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Rabb Se Hai Dua 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds with Dua expressing her determination to enter the room when Haider marries for the third time, subjecting herself to the same pain she experienced. She vows to confront the worst parts of herself and acknowledges the presence of a third person in that room. Curious about Haider’s silence in response to Gazal mistreating her, Dua questions whether Gazal believes she should intervene in their family matters. Gazal, perplexed by Dua’s unexpected behavior, had planned to make things difficult for her, but instead found herself troubled by Dua’s actions. Seemingly unaffected, Dua reclines on the bed, mocking Gazal. Hina interjects, asserting that the room belongs to her. Dua wonders aloud about Hina’s choices, questioning why she didn’t leave the house when Rahat married Gulnaaz. Instead, Hina remained in the same household, distancing herself from her unfaithful husband. Dua argues that had Hina chosen differently, she would have understood the pain of being an abandoned first wife and would have refrained from inflicting similar pain on others. Dua skillfully responds, urging Hina to rectify herself before lecturing on manners to her own children. Hina, offended by Dua’s words, seeks support from the other family members, but finds herself alone as no one comes to her defense. Dadi even mocks her, and Hina questions Gulnaaz’s silence. Gulnaaz acknowledges that Hina’s current predicament pales in comparison to what she herself did to Dua. Gulnaaz suggests that Dua’s behavior is relatively tame compared to what she would have endured had their positions been reversed.

Hina implores Haider for his support, explaining that Dua is treating her poorly and nobody is standing up for her. She requests Haider to remove Dua from the house and asks if he will support her in this endeavor. Haider, however, expresses his reservation about supporting Hina. He points out that she was in the wrong for sending Dua out of her own room, thereby denying Dua her rights as his wife. Haider questions how Hina can expect him to support her when she has disregarded his wife’s rights.

This statement deeply hurts Haider, and Hina insists that he listen attentively. Dua continues to reiterate that she has severed all ties with Haider, asserting that neither of them is husband and wife anymore. Haider is pained by her words. In response, Hina questions why Dua is staying in the house if she no longer has any relationship with their son. Dua responds by revealing her malicious intentions – she wants to witness the destruction of the house and take pleasure in seeing the family’s anguish as their dreams are shattered. She eagerly anticipates Gazal exposing her true nature, ensuring that her day of reckoning will arrive. Dua explains that she must remain in the house to witness this event unfold.

Hina, having heard enough, firmly declares that she will not stay in the house until Dua leaves her room. She begins packing her belongings, emphasizing that nobody is supporting her or taking a stand on her behalf.

Gazal fears that leaving the house would result in loneliness, prompting her to reconsider her decision. Hina, however, asserts that nobody cares about Gazal and insists she should depart from the house. Despite Hina’s plea for her to stay, Dua intervenes, questioning why Gazal is giving up so easily. Dua points out that Hina snatched her husband and her room, attempting to kick her out of the house. Although Gazal still resides in the house, Hina easily gives up, and even Haider does not try to stop her from leaving. In a surprising turn, Hina returns Gazal’s room, declaring that she no longer needs it and refusing to take away what rightfully belongs to Gazal. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to deny Gazal her rights and warns her to consider the consequences before making a decision. Hina hints at her hidden agenda, emphasizing that no one, not even Haider, can prevent Gazal from claiming her rights. Hina mentions that she has arranged a room for Gazal upstairs before walking away from the situation.

Eihchaaz instructs the goons to arrange a vehicle for Ruhan’s transfer. Hafeez attempts to contact Ravi, but his calls go unanswered. Haider seeks a meeting with Dua, but she prevents him from entering her room. Despite Haider’s efforts to convince her, Dua refuses to engage in conversation. Desperate, Haider pleads with her, prompting Dua to signal everyone to leave the room. Haider professes his inability to live without her and asks for permission to stay with her, but Dua declines his request. Dua firmly reminds him that he forfeited his rights when he married Gazal. Disregarding Haider’s pleas, Dua breaks down in tears. Haider insists that he would rather die than leave, but his words fall on deaf ears.

[Episode End]

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