Parineetii 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Rakesh inquiring about the doctor from his henchman. The henchman informs him that the doctor had an accident, which angers Rakesh as he believes the doctor is not performing his duties properly. Realizing that he might not find another doctor easily, Rakesh decides to proceed with aborting Parineet’s baby on the same day. He instructs his henchman to find another doctor and offers him money for the task. However, the henchman informs Rakesh that it won’t be an easy job since abortion is illegal. Just then, a staff member informs Rakesh about a person who might be able to help him.

Curious about the commotion, Bebe questions Rakesh about what is happening. Rakesh explains that his goon has created a mess and he is trying to fix everything. Bebe expresses her desire to witness Rakesh’s marriage to Parineet, but Rakesh presents a condition that involves aborting Parineet’s baby. Dhai, listening to their conversation, interjects and mentions that Parineet can give the baby back to her parents after giving birth, raising the question of why Rakesh wants to proceed with the abortion. Rakesh offers money to Dhai, who refuses, stating that she needs her mother’s permission for such a task. She also threatens to call the police due to the presence of CCTV cameras in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Neeti tries to reassure Parineet, who is in pain and asks Neeti to stay by her side as she feels scared. Parminder expresses her surprise at the love between Neeti and Parineet, while Gurinder expresses her fear of the consequences once Neeti learns about Sanju’s marriage to Parineet. Parminder urges Gurinder not to think negatively, citing Parineet’s sacrifice for Neeti and suggesting that Neeti might react differently. Chandrika suggests that Rajeev should make a decision regarding the matter. Parminder recalls Sanju’s reaction in front of Rakesh.

In the meantime, the doctor examines Parineet and conducts a blood test. Rakesh confronts Dhai, questioning why she intends to involve the police. Dhai explains that she cannot take a baby’s life for Rakesh’s happiness, revealing her own personal stakes in the matter, as her daughter is battling cancer. She demands Rakesh to pay her 5 lakhs for her services. Rakesh attempts to negotiate, offering 1 lakh instead, but Dhai stands firm, demanding 7 lakhs as a delay penalty for her answer. Rakesh is taken aback by her demands and realizes that Dhai is even more dangerous than Bebe, whom he previously considered cunning.

Meanwhile, Neeti approached the doctor to inquire about Parineet’s condition. The doctor responded by stating that she could only provide any information after receiving the blood test report. It was evident that Parineet was experiencing more than just a normal pain, possibly due to ingesting something harmful. The doctor couldn’t disclose the specifics of what was happening in Parineet’s abdomen. Neeti couldn’t help but recall Rakesh’s strange behavior, and she firmly believed that if he was responsible for Parineet’s suffering, she wouldn’t let him get away with it.

Simultaneously, Sanju arrived at the hospital with the intention of finding Mahesh, who might possess a copy of the DNA report. Sanju hoped that by obtaining it, he could put a stop to the impending wedding. Neeti, on the other hand, considered the possibility that she had switched the DNA report to arrange Parineet’s marriage with Rakesh, but now he was causing her even more trouble. Sanju was determined to prevent Rakesh from troubling Parineet any further. Unfortunately, both Neeti and Sanju failed to notice each other’s presence in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dhai informed Rakesh that the doctor had examined Parineet and that he had successfully handled the situation. Rakesh aimed to ensure that nobody else would be allowed near Parineet. Acting on this, he left the area. The hospital staff questioned Dhai about her earlier lie, claiming to have a daughter. Dhai confessed that she had fabricated the story in order to extort extra money. Later, Chandrika confronted Bebe, expressing her frustration and demanding to know where she had been. Bebe resorted to lying, claiming that she had gone to the temple. Bebe believed that her pregnancy had not been terminated yet, as Rakesh wouldn’t marry her if it had.

Rakesh continued to pretend to care for Parineet, emphasizing that he had a reputation and connections with senior doctors. Parminder clarified that they had never doubted his intentions. Rakesh asserted his affection for Parineet, as they were engaged to be married. He assured everyone that she would feel better once the doctor examined her thoroughly, implying that her complete recovery was dependent on it.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti plans to leap from the window, while Dhai intends to inform Rakesh about Parineet’s decision to leave the hospital following her abortion. Additionally, Mahesh will provide Rakesh with a copy of the DNA report. In the meantime, Dhai administers an injection to Parineet, resulting in her fainting at the scene.

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