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Rabb Se Hai Dua 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

ZeeRabb Se Hai Dua TV 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Hina pleading to God, expressing her belief that Gazal doesn’t deserve the hardships she’s facing. Hina emphasizes that Gazal already endured a difficult upbringing without her parents, and therefore, she shouldn’t be further punished. Hina worries that Dua might face consequences for her actions. After Hina leaves, Gazal awakens and contemplates the idea that Dua will be punished for causing her distress.

Meanwhile, Haider opens up to Dua, admitting that he caused her pain but ultimately ended up with a broken heart himself. He confesses that her tears affect him more than his own pain. Haider assures her that she misunderstands his love for her and apologizes before walking away, overcome by tears. Dua, feeling remorseful for hurting Haider, believes that her actions were necessary to keep him at a distance. She fears that without her intervention, all her plans will fall apart, feeling ashamed of how she spoke to him. She breaks down in tears.

Later on, Eihchaaz calls Gazal, prompting her to ask about Ruhan’s well-being. He reveals that administering another dose would be life-threatening for Ruhan. Gazal emphasizes that he should refrain from doing anything to harm Ruhan, as she needs him to stay alive. She believes that if Ruhan is alive, Dua wouldn’t be in their lives. Gazal clarifies that she doesn’t intend to come between Haider and herself, but Haider disagrees, asserting that it is Gazal who is causing a rift. Gazal becomes frightened by his presence, prompting Haider to make it clear that she should not attempt to separate him from Dua, warning her of the consequences if she does. Haider questions Gazal about her conversation, realizing that she lied to him as if she were a sister. He expresses his displeasure at her interference in his life, taking his bed and pillow with him as he prepares to leave. Gazal tries to stop him, but Haider informs her that he is going to find his true love. Gazal insists that she doesn’t love him, yet he remains persistent in pursuing her.

Haider asserts to Gazal that he will sleep wherever he pleases. In response, Gazal implores him not to leave and embraces him tightly, confessing her profound love for him. She pleads for a chance to prove her love, vowing to dedicate herself entirely to him. However, Haider pushes her away, determined to depart. Undeterred, Gazal stops him once more, enveloping him in another heartfelt hug. Haider then reveals his love for Dua, asserting that he will sleep with her instead. Gazal, disheartened, closes the door and decides to spend the night alone, as she intends to teach Dua a lesson and plans to have Haider with her starting the following day.

Later on, Haider enters Dua’s room, but Gazal arrives and forbids him from sleeping there. Haider engages in a heated argument with her, while Gazal asserts her position as his wife, insisting that he stay with her. Haider issues a warning, threatening to disregard their relationship if she refuses to leave. Dua overhears the exchange, and Gazal departs from the room. Haider, feeling mocked by Dua, encourages her to laugh at him, aware that she finds amusement in his predicament. He requests a blanket, having forgotten to bring one, and Dua tosses it to him. However, he refuses to accept it without her genuine affection and care, prompting her to cover him with a duvet.

Later still, Dua notices a shadow behind her and questions why Gazal is still awake, wondering if Hina neglected to sing her a lullaby. Gazal accuses Dua of toying with Haider’s emotions and admits her awareness of it. Dua acknowledges her actions, citing her status as Haider’s wife and claiming her rightful place in his life. She derides Gazal’s attempts to win his affection and asserts that Haider despises Gazal’s presence. Dua reminds Gazal that she will be leaving the house in 11 days. Gazal defiantly declares that even after 11 years, she will not depart. She challenges Dua to have Haider by her side on June 19th, or else she will change her name. Dua taunts Gazal, suggesting a fitting name for her, insinuating that she intends to steal someone else’s husband, portraying her as an unwanted third party. Gazal attempts to strike Dua from behind, but Dua implores her to engage in a fair fight. Gazal firmly believes that she will succeed in getting closer to Haider on June 19th, undeterred by anyone’s interference, eagerly anticipating their first night together.

[Episode End]

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