Haider expresses to Hina that standing beside Dua is beyond her capabilities, proceeding to compare Gazal unfavorably to Dua and subjecting her to humiliation. In response, Hina supports Gazal, while Gulnaaz suspects that Gazal attempted to harm Hina as well. Dadi explains her intention of proving Gazal’s superiority in cooking and caring for everyone, but acknowledges that it is merely a dream as Gazal is considered useless and incapable of surpassing Dua in any aspect. Feeling trapped, Gazal realizes she must take action and suggests ordering food from outside since cooking would take too long. She proposes celebrating her recovery by having a party. Dadi smiles approvingly at Hina, leading Haider to assume that Hina orchestrated the party idea. Gazal adds that she thought everyone could enjoy the meal together.

Dadi questions Hina about whether her daughter-in-law is unaware of her dislike for outside food, mockingly taunting her. Dadi blames Gazal for causing problems ever since she entered the household, claiming she aims to destroy their family rather than being a dutiful daughter-in-law. Dadi curses Gazal and questions why Haider married her. Haider leaves the scene, casting a disdainful glance at Gazal. Gazal then appeals to Gulnaaz for help with cooking, but Gulnaaz refuses. Others also decline to assist her. In an attempt to gain Hina’s sympathy, Gazal puts on a show of fake tears. Hina points out that Kaynaat and Noor have not refused to help Dua, suggesting Gazal should cook for them. Gazal realizes she must surpass Dua and decides to learn cooking by watching YouTube videos. However, she becomes frustrated, unable to envision herself cooking again. Meanwhile, Dua feels guilty about Hina’s condition and blames herself for it. Dadi consoles Dua and advises her not to worry. Gulnaaz and Dadi commend Dua for showing compassion towards Hina despite Hina’s ill treatment. Gulnaaz urges Noor to emulate Dua’s behavior in her own in-laws. Noor expresses her hunger, and Dua assures her that she won’t let her go hungry while she’s present.

[Episode End]

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