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Rabb Se Hai Dua 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Dua burdened by guilt for speaking against Haider, feeling emotional as she witnesses his pain. Haider believes he is responsible for her anguish and cannot bear to see her in such a state. He finds himself cornered by fate, unsure of how to navigate through the situation. Dua, overwhelmed by the moment, urges Haider to leave, showing concern for him. Puzzled by his presence outside her room, she notices that Haider is shivering from the cold. Swiftly, she covers him with a blanket, and in his slumber, he grasps her hand. This tender gesture evokes a surge of emotions within her, prompting memories of their shared moments. Yearning to caress his face, she hesitates, reminded of his betrayal. Adjusting the bedsheets, she departs from the scene.

The following day, Gazal peacefully slumbers until Dua startles her by splashing water on her face. Inquisitively, Dua questions Gazal’s actions and scolds her for being so careless. She reminds Gazal that as a daughter-in-law, she ought to wake up early and not indulge in excessive sleep. The entire household awaits their new daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Noor and Kaynaat engage in a discussion about what to have for breakfast. Dadi queries them about her hot water and medication, while Gulnaaz and Ravi request tea. Hina remarks that she usually receives tea in her room but didn’t today, causing her a headache. Surprisingly, Dua is seen sipping tea and reading the newspaper. Gulnaaz observes the empty dining table, realizing that no one has prepared breakfast. Dadi expresses concern that they will go hungry, while Hina accuses Dua of lazily enjoying her tea without preparing anything for them. Hina sarcastically suggests Dua make tea for her if she has spare time. Unfazed, Dua informs Hina that she is engrossed in an important newspaper column, reading her daily horoscope. This remark amuses Gulnaaz and the others. Dua reminds Hina once again that she is not her daughter-in-law, questioning why she should be obligated to fulfill these duties. Hina retorts, warning Dua that if she does not wish to contribute, she will not receive free meals. Insisting that Dua does not consider Haider her husband, Hina suggests she return to her parents’ house. Haider intervenes, reprimanding Hina for her words and defending Dua. Asserting her independence, Dua declares that she does not need anyone’s support and can stand on her own. She assures Haider that she is capable of responding to Hina’s taunts. Expressing her continued concern for Hina, she advises her to consume almonds daily for improved memory power, reminding her of their previous conversation. Hina mocks her, leaving everyone speechless, including her neglect of providing Dadi with hot water and medicine.

Dadi insists that she should refrain from speaking on her behalf, as she does not require any assistance. Dadi advises against raising her voice against her own child, disregarding the fact that Dua used to diligently prepare everyone’s favorite meals and tea without taking a single day of rest. Dadi believes that Hina, being her daughter-in-law, was not served with the same dedication as Dua had shown. Dadi even makes displeased expressions when Hina attempts to massage her leg, implying that Hina has not done anything for her and therefore lacks the right to complain about Dua.

In response, Hina acknowledges that she did not anticipate her daughter-in-law, Dua, to abruptly leave her responsibilities. However, she considers it a minor issue and places her trust in the new daughter-in-law, Gazal, to take care of the family instead. Hina praises Gazal’s abilities, mentioning her talent in preparing everyone’s favorite dishes. Gazal, taken aback by this sudden responsibility, spits out water in shock. Hina reiterates her confidence in Gazal and instructs her to be in charge of the family from now on, forbidding anyone from mentioning Dua’s name. Hina expects everyone to sing Gazal’s praises. Gazal recalls Dua’s words to her during this exchange.

Gazal, feeling uncertain, doubts her ability to prepare tea and cook for everyone. Hina, however, persists in assigning her the responsibility of taking care of the family, emphasizing that it is now Gazal’s duty. Dua interjects, expressing her fatigue and the need for rest. She decides to take a break, leaving her enemy, Gazal, to handle the household chores. Haider intervenes, telling Dua that while she can relinquish her responsibilities, she should not neglect him. Haider confesses that he cannot start his day without Dua’s lovingly made tea, emphasizing her importance to him. He requests her to prepare tea for him. However, Dua, recalling the warning she received, refuses to comply. Dua asserts that it is his wife’s duty to take care of him, to which Gazal agrees, asserting that it is her responsibility to tend to her husband and the family. Gazal attempts to hold Haider’s hand, but he pushes her away, emphasizing that Dua is his responsibility and his love. Haider declares his unwavering affection for Dua and declares that he will only love her. He tastes the leftover tea prepared by Dua and explains that his love for her is the reason behind his actions. Upon hearing this, Gazal seethes with anger.

[Episode End]

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