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Rabb Se Hai Dua 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Dua realizing the necessity of keeping a vigilant eye on Gazal to prevent any harm befalling Ruhan once again. Entering Gazal’s room, she notices Gazal wincing in pain, while Ruhan hides beneath the bed. Gazal questions Dua’s presence, to which Dua responds that she is there to inspect her co-wife, who is evidently in distress. Dua recounts how Haider had expelled her from their shared bed, predicting that tomorrow he might even go so far as to push her off the terrace. Dua asserts that Haider belongs to her and that he loves her. Gazal retorts that divine retribution will undoubtedly befall Dua. In response, Dua advises Gazal to refrain from making such statements, stating that Haider pushed her down because she deserved it. Dua believes that Gazal has no right to reside in their house and wonders why she is even present there. Gazal must comprehend that Haider married her against his will, and she should not attempt to take advantage of the situation. She has no claim on him as he is solely Dua’s husband. Gazal’s resentment surges upon hearing these words. Gazal implores Dua not to call the doctor, but instead, Dua feigns a conversation with the doctor, asserting that Gazal must endure the pain as it serves as retribution for her actions. Dua adds that Gazal should grow accustomed to this pain, as there is more to come. Gazal pleads with Dua to stop, but Dua questions who is there to witness this drama, urging Gazal to reveal her true self. Dua then exits the room.

Gazal confides in Ruhan, expressing her desire to show him how she is being mistreated in the house. She asserts that Ruhan is her remedy for the pain she endures. Sympathetic to her plight, Ruhan assures Gazal of his support and vows to exact revenge on their oppressors. However, Gazal cautions him against stooping to their level and advises him not to take any action. Ruhan wishes to confront the culprits directly, but Gazal suggests that they wait for the opportune moment to receive answers from them. Concerned for Gazal’s well-being, Ruhan suggests calling a doctor, but Gazal dissuades him, fearing that their relationship will be discovered. Instead, she asks him to wait, as she knows whom to approach for assistance. Meanwhile, a doctor examines Gazal’s condition. Hina inquires about the severity of her injuries, to which the doctor reveals that Gazal’s back is fractured. The doctor recommends complete rest, cautioning against any physical exertion or lifting of heavy objects.

“Hina requests Gazal to take a break and not engage in any work. Dua questions who will take up the tasks in her place. Hina urges Dua to stop causing a scene, as Gazal is already hurt. Dua suggests that Gazal might be pretending to be injured, implying she could be involved with a drama company. Dua insists on seeing Gazal’s wound and demands an explanation for how it happened. Gazal, annoyed, asks Dua to keep her distance and asserts that she doesn’t need her help. In an attempt to gain sympathy from Hina, Gazal stages a scene. Hina decides to involve everyone and lodges a complaint against Gazal. Gulnaaz questions Hina’s outburst and wonders if she plans to argue further. Dadi intervenes, asking Hina about the problem. Hina expresses her frustration with Dua, claiming she is not what Haider believes and calls her a devil. Dadi suggests discussing the matter later and asks Gazal to explain her side of the story.

Hina informs Haider that Gazal sustained an injury. The doctor warned her that carrying weight could lead to a slipped disc. Dua mocks Gazal and frightens her. Dua challenges Hina to inquire about the cause of Gazal’s injury. Hina asks Gazal to explain what happened to her. Dua insists that something must have happened due to her actions but prefers not to reveal it in front of everyone. She requests Hafeez, Kaaynat, and Noor to leave the room. Dua questions Haider if he is aware of his whereabouts the previous day and his state at that time. Gazal believes this is her chance to expose Dua and asks how she caused Gazal’s injury, questioning if Dua remembers anything. Gazal claims she fell and hurt herself. Ruhan questions why she is lying, but Gazal signals him not to react. Dua disputes Gazal’s account, stating she didn’t fall from the bed and that the truth will embarrass them all once it is revealed. Hina asks Dua to clarify her statement. Gazal declares she will create a story to expose the truth. Hina assures Gazal of her trust. Dua persists, claiming that Gazal’s injury was not caused by a fall from the bed but by Haider, insinuating that Gazal spiked Haider’s drink and attempted to take advantage of him the previous day. The revelation shocks everyone in the room.”

[Episode End]

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