Parineetii 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Neeti attempting to persuade Rakesh and clarify herself. Rakesh derides her for preventing him from getting closer to Pari. Neeti argues that he will have Pari after marriage but requests him to maintain a distance until then. Rakesh adamantly refuses to listen and declares that the marriage will not happen. At this moment, Pari contacts Neeti and asks her to join a video call, to which Neeti agrees. Through the video call, Neeti shows Rakesh Pari making halwa, and effectively manages to convince him to marry Pari. She reminds him that he could never even dream of marrying a girl as beautiful as Pari, who is admired in her hometown. Eventually, Rakesh agrees to marry Pari but under the condition that her baby must be aborted before the marriage. Neeti is left shocked by his demand.

Later, Pari presents the halwa she made to Rakesh and Chandrika, who praise her culinary skills. Pari expresses her desire to go shopping, and Rakesh joins her with a pretext. During their conversation, Bebe interrupts Rakesh and Neeti and assures them that Pari’s baby will be aborted before the marriage. Perplexed, Neeti questions Rakesh about his distress regarding the baby since it is a surrogacy baby. Rakesh dismisses it, stating that it doesn’t matter to him, as he only loves the beautiful and slim Pari, not the one with a baby bump. He declares that after marriage, he will take Pari away to a distant place where no one from her family will be allowed to meet her. Neeti, considering herself Pari’s best friend, expresses her concern, but Rakesh laughs it off and claims that no friend would do what she does to Pari. He firmly insists that he wants Pari without the baby, marking it as his final decision.

On the flip side, Rajeev and Pari are currently engaged in baby shopping, eagerly sharing their dreams for their soon-to-be-born child. The shopkeeper commends the couple for their evident love and excitement. Pari attempts to correct the shopkeeper’s assumption, but her efforts prove futile. Meanwhile, back at home, Pandit is diligently searching for the most auspicious wedding date for Rakesh and Pari. Rakesh’s mother anxiously awaits Rakesh’s response, but her worries subside when he agrees to the marriage proposal. Before leaving, Pandit presents them with a protective charm for Pari’s safety.

During their journey, Pari sustains an injury as the driver abruptly slams on the brakes. Rajeev reprimands the driver for his recklessness, emphasizing the potential danger to Pari, who is pregnant. He also scolds Pari when she attempts to lift the bags. Pari questions why he is scolding her since the bags aren’t even heavy. Rajeev explains that she needs to be cautious and wear her seatbelt, as it is compulsory for her safety. Touched by his concern, Pari feels a deep appreciation for his thoughtfulness. Upon arriving at their destination, they unexpectedly encounter Rakesh and his family. The family inquires if they were out shopping, to which Chandrika confirms. Rakesh proudly displays his sherwani and seeks Pari’s opinion. Pari and Rajeev are taken aback when Gurinder announces that Pari and Rakesh will be tying the knot within the next two days.

[Episode End]

Precap : Pari inquires of Neeti whether she has devised a plan, to which Neeti responds with curiosity, asking about the nature of the plan. Pari expresses her reluctance to marry Rakesh, but Bebe insists that Pari will undoubtedly wed Rakesh. Rajeev steps in, firmly asserting that Pari will not tie the knot with Rakesh.

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