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Rabb Se Hai Dua 23 May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 23 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Hameeda bravely revealing the truth to Dadi. Were it not for Dua’s timely intervention, Gazal would have succeeded in murdering her. Hameeda emphasizes that Gazal possesses the ability to destroy lives and tear families apart; she is an extremely dangerous individual. Hafeez, fueled with rage, questions how dare Gazal behave in such a manner. He vows to ensure her demise. However, Dua pleads with him to stop, reminding him of her love for him. Dua assures Hafeez that Gazal will face the consequences of her actions and warns that Gazal will attempt to frame him in this situation. Dua’s conviction lies in the fact that Gazal will ultimately pay for her misdeeds, as she knows how to protect herself.

Dadi points out that Gazal first attempted to kill her and is now targeting Hameeda. Hameeda informs Dua that Gazal is a perilous person who may not stoop to her level, but will go to any lengths to tarnish her reputation in Haider’s eyes. Hameeda asserts that Gazal has already shattered her relationship with Haider. Meanwhile, Gazal contacts Haider and laments about the mistreatment she receives from his family. She questions what wrong she has done to deserve such treatment and lack of acceptance. Haider, occupied with the closure of the showroom and his workload, curtly requests her to stop and ends the call. Gazal realizes that Haider has no time to listen to her grievances, further fueling her determination to make Haider despise Dua completely, ensuring he never even looks at her again.

Hameeda expresses her concerns to Dua about Gazal’s dangerous nature and wonders why Dua is taking such a risk. In response, Dua assures Hameeda that she is willing to go to any lengths to expose Gazal in front of Haider. However, Hameeda reminds her that Haider has not yet changed and warns that he is currently trapped by Gazal. Dua counters by saying that Hameeda doesn’t fully understand the depth of their love and admits that she hasn’t yet exploited her love for Haider. She expresses her remorse, acknowledging that if she were to use it, Haider would be hurt. Despite Hameeda’s attempts to persuade her to back off, reminding her that she had encouraged Dua to fight back but not take unnecessary risks, Dua remains determined to retaliate. She refuses to back down.

Dadi intervenes, expressing her concern for Dua’s safety and asserting that she cannot bear to see her life in danger. Dadi believes that Dua cannot win against Gazal and reveals that she knows Gazal had pushed Dua down the stairs, though she hasn’t disclosed this truth to anyone yet. Dua explains that she hasn’t revealed the truth because she hasn’t had the opportunity to do so, but believes that everything will be resolved if she can expose it.

Dadi warns Dua that if she reveals the truth, it will break Haider’s relationship with Gazal, resulting in Dua being unable to stay in the house anymore. Dua questions why Dadi didn’t reveal the truth earlier, and at that moment, Gulnaaz arrives and reveals that Ruhan is currently in Gazal’s custody. They have kept this information hidden from everyone in order to protect Ruhan. Dua recalls how she had urged Ruhan to run away from the wedding mandap, and Hameeda realizes that they put Dua in danger to safeguard their own blood. Hameeda advises Dua to leave the house before this selfish family takes advantage of her. Considering Gazal’s dangerous nature, Hameeda believes it’s best for Dua to leave the house.

However, Dua explains that she wasn’t aware of the truth and had considered Ruhan as her own brother. She had believed that he had left home after Gazal’s betrayal. Dadi and Gulnaaz share their grief with Dua, and Dua reveals that Gazal kidnapped Ruhan to intimidate them. Gazal’s intention was to silence them and prevent the truth from being revealed to everyone.

Hafeez urges Dua to join forces in locating Ruhan to resolve the ongoing issue. Dua readily agrees, understanding the importance of their mission. However, Hameeda interjects, advising Dua not to interfere in this matter. Undeterred, Dua expresses her determination to prevent the family from falling apart and emphasizes her inability to forget Haider. She firmly believes that she must address these problems. In response, Gulnaaz warns Dua about the potential for emotional harm, but suggests giving her another chance to rectify the situation. Hameeda, considering their plea, grants them an opportunity, suggesting that Hafeez stay with Dua to ensure her protection. Hafeez reassures Hameeda that he will do everything in his power to safeguard Dua. Dua, in turn, promises to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Hameeda advises her accordingly, and Dua affirms her awareness of Gazal’s involvement. Gulnaaz cautions Dua to ensure that Gazal remains oblivious to their revelation of the truth. Meanwhile, Gazal, fueled by her determination, cuts her hand and vows to separate Haider from Dua.

[Episode End]

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