Rabb Se Hai Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Dua informs the family that Gazal attempted to exploit Haider by administering him sleeping pills, leaving everyone in shock. Gulnaz expresses her disgust, while Dadi condemns Gazal, labeling her as characterless and suggesting they should kick her out. Dua suggests involving the police due to Gazal’s criminal behavior. Gazal denies the allegations, claiming she is being falsely accused. Dua insists on proving her truth and asks Haider to recall what happened the previous night when he was in an impaired state but awake. Haider explains that he felt dizzy while attempting to retrieve his mattress and subsequently lost consciousness. Gazal becomes apprehensive that he might remember something. However, Haider confesses that he doesn’t recall anything. Dua implores him to try harder to remember. Hina intervenes, urging them to stop pressuring Haider to lie and accusing Dua of crossing all limits. Hina asserts that Gazal is Haider’s wife, and their intimate matters shouldn’t be discussed. Dua clarifies that she doesn’t mean to coerce Haider but wants him to remember without any external influence. Haider attempts to recollect and admits that he indeed felt dizzy, questioning Gazal about what she did to him and what occurred the previous day. Dua alleges that Gazal administered sleeping pills to Haider, but Gazal denies any such actions. Hina reveals that she had given Haider milk, leading Dua to deduce that the pills must have been mixed in the milk, causing his intoxication, and she questions Hina if she was the one who did it. Hina gazes at Gazal and recollects Gazal taking the milk from her. Dua implores Hina to open her eyes and not believe Gazal, emphasizing that she might lose her son if she continues to trust her. Gazal insists that Dua is lying and refutes all the accusations. Haider interrupts, expressing his discontent and warning Gazal that if she tries such actions again, he will forget his promise. He is disappointed that his own mother has taken Gazal’s side. Haider begins to leave, but Dua interjects, demanding that Ruhaan reveal where he had been for the past few days and who kept him away from the house. Dua urges him to speak the truth and save the family. Gazal becomes fearful. Gulnaz encourages Ruhaan to expose those who tortured him, and Dadi insists on exposing their enemies. Ruhaan recollects everything, including how Dua attempted to kill him and Gazal’s instruction to wait for the right time. He admits that he made a mistake by leaving the house and abandoning Gazal at the altar, but he attributes the situation to Haider’s fault. Dua is perplexed by his confession. Ruhaan explains to Haider that it was not his fault, given the difficult circumstances, and takes responsibility for leaving the house. He sincerely apologizes for his mistake, leaving everyone shocked. Haider embraces Ruhaan, reassuring him that it’s okay and emphasizing their bond as brothers. Ruhaan walks away, and Dua follows him. Gazal tries to stop Haider, denying her involvement, but he angrily departs. Hina glares at Gazal and holds her accountable for the humiliation, questioning how she could dare to give sleeping pills to Haider. Gazal defends herself, stating that Haider keeps her at a distance, and she yearned for his love. She mentions missing Rahat and expresses her hatred towards the house, confessing her fear of losing Haider. Gazal pleads for forgiveness. Hina advises her not to cry and warns her against repeating such actions in the future.

Gulnaz inquires of Ruhaan why he chose not to disclose the truth. Ruhaan responds, “I’d rather not discuss it. I admit my mistake in abandoning Gazal.” Gulnaz conjectures that Gazal has exerted some sort of enchantment over him, conjuring smoke and proclaiming that an antagonist has ensnared him. However, Ruhaan coughs and interrupts, urging her to desist. He asserts that Gazal hasn’t influenced him in any way and that he no longer cares about her; she is insignificant to him, and he desires to move forward with his life. With that, he departs. Dua is perplexed and ponders why Ruhaan is safeguarding Gazal. She senses that something is amiss.

[Episode End]

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