Parineetii 12 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 12 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Gurinder informing Parineet about her wedding date. Upon hearing Rakesh’s wedding idea, Sanju leaves the scene. Parineet also departs from there. Neeti assures Parineet that Rakesh has apologized sincerely and has truly changed. Curious, Parineet asks Neeti if she has planned anything to help her elope from the wedding mandap. However, Neeti denies having any such plans, emphasizing the need for Parineet to realize Rakesh’s transformation. Disheartened, Parineet withdraws her request. Neeti requests Parineet not to misunderstand her, assuring her that everything will become clear once she is married to Rakesh.

Parineet admits that she had intended to cancel the wedding in front of everyone. Coincidentally, she bumps into Rakesh, who hands her a thread, explaining that the priest asked him to tie it around her wrist for protection. He believes it will symbolize their union in marriage and ward off any evil eyes. Rakesh requests Neeti to give them some privacy. He then sincerely apologizes to Parineet for his inappropriate behavior the previous day when he was intoxicated. He humbly falls at her feet, pleading for her forgiveness. Bebe intervenes, urging Parineet to understand Rakesh’s good intentions and forgive him. She points out that Rakesh is begging for forgiveness on his knees, emphasizing how valuable he is to their family. Rakesh admits that Parineet has not forgiven him yet. Bebe instructs Rakesh to make all the arrangements for the wedding and warns him to either convince Parineet to abort the baby or he will elope from the mandap.

Later, Sanju confronts Rakesh about the events of the previous day, questioning him about what Parineet might have revealed. Rakesh asks Sanju if Parineet disclosed anything to him.

Rakesh urges him not to interfere between them, as they have important matters to discuss privately. He also requests him to refrain from giving him hostile looks. Seeing this, Rakesh feels pleased. Sanju warns him that if he mistreats her, she won’t let him off easily. Curious, Rakesh inquires about his relationship with her, stating that he always seems to be pursuing Parineet. He insists that Sanju should let go of Parineet because he intends to marry her. Meanwhile, Bebe encounters Neeti and notices her distress. Bebe asks Neeti what is troubling her, to which Neeti confesses her confusion. She feels guilty due to the way Parineet gazes at her, making it difficult for her to face her. Neeti is reluctant to allow Parineet to marry Rakesh and stops Bebe from removing her bridal necklace. Bebe suggests that one day Parineet will take it away from Neeti’s life, so it’s better to remove it now. Neeti clarifies that her concern lies with Sanju, not Parineet. Bebe advises Neeti to find a way to terminate Parineet’s pregnancy as soon as possible, or else Rakesh won’t buy a sherwani for the wedding. Bebe claims to have a plan for it. Sanju regrets their decision to arrange Parineet’s wedding with Rakesh and voices her opinion on it. Later, Parineet experiences a nightmare.

Parineet consoles herself, believing that Sanju and Neeti will assist her. She recalls Sanju’s comforting words. Accidentally, Parineet bumps into Neeti and expresses her desire to speak with Sanju. Bebe questions the need to meet him at night and scolds Parineet for lacking shame. Parineet insists that it is urgent. Bebe creates a scene, disrupting everyone’s sleep. Chandrika argues that if Bebe had allowed her to speak, nobody would have lost their sleep. Bebe mocks her, and Sanju intervenes, asking what is happening. Parineet questions Sanju, who offers to help her stop the wedding if she wishes. Parineet clarifies that she doesn’t want to marry him and that Neeti knows how dangerous he can be. Bebe demands that she marry Rakesh, stating that if Parineet doesn’t want to marry him, the wedding won’t proceed. Rakesh questions why she doesn’t want to marry him and what her issue is with marrying him. Parminder scolds him for his nonsensical statements.

Bebe asserts that he is speaking the truth. Neeti expresses her disappointment, never expecting to hear such things because of her. Bebe insists that she must promise not to have any relationship with Sanju, as she is her rival, and severs ties with her. Parineet has a nightmare and keeps the truth hidden from everyone. Neeti realizes that Parineet doesn’t want to marry Rakesh, but feels compelled to go through with it due to lack of options. Parineet prays to God, questioning why she is being punished like this and feeling alone with nobody supporting her. She implores God to stop the wedding.

[Episode End]

Precap : The servant will give Neeti a reassurance that if Parineet consumes even a spoonful of kheer, her baby will not survive. Neeti will closely monitor Parineet’s actions as she tastes the kheer. Parineet will end up vomiting. Meanwhile, Sanju will answer a call from Rakesh. Rakesh will directly inquire Neeti and make a demand for her to terminate Parineet’s pregnancy before the wedding. Sanju will be taken aback by this shocking revelation.

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