Parineetii 10 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 10 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Neeti reminiscing about the past. Sanju gently wipes away Parineet’s tears. Overwhelmed with emotions, Neeti begins to cry, recalling the close bond between Parineet and Sanju. Neeti confesses to Bebe that she is aware of her role in the situation. Bebe reveals that Parineet has been up to no good, and Sanju is not innocent either. Neeti must not remain trapped in this pain and should take action immediately. Bebe insists that Neeti must send Parineet and Rakesh away from the house to permanently separate her from Sanju. Sometimes, accepting the bitter truth becomes necessary. Bebe reveals that Parineet is pregnant, but it shouldn’t be a big deal as Neeti has no connection to that baby. The baby’s presence will naturally come between Parineet and Rakesh on their wedding night. Bebe questions the need to protect Parineet from Rakesh. Understanding Bebe’s point, Neeti promises to make the right decision.

Gurinder enters the scene and asks Neeti if she can accompany her to Rakesh’s house for some rituals. Neeti reassures her that she will definitely join and emphasizes the importance of doing so. Neeti would be thrilled if Parineet were to marry Rakesh. Confused, Gurinder inquires if everything is alright now. Bebe affirms that everything is fine, leaving Gurinder perplexed.

In a conversation with Sanju, Parineet expresses her frustration at no one understanding their relationship. She believes that God sent Sanju into her life. Neeti is hurt by these words and walks away. Parineet explains that Neeti was the only person in her life before, but now Sanju is also there. She trusts both of them. Sanju acknowledges that Parineet may not be enthusiastic about the wedding and encourages her to voice her concerns. He offers to halt the wedding if she truly doesn’t want to proceed. Later, Sanju approaches Neeti and asks if Parineet mentioned anything to her. He senses that she is hiding something from them. Neeti questions why he is always preoccupied with Parineet and doesn’t inquire about her. Neeti believes that Sanju no longer loves her as before. Sanju clarifies that he was concerned about Parineet. Annoyed, Neeti insists that he never mention Parineet’s name again. Sensing Neeti’s distress, Sanju wonders what could have happened to her.

Alavat prevents Rakesh from leaving and instructs him to open the door. Rakesh responds by making faces and hesitates to comply. Alavat insists that he welcome the Bajwa family into the house. Rakesh’s mother warmly greets the priest. Alavat informs Rakesh that he is here to arrange his wedding with Parineet. Rakesh, recalling past events, questions his mother about the situation unfolding before him. Frustrated, Rakesh vents his emotions towards his mother, who demands the truth from him. Rakesh admits that he no longer wants to marry Parineet. Perplexed, his mother looks on. Meanwhile, Parineet seeks solace in the temple, sharing her distress with the deity and pleading for the wedding to be stopped for the sake of her child. Sanju, although disliking Rakesh, chooses not to complicate matters further for him. The general sentiment among everyone is anger towards Rakesh. Rakesh’s mother confides in Neeti, expressing her concern about Rakesh’s unwillingness to marry Parineet and deeming it a mistake. Neeti asks if Rakesh has revealed the reason to her, to which she replies in the negative. Neeti reassures her that she will try to make him understand. Parineet offers Arathi (a traditional Hindu ritual) to Sanju. Chandrika expresses her intention to leave the house soon. Parineet offers to cook carrot halwa for Chandrika, but Sanju insists that it is his favorite and asks her not to involve anyone else in its preparation. Later, Neeti approaches Rakesh for a conversation. His mother scolds him for drinking alcohol during the day, prompting him to request that she not irritate him like his father. Rakesh threatens Neeti to leave or else he will call security. Neeti urges him to think twice before taking any action and points out that his anger is his own problem. She mentions that he lost his ring at her house.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gurinder will inform Parineet that time is running out for her. Her wedding is just two days away. Parineet will disclose to Sanju that he had given her the option to halt the wedding if she wished. And now, she desires to put an end to it. Rakesh will reveal that both Parineet and Sanju were involved in a romantic relationship.

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