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Rabb Se Hai Dua 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode starts with Haider saying to Dua that she shouldn’t have raised her hands on Gazal. Dua asks him if he did the right thing by snatching her rights and marrying her? She says to him that he will get the prize for it. Don’t sell his self-respect for her. Haider asks her to stop talking like that to him. She shouldn’t have raised her hand on her? Gazal is his responsibility and his wife. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Dua says to Haider that he is always thinking she was ill-treated. He even thought like that before the wedding too. That is why he didn’t care about her words. Whatever, all her faith in him died. She had to remind him of one thing, that his lovely wife was a snake. She even tried to mess up with her. But she doesn’t know that she has become a stone. Nothing will affect her anymore. If she tries to mess with her again, then she won’t leave her. She will make sure that she can remember the lesson life long. She says to him it’s her promise. She is about to leave. Haider held her hand. He notices the wound in her hand. Everyone is shocked to see the blood oozing out of her wound. Gazal recalls the way Dua holds the knife.

Haider inquires about Dua’s injured hand and asks what happened to her. Curious about her actions, he wonders why she isn’t taking care of herself despite his prior warning to be cautious. Concerned for her well-being, Haider insists that she sits down as he gently removes the bandage. Observing this display of affection, Gazal realizes that Haider’s love for Dua is resurfacing, and she feels powerless to prevent it. Haider continues to caution Dua about being careless, unaware that Gazal has gotten hurt but assumes he is tending to Dua’s wounds. He opens a bottle of antiseptic liquid, inadvertently causing some of it to splash onto Gazal’s wound, eliciting a sharp pain in her hand. As Haider attentively tends to Dua’s wound, Gazal struggles to witness his caring gestures towards her. In that moment, Dua remembers Haider confessing that he had married Gazal to save her life. Removing her hand from his, she rubs her wound herself and expresses gratitude for his concern. However, she firmly states that she no longer requires his care and suggests he instead devote his attention to Gazal. If he finds the time, she advises him to ask Gazal why she had been beaten. Nevertheless, Dua confesses that even if he were to inquire, she wouldn’t reveal the truth to him since she considers herself a liar. Haider attempts to engage in conversation with her, but she walks away from the scene.

Haider observes Dua gradually fading away from his sight. Gazal perceives this as a sign of Haider’s affection for Dua. In an attempt to remove Dua from Haider’s heart, she resorts to fostering hatred towards her. Later, Hafeez questions Dua about why she prevented him from disclosing the truth to Haider. He believes Haider deserves to know the truth. Dua explains that it would be futile to reveal the truth to him, as she has made numerous unsuccessful attempts in the past. She cleverly manipulated circumstances to cast suspicion on herself. Haider believes he must take care of her due to his assumed responsibility for Gazal’s mother’s demise. Unfortunately, he fails to recognize the darkness within her and remains blind to her true nature. It becomes imperative to expose Gazal’s true intentions to everyone. Hafeez warns Dua that if she continues to conceal the truth, he will distance himself from her. Dua insists that he doesn’t trust her, but Hafeez reminds her that Haider was forced into marriage with Gazal against his will, and he had valid reasons for doing so. Hence, Hafeez questions why Dua directs her anger towards Haider and treats him disrespectfully as her husband.

Dadi insists that she’s not engaging in any wrongdoing and blames her transformation on someone else. Dua tells her that Haider is aware of her honesty but still chooses to trust Gazal instead. He is neglecting her and not giving her the importance she deserves. Dua confides in him, expressing her despair and admitting that she never expected to face such a day in her life. Kaynaat supports Dua’s viewpoint, affirming that Haider’s actions are unjust and he should face consequences for his deeds. Hafeez and Kaynaat comfort Dua with a hug.

Later, Hina tends to Gazal’s injuries and despite Gazal insulting her, Gazal admits she doesn’t feel any better. She expresses her desire to kick Gazal out of the house without anyone stopping her. Hina assures Gazal that she is there for her and reveals that Gazal provoked her against Dua. Hina emphasizes that Haider isn’t taking any action against Dua, and Gazal’s husband isn’t standing up for her. Hina promises Gazal that she will take action against her and warns her to think twice before crossing paths with her. Gazal smirks upon hearing Hina’s plan.

[Episode End]

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