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Rabb Se Hai Dua 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Dua urging Ruhan to share with Haider what had happened to him and where he had been. She questions why he’s unable to return home and urges him to reveal the truth. Hina also encourages him to speak up, while Gazal worries that Dua might say something in front of Haider that she shouldn’t. Sensing exhaustion, Ruhan expresses his need for rest. Dua persists, asking why he won’t disclose the truth to anyone, while Hina advises her to let him rest and not create more problems since he has just returned home. Haider asserts that he won’t say anything and requires some rest. Everyone departs, giving him space. Curious, Dua approaches Gulnaaz and inquires about Ruhan’s condition, wondering why he won’t confide in anyone. Gulnaaz speculates that Ruhan might plan to reveal everything later, emphasizing the need to keep him safe until he exposes Gazal’s truth. Gulnaaz fears that Gazal might harm him again. Meanwhile, Dua believes that Ruhan is concealing the truth, making her feel the need to alert him about Gazal’s involvement. However, she lacks evidence against her. Haider interrupts her, questioning where she had gone. Dua wonders why he keeps asking the same question and assumes he didn’t understand her words. Haider admits feeling as though she’s distancing herself from him, despite not remembering much. He senses that something was about to go wrong and asks Dua what it was. Dua realizes that Haider won’t believe what Gazal did to him and decides to wait for the right time. She lies, telling him she wasn’t at home. Haider declares his intention to rest, leaving Dua uncertain about what Gazal might do if he sleeps in her room again. Dua stops him and offers her room for him to sleep in. Haider is shocked by her gesture and expresses disbelief. To prove her sincerity, she pinches him.

Haider approached Dua, questioning if she had forgotten his past mistakes and was willing to accept him back. Dua responded by clarifying that it wasn’t as simple as that. She admitted to forgiving him to some extent after witnessing him on the floor. Memories of their shared moments flooded their minds as they engaged in conversation. Dua urged him to keep his distance from her, suggesting that he sleep on the bed while she took the floor. Haider, feeling undeserving of such treatment, insisted that she should sleep on the bed instead. However, Dua emphasized that his health was not in good condition, thus he needed to rest on the bed. Haider optimistically believed that his health would improve once she forgave him.

Meanwhile, Gulnaaz approached Dadi, expressing that everyone was delighted by Ruhan’s return home, but Gazal remained secluded in her room. Dadi expressed her inability to face anyone after what she had done to Ruhan. Hina intervened, urging them to refrain from speaking ill of her daughter-in-law. Dadi argued that Gazal had shattered Ruhan’s heart and ruined Dua’s life, yet she continued to support her, albeit sarcastically praising her. Hina contended that Ruhan had no interest in Gazal, evident from his decision to leave the wedding ceremony. She believed it was not Gazal’s fault but Ruhan’s own mistake.

Hina attributed the problem to Gulnaaz’s upbringing, insinuating that her traits had been passed down to Ruhan. She placed blame on them, emphasizing that Haider had married Gazal to save her life. Hina further remarked that their reputation had been tarnished because of Gazal, provoking Gulnaaz to question what reputation she was concerned about. People were already criticizing Haider for marrying his brother’s wife. A verbal clash ensued between Hina and Gulnaaz, with both parties engaged in a heated argument. Noor and Kaynaat intervened, urging them to cease their shouting. Hina and Gulnaaz continued their quarrel, exchanging words. Gulnaaz accused Hina of blindly supporting Gazal without knowing her true nature, labeling her as fake. Kaynaat implored Hina to put an end to the argument, but Hina disregarded Gulnaaz’s advice, refusing to believe her. Noor and Kaynaat stepped in, separating the two women. Dadi commended them for handling the situation.

Haider stood in awe of Dua, appreciating her for allowing him to stay in her room. He expressed gratitude to God for this opportunity.

[Episode End]

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