Parineetii 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Neeti concealing the truth from Sanju, who informs her that he came to retrieve their mother’s medication. Neeti deceitfully claims that she was about to give it to her, then promptly dismisses Sanju. Concerned about Rakesh’s behavior towards Parineet, Neeti is determined to prevent any harm from befalling her. Chandrika approaches Sanju and mentions that everyone believes he deeply cares for Parineet, emphasizing her love for him. Sanju clarifies that Parineet has done a great deal for their family, which is why he reacts strongly to her situation, and there is no other reason behind it. Unbeknownst to them, Bebe overhears their conversation.

Later, Neeti confronts Rakesh, issuing a stern ultimatum for him to leave Parineet. Rakesh questions Parineet about her pregnancy, to which Neeti responds with a furious assault on him. Bewildered, Rakesh asks her what she’s doing, and Neeti reminds him of her previous warning not to harm Parineet. Fearing the consequences, Rakesh hastily flees the scene. Rakesh confesses to Neeti that they had planned the pregnancy, but Neeti denies having instructed him to hurt Parineet. Rakesh questions Neeti’s change in behavior, revealing his decision not to marry Parineet and stating that she doesn’t love him, having been pregnant with someone else’s child. Neeti, shocked, asserts that Rakesh was aware she was acting as a surrogate mother and should not have mistreated Parineet. Neeti demands an explanation for his abhorrent behavior towards Parineet. Rakesh admits to taking advantage of her since they were going to get married. Overwhelmed with remorse, Neeti realizes the gravity of her actions.

In a turn of events, Rakesh announces to everyone that he is leaving. Bebe, taken aback, questions why he would leave abruptly in the midst of everything.

Neeti approached Rakesh, expressing her desire to speak with him privately, but he declined, citing a meeting he had to attend. Sanju observed their interaction with suspicion, while Bebe sensed that something had transpired between them. Later, Parineet, upon recalling the incident, broke down in tears, assuring her baby that Neeti would protect them. Meanwhile, Alavat asked Rakesh to read a message on his behalf, triggering Rakesh’s outburst of anger. Alavat defended himself, claiming he was merely trying to deceive Rakesh and had fabricated the meeting. He complained about Rakesh intervening when he confronted Parineet, accusing him of mocking their party. Rakesh dismissed Alavat, stating that he had no interest in discussing matters with him. Subsequently, Bebe taunted Neeti, blaming her for ruining their plan and asserting that she did not deserve their friendship. Bebe vowed to stay in the house and take it away from Neeti. Neeti clarified that she only wanted to remove Parineet from their lives. Bebe countered, expressing her lack of animosity towards Parineet and emphasizing that she was acting in Neeti’s best interest. Neeti, however, could not tolerate Rakesh’s mistreatment and confronted Bebe about it. Bebe reminded her of Rakesh’s impending marriage to Neeti, insinuating that something had occurred between him and Parineet. Bebe claimed that Sanju might be aware of the situation, as he had already developed feelings for Parineet. Bebe assured Neeti that Sanju would side with Parineet, but Neeti refuted the claim, vowing to prove Bebe wrong.

Meanwhile, Sanju noticed Parineet sitting on the floor, visibly upset. Concerned, he approached her and draped a shawl around her, inquiring about what had happened. He hugged her, offering comfort and solace. Neeti, disheartened by the situation, expressed her disinterest in witnessing any further events. Bebe insisted that Neeti needed to discover the truth and cautioned her against turning a blind eye. Bebe forcefully led Neeti away, who expressed her confusion about discerning what was true or false. Neeti asserted that Rakesh was not a good person, unable to bear the thought of him causing harm to Parineet. She questioned why Bebe wanted to push her into the hands of a dangerous individual and accused Rakesh of inflicting pain on Parineet. Bebe dismissed Neeti as naive, claiming that her continued support for Parineet despite her betrayal was beyond her comprehension. Bebe argued that Sanju harbored feelings for Parineet and would inevitably snatch her away. Neeti’s innocence, Bebe warned, would cost her dearly, urging her to uncover the truth. Parineet, aware of the potential consequences, believed it was best not to reveal the truth to Sanju, fearing further complications. However, Sanju implored her to confide in him without fear, to which Parineet resorted to lying.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Parineet lost her balance and fell onto Sanju, witnessed by Neeti, who promptly departed from the scene. Sanju attributed the mishap to the shawl, but Parineet questioned his decision to take the blame. Sanju shared his concerns with her, and Parineet reassured him that he need not worry, absolving him of any fault. Frustrated with the way things were unfolding, Sanju revealed that nothing seemed to be going right for him. Parineet acknowledged that by marrying her, he had salvaged her father’s reputation, but Sanju confessed that he married her out of necessity, not as a heroic act. Parineet, nonetheless, expressed her happiness for Neeti and Rakesh, as they were now together.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rakesh intends to have a conversation with Neeti, emphasizing the importance of considering the option of aborting the baby before their wedding. Parineet will confide in Sanju, mentioning that Rakesh had requested her to inform him if she had any desire to halt the wedding. It becomes evident that she indeed wants to prevent the wedding from taking place. Furthermore, Rakesh will reveal that both Parineet and Sanju were involved in an affair.

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