Rabb Se Hai Dua

Rabb Se Hai Dua 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Haider expressing to Gazal that Dua is putting his love to the test, and he must prove his love for her. Gazal pleads with him not to do it. Haider interrupts everyone and starts devouring the fiery food. Dua is taken aback by his actions, and the family members urge Haider not to eat the spicy food. Haider struggles to consume the fiery dish. At that moment, Hina arrives and implores him to refrain from eating it, emphasizing the detrimental impact on his health. Dua perceives Haider’s inability to handle the spiciness and reminisces about their past. She realizes her powerlessness in stopping him and experiences guilt for causing him pain. Though she had promised to bring happiness into his life, she feels as though she constantly inflicts suffering upon him. Witnessing his struggles, Dua is deeply hurt. Hina shoots a disapproving look at Dua when Haider begins coughing, refusing to drink water. Dua bites her lip, causing it to bleed, and desperately wishes to conceal it from him. She walks away, seeking solace elsewhere. Dadi reassures Haider that everyone is well aware of his profound love for Dua, and he need not prove it to anyone. Nonetheless, he adamantly declines to drink the water. Overwhelmed, Dua flees from the scene.

Meanwhile, Gazal notices a call from Eihchaaz and determines not to let him escape this time. She answers the call and unleashes her frustration at him for frequently troubling her. Gazal complains about Dua causing her distress, using it as a reason for not being able to answer his call. Ruhan’s voice unexpectedly chimes in, shocking Gazal. He claims that this is merely the beginning and Gazal’s actions have had far-reaching consequences in their lives. It is now time for her to face the repercussions. Eihchaaz requests Ruhan to hand over the phone to him, but Ruhan demands he remain silent, intimidating him by shattering a bottle before his eyes. Ruhan informs Gazal that she was his love, and she had bestowed a special gift upon him. Gazal is taken aback by this revelation. He informs her of his return and advises her to inform everyone accordingly. Gazal pleads with him not to come back home. In response, he challenges her authority to stop him, to which she explains that she is acting in his best interest and swears upon their love.

Ruhan inquires about the identity of the person whose love Gazal had taken advantage of and betrayed him. She claims to love him deeply, but he dismisses her affection, feeling like a mere plaything to her. Eihchaaz uses a shard to cut the rope binding his hand. Ruhan threatens Gazal, vowing to expose her actions in front of everyone and have the police arrest her. Gazal pleads with him not to go through with it. Unbeknownst to Ruhan, Eihchaaz sneaks up behind him and delivers a beating. Hina reaches out and touches Gazal’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Dua reflects on the pain she has caused Haider, while he downplays it, considering it insignificant compared to the pain he inflicted upon her. Dua hopes he doesn’t notice her wounds. In the meantime, Hina asks Gazal if Ruhan has been in contact with her, to which Gazal denies and lies, claiming she was talking to her friend Ruhana. Gazal questions why she should communicate with Ruhan, as he abandoned her at the wedding altar, whereas Haider saved her life. Hina notices Gazal’s uneasiness and embraces her, expressing concern for her future.

Dua fears that Gazal will take her husband away from her and anxiously contemplates their separation. She recalls how Haider willingly ate spicy food for her, demonstrating his readiness to do anything for her. Dua believes Gazal to be a dangerous person. Hina reassures her that it won’t happen, but Gazal continues to babble in fear, attempting to provoke Hina against Dua. Gazal even suggests the possibility of Dua poisoning Haider, to which Hina dismisses the notion. Dua urges Haider to leave, emphasizing their lack of connection. Haider notices Dua’s wound and questions what happened to her. She implores him to depart, and he surmises that she must have bitten her lips due to her anxious nature. Hina slaps Gazal as she continues to blurt out fear-induced statements. Haider tries to apply honey to Dua’s lips, but she refuses. In a bid to persuade her, he threatens to make her eat even spicier food. Eventually, he manages to apply honey to her lips as they begin to grow closer to each other.

[Episode End]

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