Parineetii 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Bebe informing Parineet that everyone is eagerly waiting for her outside, as the auspicious time is running out. Taking hold of her hand, Bebe drags Parineet along. Rakesh remarks that she has come to his side and wonders where she will go now. He takes charge of the situation. Rakesh’s mother presents rings to both of them. Parineet hesitates to accept it, but Parminder and Gurinder encourage her to do so. Parineet gazes at them, overcome with emotion. As she hesitates, the ring slips from her hand and lands near Sanju’s feet. Neeti asks Sanju to give the ring to Parineet, triggering Sanju’s memories of their own wedding. Rakesh instructs him to hand over the ring and forcibly takes it from his hand. Bebe notices Sanju’s behavior and asks Neeti to take note of it. Rakesh insists that Parineet make him wear the ring, and she reluctantly places it on his finger. The priest then requests Rakesh to reciprocate by placing the ring on Parineet’s finger. Parineet hesitates again, so Bebe guides her hand to Rakesh’s. Rakesh’s mother notices this and questions Parineet about her injured hand.

Rakesh clarifies to everyone that Parineet had already informed him about her hand injury, emphasizing that it’s not a significant wound and won’t cause her much pain. He forcefully slides the ring onto her finger, causing Parineet to wince in pain. Sanju becomes frustrated witnessing this. The crowd applauds, and Neeti sarcastically joins in. Rakesh urges everyone to attend the party and depart. He attempts to feed sweets to Parineet, but Sanju forcefully feeds them to Rakesh instead. Rakesh lies to the guests, claiming that Parineet is experiencing a headache and needs rest. Neeti becomes exasperated with Rakesh’s display of concern. Later, Parineet sobs in her room. Rakesh inquires why she is crying and offers his handkerchief, which she refuses. He mentions that she would have accepted it if Rajeev had given it to her. Rakesh assures her that his close friend Neeti is there to support her and asserts that he won’t allow her to meet Rajeev after their wedding, insisting that he is not a good person. Parineet pleads with him not to speak ill of Rajeev and asserts that he is a good person at heart, believing that nothing bad will happen to him. Rakesh promises to change everything after their wedding and asks her to wear a specific dress and attend the party.

Neeti expresses to Sanju that she’s experiencing a strange feeling. In response, Sanju admits feeling weird as well upon witnessing Neeti joining Parineet’s hand with Rakesh’s. Neeti explains that she’s doing everything for the sake of her future. Just then, Gurinder arrives and questions Sanju about his behavior, wondering why he’s acting this way when Rakesh is going to marry Neeti and they’re expecting a baby together. Sanju questions if Rakesh is truly the right person for her, to which Neeti assures him not to create any scenes during the wedding. Sanju promises not to cause any trouble and asks again if Rakesh is suitable for her. Neeti falsely assures him that Rakesh is indeed the right person and that she won’t find anyone better than him. Gurinder intervenes, urging Sanju to let it be and avoid creating any scenes that could disrupt their lives. Despite Gurinder’s attempts to convince him, Sanju leaves the scene.

Later on, Parminder becomes suspicious of Sanju’s unusual behavior, contemplating whether her suspicions are valid as she recalls his previous actions. Bebe arrives and inquires about Rakesh’s suitability as a partner for Parineet. Bebe suggests that Neeti should leave the house, fearing that Sanju and Neeti’s relationship will suffer. Bebe instructs Parminder to prepare for the evening party.

The time comes for Rakesh’s family to get ready for the party. Sanju becomes increasingly irritated by Rakesh’s attitude. Parineet arrives dressed up, which stirs up emotions in Sanju. Overwhelmed, he watches as Rakesh forcefully takes Parineet away. Bebe instigates Neeti against Rakesh, causing Neeti to grow frustrated upon seeing Sanju and Parineet dancing together. Rakesh becomes furious and in his rage, breaks a glass. He demands Parineet to tend to his wound. Later, Rakesh tells Parineet not to fear him, claiming that he hurts himself out of love for her. He emphasizes that it’s a wife’s duty to take care of her husband. Rakesh locks the room, leaving Parineet bewildered and calling for help. Neeti overhears her cries for assistance.

Parineet manages to push Rakesh away and attempts to escape, pleading with him to release her. Neeti confronts Rakesh and insists that he let Parineet go, revealing her pregnancy. Neeti reassures Parineet that she is there for her and desperately wishes to break down the door. Parineet strikes Rakesh’s head and seeks refuge in the washroom. Rakesh demands that she open the door, growing increasingly enraged. Eventually, he breaks down the door, exhibiting inappropriate behavior towards Parineet. Neeti prays to God for Parineet’s safety. Parineet bites Rakesh’s hand and manages to escape. Sanju questions Neeti about the commotion, and she becomes fearful that he will jeopardize her plan if he discovers the truth.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti, fueled with anger, will forcefully distance herself from Rakesh, resorting to physical confrontation. Astonished, Rakesh will question her sanity, asking if she has lost her mind. In response, Neeti will sternly remind him that she had warned him not to harm Parineet. Overwhelmed by his emotions, Rakesh will gather the courage to announce to his family that he no longer wishes to proceed with his marriage to Parineet. Witnessing Parineet’s distress, Sanju will offer her solace by embracing her in a comforting hug. However, Bebe, seeking to incite Neeti against Parineet, will intentionally provoke Neeti, further escalating the tension.

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