Parineetii 22 May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 22 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Sanju engrossed in a phone call, completely oblivious to Rakesh passing by him. Sanju purchases a raw mango and presents it to Parineet, who is astonished and questions how he knew about her craving for something tangy. With a confident smile, Sanju reveals that he is aware of everything and looks after her like a mother-in-law would. He lovingly feeds Parineet the raw mango, catching the attention of Neeti. Parineet kindly asks him to leave as he needs to attend a meeting, mentioning that Neeti might be on her way. Sanju implores her to promise him that she will take care of herself, a promise that deeply affects Neeti.

Meanwhile, Rakesh arrives at the location to collect Alahawad’s report. A dispute arises when Parineet requests him to collect the reports the following day. Spotting Parineet, Rakesh is reminded of his father’s warning to stay away from her. His henchman intervenes, preventing him from approaching her. Seizing the opportunity, Parineet swiftly escapes from the scene, with Rakesh hot on her heels.

Desperate to seek help, Parineet sneaks into a room, hoping to alert Sanju and ensure her safety from Rakesh. Filled with worry, she ponders the potential consequences for the baby if something were to happen to Sanju during his meeting. Attempting to contact Neeti for assistance, Parineet discovers that her phone is out of reach.

Rakesh’s attention is drawn to Parineet’s bangles lying on the floor. Expressing his fondness for them, he mentions that he loves her bangles as well. Meanwhile, Neeti reaches out to Bebe over a phone call, seeking solace in her sorrow. Neeti explains that she feels emotionally drained, causing her to cry over trivial matters. Bebe urges her to stop crying and reveal the source of her distress. She specifically asks if Sanju said something to her. Neeti proceeds to recount the events, emphasizing their previous happiness and promises. Bebe manipulates her emotions, planting doubts about Parineet. Bebe confidently asserts that Sanju is gradually developing feelings for Parineet. She further predicts that if Parineet has a baby, Sanju will grow closer to her and eventually abandon Neeti. Overwhelmed and already burdened by stress, Neeti pleads with Bebe to cease confusing her. Abruptly, Neeti hangs up the call. Meanwhile, Rakesh implores Parineet not to play hide and seek with him, professing his deep love for her. He assures her that she won’t find anyone else who loves her as much as he does. Rakesh persistently pursues her as she attempts to flee, realizing that chasing her is proving to be a challenging task. Parineet manages to find refuge within a storage room, concealing herself from Rakesh’s pursuit.

Parineet consoles her baby, assuring him that she will protect him at all costs. Neeti, hesitant to approach her, watches from a distance. Meanwhile, Sanju eagerly observes Parineet’s caregiving abilities, feeling betrayed as she had done so much for her friend. Frustrated, Neeti vents her anger at Parineet when she receives a phone call from her. To Neeti’s surprise, Parineet reveals that Rakesh was behind her, prompting Neeti to warn her to be cautious and promising to reach her location as soon as possible.

In the midst of the chaos, Rakesh tirelessly searches for Parineet, while Neeti seeks assistance from a nurse to gain access to the ICU. Rakesh’s henchman informs him that his father will reprimand them, but Rakesh fearlessly dismisses the concern, claiming he isn’t afraid of anyone. Parineet, realizing she must find a hiding spot to evade Rakesh, encounters the nurse who questions her presence. Thinking quickly, she fabricates a story about searching for her misplaced ring. Rakesh, however, menacingly points a gun at the nurse, coercing him to disclose that a girl was looking for a ring near the ICU, insinuating she might be a thief. Confirming that the girl is Parineet, Rakesh bribes the nurse with money and demands he reveal the shortcut to the ICU.

In the midst of the commotion, Parineet notices a shadow, mistakenly assuming it to be Neeti. To her dismay, she discovers Rakesh standing there, who apologizes for scaring her and professes his deep love. Parineet, determined to protect herself, threatens to involve the police, but Rakesh urges her to listen to him before making that call. Frustrated, Parineet implores him to stop and questions why he would speak to her in such a disrespectful manner, reminding him that she is already married to Rajeev. She scolds him, questioning his lack of shame. In a shocking turn of events, Rakesh reveals that he is well aware of her relationship with Rajeev and claims she holds no value in his own life. He brazenly proposes marriage to Parineet.

Just in the nick of time, Neeti arrives at the scene.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rakesh and Neeti will engage in a heated argument, during which Neeti reveals her contemplation of aborting the baby. This news prompts Parineet to accompany Sanju to the scene. In the midst of the disagreement, Neeti firmly demands that Rakesh permanently remove Parineet from her life.

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