Parineetii 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Rakesh making a firm declaration, urging everyone to accept him as their son-in-law. He emphasizes that if he were to marry Parineet, he would become their son-in-law. Sanju vehemently disagrees, accusing Rakesh of pursuing Parineet for an entire year and staging this baby drama. In response, Rakesh alleges that Neeti always protected Parineet from him, but now she doubts her own sister. Rakesh confesses his inability to comprehend the report, indicating that it is positive. He requests the commissioner to arrest him and assures him that Sanju and his family will also be apprehended.

Attempting to persuade Parineet, Rakesh clutches her hand tightly, causing Neeti to demand he release her due to the pain inflicted. Rakesh informs Parineet that she is carrying his child, exposing the truth. He questions her fear in revealing the truth to everyone. Alavat suggests that she might be afraid of Rakesh and his intimidating presence, even though she should not fear him considering the presence of bodyguards and his influential connections. Rakesh’s mother and Alavat urge Parineet not to be scared of anyone and assure her that Rakesh is capable of taking care of her. Gurpreet denies accepting Parineet as her daughter-in-law, but Rakesh’s mother insists that she will be her daughter-in-law as she carries the future heir. The commissioner clarifies that he did not order their arrest, while Alavat emphasizes that they are all related to Rakesh. Gurinder expresses gratitude to him for accepting Parineet and acknowledges that she did everything within her power, acknowledging that they cannot go to jail on her behalf. Gurpreet finds solace in the fact that she now has influential MLA relatives and can lead a happy life with Rakesh.

In a menacing turn of events, Rakesh resorts to threats, warning Parineet that he will send Bajwa’s family to jail if she refuses to marry him. Furthermore, he coldly mentions that he will abort her baby if she dares to resist staying with him. Parineet is left speechless and flees the scene, seeking solace in Gurpreet’s comforting embrace. Parineet confides in Gurpreet, expressing her awareness of the truth and her reluctance to continuously prove her innocence to others. She questions how she can establish her innocence in the eyes of everyone, as no one believes her except for the DNA report. Neeti arrives and Parineet confronts her, asking if she also believed that Parineet was at fault and had betrayed her. Neeti responds by embracing and consoling her. Bebe, sensing a potential threat to their plans, intervenes and prevents Neeti from divulging the truth to Parineet.

Bebe subtly provokes Neeti against Parineet, trying to prevent her from revealing the truth. Bebe justifies her actions by saying that it’s all part of destiny. She admits regretting keeping the truth hidden from Neeti and warns that their friendship won’t survive if they continue to hide things from each other. Parineet pleads with Neeti to protect her, but Bebe insists that no one can stop the inevitable. She criticizes Parineet for making a grave mistake and suggests that she should have revealed the truth earlier. Now, they feel helpless and incapable of taking any action.

Rakesh demands that Parineet accompany him, and Parineet emotionally appeals to him. Rajesh misinterprets her gaze, thinking she’s looking at him, but he notices Sanju standing behind him. Bebe compliments Gurpeet for having a good son-in-law and mentions that Parineet has found love. They manage to escape arrest. Rakesh informs Parineet that he will arrange for a priest to formalize their engagement, which leaves Parineet in tears. Rajesh leaves the scene, and Neeti notices Sanju looking at Parineet with deep emotions.

Sanju apologizes to Parineet and walks away. Meanwhile, Alavat insists on speaking alone with his wife, while the goons urge Rakesh to talk to his parents, who are furious with him and mock him. Gurpreet confronts Bebe for speaking ill of Parineet, but Bebe clarifies that she was actually congratulating her, and there was a misunderstanding. Gurpreet reveals to Bebe that Parineet is not carrying Rakesh’s child, and Gurinder confirms it by mentioning the positive DNA test report. Gurpreet reprimands Gurinder for blaming Parineet and asserts that she won’t allow her to marry Rakesh. An argument ensues between Gurinder and Gurpreet, with Gurpreet advising Gurinder to make a calm decision. Bebe warns that people will not only gossip about Gurpreet but also her husband.

Gurinder insults Gurpeet’s upbringing, and Bebe pretends to offer advice to Gurpreet, suggesting that if Parineet marries Rakesh, all the problems will be resolved. Gurpreet consoles Parineet. Rakesh recalls the way Parineet looked at him and vents his anger towards the goon, determined to seek revenge on Sanju. He loves Parineet, but she loves Sanju. His mother shares his grief with him. Sanju worries about Parineet and reminisces about their moments together. Amith asks him what’s troubling him, and Sanju opens up to him. Amith reveals that Parineet must marry Rakesh because she is carrying his child and that she had attempted to terminate the pregnancy to hide her mistake. Her previous attempts at surrogacy had also failed, which led to the situation. Rakesh had assisted her with it. Amith affirms that the DNA test results are accurate, but Sanju admits that his heart is unwilling to accept it. Amith confesses that he has fallen in love with Parineet.

[Episode End]

Precap : Parineet will express to Neeti her inability to proceed with the engagement, explaining that she cannot assume the role of a mother to someone else’s child. The priest will intervene, asserting that Parineet and Rakesh’s horoscopes are compatible. Sanju, perplexed by the situation, questions Parineet about the events unfolding before him. Parineet responds, disclosing that everything is occurring without her awareness. Neeti, determined, forcefully removes Parineet from the scene.

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