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Rabb Se Hai Dua 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Dua’s realization that Haider is nowhere to be found. She recalls Gazal’s challenge and begins to doubt whether Gazal has done something to him. In the meantime, Gazal notices that Haider is fast asleep and raises her voice for help. Hearing the commotion, Dua rushes to the scene but hesitates to open the door. To her astonishment, she discovers Haider lying on Gazal’s bed. Observing his unbuttoned shirt and an empty glass nearby, Dua becomes convinced that Gazal has indeed harmed him.

Gazal continues to cry out for assistance while Dua notices her lying on the floor, claiming to be in pain. Despite Gazal’s pleas for help, Dua hesitates to assist her, suspecting that Gazal is exploiting the situation. Dua finally reaches out to offer aid, but quickly withdraws her hand as Gazal falls to the ground once more. Accusing Dua of taking advantage of her vulnerable state, Gazal protests against her actions. However, Dua assures Gazal that she has no intention of physically hurting her. With a swift kick, Dua asserts that Gazal deserves the consequences for her actions.

Dua delivers another forceful kick while condemning Gazal for drugging Haider’s drink. She reiterates that it was an attempt to separate Haider from her, emphasizing that true love cannot be forced upon someone. Dua firmly believes that Gazal, not just Haider, is undeserving of anyone’s affection. She admonishes Gazal for resorting to manipulation and deceit in her pursuit of lust disguised as love. Dua asserts that Gazal’s fate will ultimately reflect her actions as she lands another kick. Gazal pleads with Dua to leave her alone, apologizing for her behavior.

Dua steps back, stating that she is not as heartless as Gazal. She never imagined that she would resort to physically striking someone like Gazal. Dua passionately berates Gazal for attempting to take advantage of Haider’s vulnerable state and proceeds to humiliate her character. She reveals that Gazal used to threaten her using Ruhan but informs her that Ruhan has returned. Dua plans to expose Gazal in front of everyone and warns her that the police will arrest her. Dua taunts Gazal, asking if she is not happy with this news since her supposed love interest has returned home.

Gazal is worried that Haider will find out that she spiked his drink. She knows that he will never forgive her if he finds out. Dua tries to wake Haider up, but he is not conscious. She tells him that his brother Ruhan is back, but he doesn’t seem to understand.

Meanwhile, Hina is hugging Ruhan and telling him how happy she is to see him. She scolds him for leaving her alone, but he tells her that he didn’t mean to. He says that he misses her a lot, and Hina says that he is just trying to butter her up.

Gulnaaz tells Hina that Rahat will come back home if he knows that Ruhan is back. Noor tells Ruhan that she missed him a lot, and he asks her how much. She tells him everything that happened while he was gone.

Dua brings Haider to see Ruhan. Haider hugs Ruhan and tells him how much he missed him. Ruhan recalls the way Gazal and Haider were close together, and the way Gazal said that Haider and Dua had separated her from him. He fists his first.

Haider apologizes to Ruhan for not understanding him. He says that he didn’t realize that Ruhan was grown up, and that he considers him as his son. He says that he shouldn’t have left them like that, and that he didn’t think about his family. Dua tells Ruhan to tell Haider what happened to him, and who locked him up. She says that Haider might learn it if he doesn’t tell him. Dadi and Gulnaaz also ask Ruhan to tell them who did this to him.

Ruhan is conflicted. He knows that he should tell Haider what happened, but he is also angry at him for being close to Gazal. He decides to keep quiet for now.

[Episode End]

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