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Rabb Se Hai Dua 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Gazal struggling to cook for the family while expressing her frustration towards Dua. Despite her efforts, the food is taking longer than expected. Meanwhile, everyone eagerly awaits the meal. Hina reassures them that Gazal will prepare a delicious feast, and once they taste it, they will appreciate her efforts. Noor complains that her stomach feels empty, likening it to a rat running inside. In the chaos, the curry begins to burn.

Dadi remarks to Hina that Gazal has managed to burn the kitchen while she continues to complain about Dua. Hina senses that something is amiss and wants to offer help, but Dadi stops her. Gazal continues to struggle in the kitchen, blaming Dua for making her day difficult. Unintentionally, she rubs her chili-covered hands on her eyes, causing a burning sensation. Gazal believes Dua has made her cry today. At that moment, Eihchaaz calls Gazal, but she thinks it’s an inconvenient time and disconnects the call. Frustrated, she feels that he doesn’t understand or care about her current struggles and always expects her to solve his own confusion.

Eihchaaz is fearful of facing Ruhaan, haunted by memories of Ruhaan choking him while driving, resulting in a car accident. Eihchaaz informs Ruhaan that Gazal is not answering his call. In anger, Ruhaan slaps Eihchaaz and demands that he call her again. Gazal disconnects his call once more, causing Ruhaan to beat him again. Eihchaaz pleads for mercy, lying to Ruhaan that he didn’t kidnap him and that Gazal saved him from Hafeez, the real kidnapper. Ruhaan remembers the incident and accuses Eihchaaz of lying, resorting to more violence.

Later, Dadi instructs Hina to bring the food, mentioning that she has never had to wait this long for Dua. Dadi reminisces about how Dua used to provide her with timely meals and medicine. She expresses her disappointment in Gazal making her wait excessively on her first day. Hina faces insults from everyone before they leave the room.

Subsequently, Dua mocks Gazal in front of Ravi and Kaynaat, stating that Gazal aspired to be the owner of the house but lacks cooking skills. Dua reveals that she forgot to give food to Hafeez, but Kaynaat corrects her by mentioning that she did give him food and he is now asleep. Dua remembers hugging Hafeez and realizes that she lied to Gazal, instructing her to feed him. Dua finds an excuse and leaves. Ravi informs Dua that Haider hasn’t eaten anything and suggests getting food from outside since he enjoys Dua’s homemade meals.

Dua confronts him, accusing him of creating this situation for her. Ravi retaliates by claiming that Gazal sees herself as a queen and deserves to suffer. In the meantime, Hina believes she must cook on this stove due to her incompetent daughter-in-law. Gazal arrives and questions the source of the smoke, urging Hina to close the room to avoid detection. Hina explains that she is cooking because she doesn’t know how to prepare anything, needing to cook something to prevent further humiliation. Gazal sarcastically remarks that Hina is the best cook. Hina asks if Gazal hasn’t learned how to cook anything, to which Gazal replies that she didn’t grow up with her parents and had to learn on her own. Gazal mentions she knows how to cook noodles, though. Later, Hina announces to everyone that breakfast is ready, claiming she has prepared delicious food. Gulnaaz mocks her.

Dadi expresses doubt about whether Hina cooked everything or if Gazal had a hand in it. Hina complains that Dadi lacks faith in her and fails to appreciate her efforts. Hina invites Haider to have breakfast with them, but Gazal insists he sit down. Haider looks for Dua and comments that she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. Dua arrives, and Gazal encourages her to sit and taste her food. Dua questions why Hina didn’t prepare kheer, stating that it should be the new bride’s responsibility. Hina clarifies that she didn’t make it and questions how Dua knew. Dua explains that she searched for it and accuses the new bride of taking her place, emphasizing that she has no place at the table or in anyone’s heart. In a surprising turn of events, Dadi and the others offer their places to Dua, disregarding Hina. Hauser advises them not to yield their places to Dua, asserting that she indeed has a place in this house. He walks away, leaving everyone stunned. He returns with a special sofa for Dua, carrying it up the stairs. Dua is taken aback and deeply touched by his gesture. She affirms that she holds a special place in his heart, surpassing anyone else. Gazal grows increasingly frustrated, realizing that her attempts to separate them are only bringing them closer together.

[Episode End]

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