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Rabb Se Hai Dua 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Gazal offering an apology to Hina, who responds with a stern glare. Gazal proceeds to fabricate a story about her fear of losing Haider as the reason behind her previous statements. Hina, unimpressed, demands Gazal to remove her hands from her and questions whether she possesses any shame in lying. To make matters worse, the inspector threatens Gazal in front of everyone, leading to her experiencing humiliation in that moment. Realizing she needs to provoke Hina further, Gazal brings up her own painful past to remind her of the wounds she has endured. She informs Hina that Dua will snatch Haider away from her, drawing from her personal experience when Gulnaaz did the same to her. Gazal believes that Hina is falling for her words, as Haider seems to favor Dua over her, considering she is his second wife. Gazal manipulates the situation by suggesting that Hina should contemplate her actions if Dua manages to separate her from Haider. Hina, however, provides comfort and reassurance, expressing her understanding of Gazal’s pain. She declares her willingness to go to any lengths to separate Dua from her husband, emphasizing the need to reclaim their rights in the household, as Hina takes pride in her position.

Dua confides in Gazal, sharing an idea and requesting her support. However, Gazal believes that Dua will face even more difficulties once the plan is executed. In the meantime, Kaynaat intervenes to prevent Haider from falling and mistakenly believes her to be Dua. Haider, under the impression that Kaynaat is Dua, expresses how Dua always used to save him, leading to the misunderstanding. Kaynaat informs him that Haider himself is the cause of his current condition. Although she feels sorry for her brother, when she looks at him from a girl’s perspective, she becomes angry with him. She supports Dua in this matter, acknowledging that Dua treated her not as a sister-in-law but as a daughter. Kaynaat feels that this family, for whom she sacrificed her life, is causing her pain. She believes it is unjust to file a complaint against Dua. Haider agrees with her and resolves to find a solution.

Gazal confides in Eihchaaz that Gulnaaz informed Dua about Ruhaan, emphasizing that Dua would go to any lengths to find him and would not rest until she succeeded. Eihchaaz warns Gazal that Dua is a dangerous person and implies that everything will come to an end. However, Gazal asserts that nothing will be over until Dua gets closer to Ruhaan. She insists that they must relocate him to ensure that Dua doesn’t reach him. Eihchaaz admires Dua’s fearlessness, but Gazal urges him to focus on their task instead of praising her. Unbeknownst to them, Dua overhears their conversation and instructs Hafeez to follow Eihchaaz discreetly. She believes it is the right time to uncover the truth and advises Hafeez to be cautious. Hafeez assures her that God is with him and nothing will harm him. Dua prays for the well-being of her brothers.

Gazal returned to her room and was filled with fear when she saw Haider standing there. He questioned her if Dua had inflicted harm upon her. Gazal simply nodded in response. Haider assured her that he was well aware of everything Dua was capable of doing. Gazal admitted that she had indeed been beaten by Dua and vividly recalled the incident. Haider acknowledged her admission, but insisted that there must have been a valid reason behind her actions. Gazal explained that she had confronted Dua, asserting her rights as his wife, which had led to an argument and eventually escalated into physical violence. She showed Haider the wounds she had sustained. Haider, however, claimed that Dua wasn’t the type to fight for her rights and that Gazal didn’t yet comprehend his relationship with Dua. He had knowledge of Dua’s nature.

Haider firmly believed that Dua wouldn’t harm Gazal without a reason. He questioned how Dua had gotten hurt during their argument. Gazal explained that Dua had sustained injuries while they were arguing. Haider found it peculiar that such wounds would result from a mere disagreement. He wondered why Dua would lie to the inspector if she had indeed beaten Gazal. Haider demanded an explanation from Gazal. Fearfully, she admitted that she had been scared. Dua had threatened to ruin her life and strip her of her rights, warning that she could even have her expelled from the house. Gazal’s fear had driven her actions. Haider, however, confronted her, asserting that she wasn’t someone who would be frightened by such trivial matters. He accused Gazal of underestimating him and attempting to deceive him.

The courageous girl who resorted to extreme measures to fight for her rights, still harbors fear of Dua. She doubts his readiness to believe her and worries that if he learns the truth, his deceptive game will be exposed. The girl confesses her fear, seeking support. Haider, however, emphasizes that it’s his responsibility to provide answers, rather than being moved by her tears. Gazal, pleading her case, reminds them that she too has emotions and shouldn’t be treated like an emotionless stone. Rugan abandoned her at the wedding altar, and Hina took her parents away. Even after marrying her, Haider denies her rightful place and eagerly awaits an opportunity to remove her from his life. The fear of losing him consumes her, yet nobody seems to comprehend her pain. She believes that if she were to cease to exist, no one would truly care. Hina suggests that if Haider truly worries about Gazal, he must grant her all the rights she deserves. The rights he bestowed upon Dua should rightfully belong to Gazal. Haider claims that he has already given Gazal all her rights, but Hina takes him away, leading him elsewhere. In the meantime, Hafeez tails Eihchaaz in his car. Hina discloses to Haider that she is about to make an important decision that day. Haider is faced with the realization that he must shower Gazal with the love and care he lavished upon Dua. As this unfolds, Dua arrives with Dadi.

[Episode End]

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