Parineetii 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with the inspector deceiving Sanju by claiming that his laptop has frozen, preventing him from accessing the CCTV footage. Sanju suggests using the constable’s laptop instead. Jai informs the compounder that Rakesh has been arrested, restricting his freedom to move around. Jai inquires about Parineet’s abortion and discovers that she managed to escape from Daima, whom he considers to be wicked. Daima apparently killed two girls who had played a prank on her. Concerned for Parineet’s safety, Jai instructs the staff to take him to the basement, but he is informed that reaching the basement is not a simple task. Only three individuals possess the key to the lift, which is the only means of accessing the basement. Furthermore, escaping from the basement is equally challenging.

Meanwhile, Parineet tries to remain calm and focuses on saving her baby. Daima enters the area, searching for Parineet, and notices a bloodstain on the floor. Daima realizes that Parineet is unwittingly leaving a trail for her to follow. Parineet wonders why Daima is relentlessly pursuing her and how she always manages to find her. Daima attempts to engage Parineet in a polite conversation, hoping to convince her to undergo the abortion. However, Parineet outsmarts Daima by tying her feet with a cloth and escaping from the room. Daima raises an alarm, alerting everyone that Parineet has escaped and is wandering somewhere within the premises. Daima promises a reward of 50k to anyone who finds Parineet. The entire staff starts searching for her, while Daima vows to never let Parineet go and expresses her frustration at the level of trouble Parineet has caused her.

Later, Sanju requests the inspector for a pen drive. Rakesh realizes he needs to intervene and fakes a heart attack. The inspector urges them to call a doctor.

Rakesh’s mother inquires about Jain’s whereabouts, prompting Sanju to doubt the situation and accuse Rakesh of creating a drama. Sanju believes Rakesh is wasting time and delaying their search for Parineet. The two engage in a heated argument, with Sanju expressing frustration at the ineffectiveness of the police. He insists that they need to actively search for Parineet and suggests that Rakesh can be released on bail later. Gurinder plans to speak with the inspector, while Parineet realizes she is trapped and experiences pain in her feet.

Neeti asks the receptionist about the location of the hospital’s basement, but the compounder denies its existence, leading to an argument between Neeti and the receptionist. Neeti threatens to involve the police, but Chandrika confirms that the hospital does have a basement. Neeti decides to check the register.

Meanwhile, Rakesh calls Bebe, expressing his frustration at her failure to answer his previous call. Bebe informs him that Neeti has regained consciousness and mentions her inquiry about the basement. Neeti had overheard a nurse’s conversation and threatened to expose the truth. Chandrika overhears their conversation and flees the scene. Sanju complains that he is trying to help Rakesh, but Parminder and Gurinder scold him for arguing with the inspector.

Rakesh’s mother observes that despite Sanju’s harsh treatment, Rakesh remains unaffected. Sanju admits to his past mistakes but points out that he is currently free while Rakesh was previously imprisoned. Parminder urges Sanju to consider Parineet’s situation, but the inspector refuses to forgive him or release him. Sanju refuses to apologize and requests Parminder to speak with Tao ji. Bebe intervenes and instructs Chandrika to halt her harmful intentions towards Parineet. She promptly informs Neeti about Chandrika’s actions.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju ponders whether he will be able to save Parineet. Meanwhile, Neeti, burdened with guilt over her actions, contemplates strategies to rescue Parineet.

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