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Rabb Se Hai Dua 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The scene unfolds as Gazal enters her room to find Dua, a shocking discovery that leaves her speechless. Startled, she cries out for help, desperately calling out Haider’s name. Dua, unfazed by Gazal’s distress, taunts her and threatens to break her teeth. In a panic, Gazal pleads for mercy, urging Dua not to harm her teeth. However, Dua sinisterly suggests breaking just one tooth instead. Filled with fear, Gazal desperately searches for an escape route, but Dua informs her that the room is locked, leaving her trapped. Gazal pleads with Dua, expressing that her actions are unjust. In response, Dua claims that Gazal was the one who provoked her, justifying her behavior. Gazal sincerely apologizes for her mistakes, but Dua remains adamant, blaming Gazal for ruining her life and stealing Haider from her. Dua emphasizes that Gazal may have entered the room, but she couldn’t strip her of her rights. Gazal’s presence may have ceased, but her memories linger, haunting the very walls. Determined, Gazal declares her intention to erase every trace of Dua from the room.

Dua challenges Gazal, questioning how she plans to erase herself from Haider’s heart. She suggests that Gazal should move to her room instead, but Gazal resists, accusing Dua of deliberately inflicting pain upon her wounds. In a chilling response, Dua denies causing any harm yet, insinuating that there’s more to come. Gazal accuses Dua of attempting to intimidate her, but Dua counters, asking if Gazal is genuinely afraid of her. To further unsettle Gazal, Dua retrieves a suitcase from the cupboard, leaving Gazal bewildered. Gazal nervously inquires about Dua’s intentions with the suitcase, questioning if she plans to use it as a vessel for her demise.

Dua points out the disparity between them, explaining that while a regular person would assume she’s simply packing things in the suitcase, a shrewd individual like Gazal sees beyond that. Dua urges Gazal to pack her belongings quickly. However, Gazal adamantly declares that she won’t leave the room. Amused, Gazal taunts Dua, stating that she intends to depart from the house and will stay there as a guest for 15 days, with the countdown beginning the next day. Curious about Dua’s plans, Gazal inquires further. Dua, in response, teasingly asks if Gazal is afraid of her. As a gesture of goodwill, Dua presents her with a perfume as a gift. Gazal observes Dua’s intense gaze and contemplates its significance. Dua advises her not to overthink, emphasizing that she will face even more challenging situations. Furthermore, Dua instructs Gazal to wake up early, as she has numerous responsibilities as Haider’s wife within the household. Disobeying, Gazal flatly refuses to do any work. Dua reminds Gazal that as a daughter-in-law, it is her duty to contribute to the household chores, and she will provide a list of tasks the following day.

Baffled, Gazal questions why she should fulfill these responsibilities, emphasizing that she is a daughter-in-law, not a servant. Dua chuckles and clarifies that while Gazal may have the status of a daughter-in-law, she must also complete the household chores before claiming that position. Dua highlights that she didn’t solely marry Haider; she also has duties as his wife. These include administering medication to Hina and taking care of Dadi, in addition to assisting her sister-in-law.

Gazal was taken aback by the shocking revelation. Dua declared that she not only stole Haider away from her but also her rightful place in his life. This news brought joy to Dua, but she ominously warned Gazal that she would now snatch away her own happiness and subject her to a life of pain, just as she had endured. Dua instructed Gazal to mark this fateful day on her calendar, as within 15 days, she intended to ruin her existence completely. Gazal pleaded with her to stop, asserting that she had crossed all boundaries. She demanded that Dua leave her room, emphasizing that she was now married to Haider and held the rightful claim as his wife.

Gazal retorted that if she was truly afraid of anyone, she would not have found herself in this situation. Dua dismissed her remarks, asserting that she had ended up in the wrong place altogether.

Dua then revealed that she had one more gift for Gazal, but she refused to accept it. Dua insisted that she open it, leaving Gazal bewildered. Gazal questioned Dua’s motives for giving her a calendar. Dua explained that it would serve as a constant reminder that Gazal’s time in the house was limited to a mere 15 days. After that, she would no longer be able to claim the position of Haider’s wife or daughter-in-law. Dua hung the calendar on the wall, urging Gazal to keep the marked date in mind, as her expectations would be shattered forever.

Gazal implored Dua to cease her torment. She firmly declared that she would not leave the house under any circumstances, as she held the status of Haider’s wife. Dua retorted that Haider had been compelled to marry Gazal. She warned Gazal against raising her voice and proclaimed that she had done everything within her power. She vowed to bring Haider back to her own house. Gazal questioned Dua, reminding her that she had severed all ties with Haider. Dua clarified that her anger toward him stemmed from his uninformed decision to marry Gazal, but she did not harbor hatred for her. Dua’s true intention was to reveal Gazal’s true nature to Haider and Hina. She professed her love for her own family and insisted that Gazal’s attempts to remove her from Haider’s heart would be in vain within the next 15 days.

Gazal, fueled by determination, attempted to tear the calendar apart, asserting that she would eradicate Dua from Haider’s heart within the allotted time. Dua, however, confidently stated that Gazal only knew how to break relationships, while she possessed the ability to bring them together. Dua reminded Gazal once again that her time in the house was limited to a mere 15 days, leaving Gazal to ponder her uncertain future.

[Episode End]

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