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Rabb Se Hai Dua 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Dua expressing her concerns to Gulnaaz about the possibility of someone taking away her phone if she were caught. To counter this, she reveals that she had secretly placed a tracking device in Gulnaaz’s wallet, which would aid them in locating him. Dua assures everyone present that she will bring Gulnaaz back safely. However, as Dua prepares to leave, Dadi intervenes, expressing her unwillingness to allow Dua to put herself in danger. Kaynaat suggests informing the police, believing they can save Gulnaaz. Dua objects, mentioning that Ruhan and Hafeez are being held captive and that Gazal would not hesitate to harm them if she discovered the truth. Dadi refuses to let Dua go alone and suggests involving Haider, believing he can rectify the situation. Dua protests, stating that Haider is angry with Ruhan and may confront Gazal recklessly, endangering her brothers. Dadi explains her reluctance by mentioning the responsibility she would bear if anything were to happen to Dua. In response, Gulnaaz assures Dua that she is not alone and that he is willing to help her. Dua remains adamant, emphasizing the need to prioritize her safety and asserting her ability to manage the situation alone. Gulnaaz insists that they must take action to save Gulnaaz, requesting an opportunity to prove herself. Kaynaat also volunteers to accompany Dua, offering her assistance in any way she can. With their decision made, the group departs from the location. Meanwhile, Gazal affectionately caresses Haider’s sherwani, expressing her anticipation for their reunion. She reveals her success in trapping Hafeez and Ruhan, anticipating that Dua will soon join her willingly. At the same time, Dua continues tracking the location and eventually parks the car near a warehouse. Dua advises caution, reminding everyone that the warehouse may not be a safe environment. They cautiously enter the warehouse, intending to untie Ruhan and Hafeez. However, their shock intensifies when they discover that instead of the captives, they are met with a group of goons. It becomes apparent that the goons have become aware of their presence and have alerted Eihchaaz, who promptly moves the captives to another location. Eihchaaz realizes that Gazal will not spare him if she finds out about his whereabouts. Dua interrogates one of the goons about Ruhan’s whereabouts, and he informs them that Eihchaaz has taken Ruhan to a different location, far away from there.

Gulnaaz overpowers the goons and interrogates them about Ruhan’s whereabouts. Kaynaat, overcome with emotions, embraces Hafeez and bursts into tears, leaving Dua shocked by the sight. Dua steps in to bring them back to reality. Ravi updates Gulnaaz that Ruhan and the goons managed to escape. Meanwhile, Eihchaaz flees with Ruhan in a car and attempts to contact Gazal, but she ignores his calls. Dadi, filled with anguish, weeps as she thinks about Ruhan. Dua assures her that she will bring him back safely and promises to find him as soon as possible. She comforts Gulnaaz, embracing her tightly while shedding tears of her own. Gulnaaz expresses her inner torment, admitting that she is shattered inside and cannot bear to see her son suffer. She fears the worst and says she would rather die than let any harm come to Ruhan. Dua reassures her, declaring that nothing will happen to Ruhan and he will return home unscathed. Despite Gulnaaz’s belief that her prayers have gone unanswered, Dua assures her that God will listen. Gulnaaz confides in Dua, sharing her grief and acknowledging her past mistakes in not treating her family well. She considers herself an unworthy wife and mother who has committed numerous sins against them, which she believes is why her son is being punished. Dua maintains her trust in God, affirming that Ruhan will be protected. Gulnaaz expresses her concern about Gazal and Eihchaaz, describing them as dangerous individuals. Dua reminds her that her name is Dua, and Eihchaaz will not harm Ruhan because they know that any harm to him would expose them to everyone, potentially leading to their arrest. As Ruhan regains consciousness, he realizes Eihchaaz is driving the car. Meanwhile, Dua notices Haider sleeping in a sitting position, holding her hand. He questions her about her whereabouts, what happened to her, and what is troubling her. Though she wishes to confess the truth to him, she deliberately hides it to ensure Ruhan’s safety. She tells him that their relationship is broken and he has no right to question her. Haider insists that he cares for her, but she refuses to respond, asking him to leave her alone and reminding him that he had already abandoned her.

[Episode End]

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