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Rabb Se Hai Dua 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Rabb Se Hai Dua 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Dua assuring Gulnaaz that she will bring Ruhan back home by any means necessary. Gulnaaz expresses her belief that God is on their side. However, Gazal dismisses Dua’s abilities and questions her sincerity in making false promises. Gazal asserts that Dua cannot protect Ruhan from her and demands an apology. She threatens to harm Ruhan to the point of death if her demands are not met. Although Gulnaaz attempts to confront Gazal, she manages to escape, resulting in Gulnaaz getting injured. Gazal further threatens to kill Gulnaaz. In response, Dua tightly grasps Gazal’s neck, fearlessly declaring her willingness to take a life. Dua emphasizes that if she can kill Gazal, she can also protect Ruhan. Dadi and others intervene, trying to restrain Dua. Dua, however, remains resolute in her pursuit of vengeance. Dadi questions why she shouldn’t dirty her hands by killing this evil person. Gazal warns them that Eihchaaz will harm Ruhan if any harm befalls Gazal. Ravi implores Dua to let Gazal go, but Dua insists on ending her life that day. Gazal coughs, prompting Gulnaaz to curse her, wishing for the worst possible death and denying her any compassion in her final moments. Dadi joins in cursing Gazal and assures her that no harm will come to Ruhan.

Gazal addresses Dadi, acknowledging that she is aware of Dadi’s determination to do whatever it takes to achieve her desires. Gazal reminds them of the incident where Dadi pushed her down the stairs and warns them to be cautious. Dua confronts Gazal, questioning the consequences of her actions. Dua reveals that Haider despises Gazal deeply and loves Ruhan immensely. Haider would personally end Gazal’s life. However, Gazal remains indifferent, claiming that she does not care about Haider’s pain. She vows to inflict the same torment upon him that he inflicted upon her. Winning is Gazal’s sole purpose, and she is willing to go to any lengths to achieve it. She expresses her excitement, causing Dadi to question if her actions truly bring her happiness. Dadi curses Gazal, proclaiming that she will never find love in her life. Gazal retorts with a fitting response before departing. Gulnaaz worries about Ruhan, but Dua reassures them, stating that they have nothing to be concerned about. Dua affirms her determination to bring Ruhan back home that day, undeterred by Gazal’s attempts to stop her.

Gazal expresses her desire to have it too. The entire group sets out on a search mission for Ruhan. Gazal looks forward to spending a romantic night with Haider. Suddenly, Hina touches Gazal’s shoulder, prompting her to explain that she was praying to God. Unfortunately, Haider seems distant and fails to show any affection towards Gazal.

In an attempt to console her, Hina assures Gazal that everything will be alright. However, amidst their conversation, they overhear cries and assume that people are laughing at Gazal. Feeling humiliated by their supposed mockery, Gazal believes they will face consequences for their actions. Hina wishes to confront those responsible, but Gazal fears her plan will be ruined if she meets them. Gazal manages to convince Hina to stay and dissuade her from leaving, all while Hina promises to inform Haider about the situation promptly. Gazal believes this is exactly what she needs.

Meanwhile, Haider recalls Dua’s indifference towards him. Hina arrives, visibly hurt and remembering how she was treated. She believes Haider will question Dua about it that day, convinced that Haider is in love with her and won’t react to anything negative. Intentionally wetting herself and smearing mud on her body, Hina hopes to grab Haider’s attention. She believes that if Haider becomes angry with her, she can change his mind. Hina manipulates Haider against Dua, claiming that everyone is laughing at her. However, Haider refuses to accompany her, leaving Hina puzzled. She questions whether he will ask Dua about the incident, and why she is treating her that way. Haider suspects Hina intentionally applied the mud to frame Dua for Gazal’s sake. He reminds Hina that Dua treated her like a mother. Hina argues that Haider is blindly trusting Dua, feeling hurt that her own son doesn’t believe her. Hina turns to Kaynaat for support, but interrupts her before she can explain. Hina hopes Haider will question Dua about the incident, while Gulnaaz asks Dua how she plans to save Ruhan.

[Episode End]

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