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Rabb Se Hai Dua 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Dadi inquiring why Hina is shouting in such a manner. Hina urges Dua to listen attentively as she is about to make an important decision. Hina states that Gazal is an integral part of this household as she is the daughter-in-law. She insists that Gazal deserves her rights. Dadi retorts by saying that Hina failed to relinquish Dua’s rights and is now attempting to snatch them away. Hina argues that Dadi always treats her like an enemy. Dadi questions why Hina constantly talks back to her. Hina then poses a hypothetical question about how to distribute rights if someone marries twice. Dadi questions Hina’s motive for asking such a question. Hina responds that she is older and therefore entitled to ask. Dadi asserts that Haider must consider the emotions of his first wife and explain why he remarried. He should clarify whether he betrayed Dua, whether she has been a good wife, and whether she makes him happy. Dadi suggests that if Haider provides answers to these questions, he can grant equal rights to both his wives. Hina tells Haider that he must give equal rights to both of his wives. Gazal should have the same rights as Dua in this household, including financial, material, emotional, and physical rights. The expressions on everyone’s faces change after hearing Hina’s statement.

Haider angrily tells Hina to stop speaking in that manner in front of her sisters. Noor and Kaynaat express their disapproval as well. Hina points out that Haider made his mother discuss the matter. He should have given Gazal the same position he gave to Dua. Gazal deserved the place in his heart that Dua holds. Dua glares at Hina. Hina remarks that Haider hasn’t even started his life with Gazal yet and is treating her like a stranger. Hina questions the need for their marriage. Dua reprimands Hina, asking if she has no shame discussing this matter in front of her sisters. Hina retorts that she isn’t worthy of discussing it at all. Dua accuses Hina of stooping so low and becoming a spectacle in front of everyone’s eyes. Dua firmly states that Haider is disloyal and she won’t grant a place in her heart or mind to someone unfaithful. Hina suggests Dua should leave then if she feels that way. Haider intervenes, asking Hina to stop and questioning why she won’t leave his son. He asks why she’s always clinging to him. Haider suggests that she separate from her son. The revelation leaves everyone shocked. Haider pleads with Hina to stop and questions her disrespectful behavior towards Dua. Hina clarifies that she referred to him as disloyal and if she’s not paying attention to a disloyal person, then why won’t she leave him? Hina confronts Dua directly, inquiring if she has lost her voice and pointing out her humiliation.

She expresses her lack of knowledge regarding how to show respect to her husband, attributing it to her upbringing by her mother. Dua urges her not to involve her in this matter, emphasizing that she doesn’t want to be a part of it. She believes that Gazal hasn’t received her rightful position because of her interference. Dadi mentions that they have paid her money and questions what rights she is referring to. Hina asserts that her husband has yet to fulfill his duties towards her as his wife, as they have been living separately since their wedding. She questions the purpose of marrying her if he doesn’t treat her as his spouse. Furthermore, she points out that Haider was previously married to Dua, but they have not yet had a child together, causing Dua great distress. Haider urges Hina to stop, but Dadi insists on taunting her. Hina informs Dua that she is no longer permitted to stay in that room and that Gazal will occupy it from now on. Haider disagrees, stating that the room belongs to both him and Dua, as it symbolizes their true love. He firmly declares that Dua will not be forced to leave. Hina insists that Gazal should occupy her husband’s room as his wife. Haider insists that Gazal will not stay with him, as it is not only his room but also Dua’s. Hina suggests that Dua should leave the house, or she can stay as a guest if she wishes to remain. Hina claims that Haider has no feelings for Dua and that she holds no place in his heart; she is merely his wife in name. According to Hina, Gazal is his true wife. Haider implores her to stop, affirming that Dua is not only his wife but also his love and everything to him. He adamantly asserts that no one can change his feelings. Hina dismisses his emotional state, attributing his words to a lack of rationality. Haider insists that he is in his right mind and that Dua means everything to him. Hina questions why he married her if Dua is not his life, and accuses him of arguing with his mother for her sake. Haider reminds her that she has forgotten everything in her hatred. Hina complains that he is taking Dua’s side and lecturing her. Dadi intervenes, suggesting that she should give Hina a lecture. She questions how Hina will face God with such behavior. Hina retorts that she will face God in her own way, humiliating her in the process. Haider scolds Hina for speaking disrespectfully in front of Dadi. Hina points out that he didn’t react when Dua spoke to them in a similar manner. Kaynaat and Gulnaaz stand up for Dua, urging Hina not to mistreat her. Hina ridicules Gulnaaz and reiterates that Gazal will occupy Haider’s room, while Dua will have to leave.

[Episode End]

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