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Rabb Se Hai Dua 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Gulnaaz inquiring how Dua plans to rescue Ruhan. Dua informs her that there is a way to reach him. She reveals that Eihchaaz is not Gazal’s brother, but rather a greedy individual who can be persuaded by money. Dua contacts Eihchaaz and inquires if Ruhan is in his possession. She proposes offering him a sum of money in exchange for returning Ruhan. Eihchaaz questions her intentions and wonders if she plans to harm Ruhan. Dua assures him that it doesn’t matter to him whether she intends to kill him or not, as he is driven by his greed for money. Eihchaaz demands 25 lakhs from her and insists that she keep Gazal unaware of the transaction, as Gazal would not spare him or Dua for it. He further stipulates that she come alone, without any companions. Unbeknownst to them, Ruhan overhears their conversation and reminisces about his moments with Dua.

Eihchaaz then approaches Ruhan and falsely claims that Dua is offering money to have him killed. Ruhan expresses his disbelief, stating that he never imagined Dua would attempt to harm him. He trusted her completely and feels betrayed. Eihchaaz warns him against blindly trusting anyone and assures him of his support, accompanied by a sly smirk. Meanwhile, Dua confides in Dadi, revealing that she only possesses 11 lakhs. She expresses her concern about how she will manage to pay Eihchaaz the demanded 25 lakhs. Gulnaaz mentions that she has some amount of money as well. Dadi and the others step forward to offer their assistance. Dadi suggests that Dua can utilize the available funds to save her grandson. Ravi, acknowledging that he doesn’t possess a substantial amount of money, insists that he wants to contribute to Ruhan’s rescue, considering him his younger brother. Gulnaaz commends his deep affection for their family. Dua expresses her gratitude but advises them against bearing the entire burden. Ravi emphasizes that he sees this as an opportunity to help and safeguard Ruhan. Appreciating their support, Dua informs them that she will withdraw the remaining amount from the ATM. Dadi questions Dua about her decision to go alone.

Dua recounts how she was requested to go to the location alone, despite Gulnaaz warning her about the dangers posed by the people there. Dua insists on going solo, as she cannot take any risks with Ruhan’s life. Ravi offers to follow her discreetly, ensuring his presence goes unnoticed. Dua expresses her belief that Eihchaaz is playing with Ruhan’s life and emphasizes her determination to face the challenge alone, asserting that it’s a personal battle between her and him. She believes that since Eihchaaz is motivated by greed, he wouldn’t harm Ruhan.

Despite Gulnaaz and others offering to accompany her, Dua declines their assistance, assuring them that she is willing to risk her own life to save Ruhan. However, while on her way, Dua accidentally collides with Haider, who inquires about her destination. Dua deflects his question, suggesting he has no right to ask. Haider counters, questioning her about Hina and whether she intentionally poured water on her. Dua requests to discuss it later, stating that she is currently pressed for time. Haider insists on an answer, and Dua admits that it was a mistake but not intentional. Haider further probes if she did it with malice, expressing his disapproval of her mistreatment towards Hina.

Dua believes Haider is hindering her progress, as she must reach the destination before Gazal arrives. She boldly reveals to Haider that she purposely acted against Hina because she felt Hina deserved it. Haider expresses shock at her transformation, never expecting her to stoop so low. Dua confronts Haider, questioning his decision to marry Gazal when he supposedly loved her. She argues that Hina suffered the same pain as she did, despite supporting Gazal and causing her anguish. Dua asserts that she no longer loves Haider and no longer cares for Hina. Unbeknownst to Dua, Gazal overhears their conversation and contacts Eihchaaz, informing him that Dua has departed.

Eihchaaz expresses his heartbreak to Gazal, feeling betrayed by his sister-in-law. Meanwhile, Haider reflects on Dua’s words, while Hina instigates him against Dua, claiming that Dua had been pretending to love him. Gazal finds Hina in tears and consoles her, urging her to offer Haider some food as he hadn’t eaten since morning. Gazal advises Hina to personally give him a glass of milk, warning her not to accept anything from Dua. Hina assures Gazal that she will make Haider drink the milk. Unbeknownst to them, Gazal has spiked the milk with something. Gazal believes that nothing can stand in her way now.

In the meantime, Dua arrives at the designated location, and Eihchaaz informs someone about her presence, indicating that Dua has come to save Ruhan. Haider starts feeling dizzy, while Gazal eagerly anticipates Dua’s arrival, convinced that she and Haider will spend a romantic night together.

[Episode End]

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