Parineetii 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Neeti reviewing the CCTV footage and discovering the incriminating evidence within it. The compounder confides in Jai, expressing his bewilderment at how Parineet ended up in her current state and in that particular location. The wheelchair is malfunctioning, and as the compounder examines it, he suggests that once her abortion is completed, they will be free from their predicament. Unexpectedly, Parineet retaliates by kicking them and fleeing. Gurinder reprimands Sanju for his confrontations with everyone. Rakesh’s mother expresses her desire to seek psychiatric help for him, which triggers Sanju’s anger. In an attempt to secure his release, Gurinder implores the inspector, and Sanju offers to apologize in exchange for the inspector’s assistance in locating Parineet. The inspector questions why everyone is so concerned about Parineet, stating that she became pregnant before the wedding. Sanju becomes infuriated with him and resorts to threats. The inspector attempts to physically assault Sanju, but Tao ji intervenes. The inspector refuses to release Sanju, citing another complaint filed against him. Tao ji advises him to cease his outbursts and promises to obtain bail for Sanju. The inspector instructs the constable to place the culprits in Sanju’s cell, frustrating Sanju further.

Neeti discovers the nurse’s presence and reveals to Parminder that she feigned an argument with Sanju to steal the pen drive. She implores them to assist her in orchestrating a charade. Neeti warns Bebe that she will expose her to Parminder if Bebe dares to disrupt her plan.

Neeti confides in the nurse that Rakesh sent her there and reveals that she knows the nurse who underwent an abortion. In fact, Chandrika already has two children and required an abortion due to an unplanned pregnancy. Initially, the nurse denies any knowledge of what Neeti is discussing, but Neeti offers her money as an incentive. Eventually, the nurse agrees to help. Meanwhile, within the jail, two thugs engage in a brawl while Sanju observes the chaos. The inspector is preoccupied with controlling the situation, allowing Sanju to take advantage of the distraction and make his escape by locking the inspector inside. Later on, Parineet is desperately fleeing for her life and collides with Shilpa. Parineet pleads with her to save her, and the nurse assures her that she will. Parineet confides in Shilpa, expressing confusion about why they are pursuing her. In response, Shilpa assures her that her sister will aid in her rescue. Daima urges them to depart as soon as possible, but the nurse informs them that Daima is occupied with Parineet’s case.

The nurse inquires Neeti about Chandrika, and Neeti informs her that Chandrika is three months pregnant. The nurse then informs Daima about another abortion case and requests her to come. Neeti discovers that the lift can be opened with a key, and she is shocked to find herself in the basement. Meanwhile, the Inspector informs Rakesh that Sanju has escaped from jail. Rakesh offers the Inspector money to capture Sanju and locks him back inside the jail, promising to help in his arrest. Sanju manages to steal a car and flees from the scene.

In the meantime, Shilpa gets into an argument with the patients, and Parineet pretends to return to Daima to uncover Shilpa’s intentions. Shilpa claims that she was taking Parineet to Daima, but Parineet retaliates by throwing sand in her eyes.

The nurse instructs Chandrika to wait there until Daima arrives soon. Parminder expresses concern about the dangerous nature of the place, and the nurse confirms that dangerous things are indeed happening there. Neeti questions the nurse about activities other than abortions taking place in the facility, but the nurse dismisses it as unnecessary and warns them not to leave the area. The nurse leaves to fetch Daima, and Neeti asks Parminder to take care of Chandrika, making sure she doesn’t faint. Neeti tells them to call her in case of an emergency.

Chandrika hands her phone to Bebe, who wishes to contact Rakesh. Meanwhile, Sanju uses another phone to dial Tao ji and questions how he managed to escape from jail. Sanju informs him about his escape, emphasizing that Parineet’s life was in danger and Neeti was also hurt. Sanju asks Tao ji to handle the police while he plans to frame Sanju for more crimes. Tao ji urges him to save Parineet at any cost, and Sanju assures him that he will do whatever it takes to protect her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti intends to use a menacing approach towards Shilpa in order to coerce her into divulging the truth. Parminder will inform Bebe that Chandrika has already disclosed all the details to her. Sanju will experience overwhelming frustration as a result. Rakesh will employ a tactic that causes Neeti to lose consciousness. Parineet will fervently pray for her recovery.

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