Parineetii 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Dai leading Parineet to the basement. Sensing suspicion, the nurse expresses her concerns to Dai. In response, Dai instructs her to clean the room. Meanwhile, Rakesh approaches Gurinder to inquire about Parminder and Chandrika’s whereabouts. Gurinder questions Rakesh’s worry for his daughter-in-law. Rakesh believes Gurinder is unaware of Chandrika’s brilliance. At that moment, Chandrika arrives, prompting Rakesh to question her about her recent whereabouts. Parminder reveals she discovered a suspicious area in the basement, where a separate hospital seems to be operating. Fearing something amiss, she urges Rakesh to transfer Parineet to another hospital.

Simultaneously, Sanju requests Mahesh to show him the DNA report, questioning if he remembers the results. Mahesh claims he conducts numerous DNA tests daily, making it difficult to recall. Sanju shares his suspicion that someone may have tampered with the DNA report. Mahesh recollects Neeti’s request to alter the report. Just as Sanju is about to examine the report, he notices Neeti collapsed nearby and rushes her to the hospital. Unaware of Dai’s departure with Parineet, Sanju fails to notice her presence but finds Parineet’s bracelet on the floor. Returning it to Dai, Sanju approaches the doctor to inquire about Neeti’s condition. The doctor requests him to wait outside until they have tended to Neeti’s injuries. Sanju ponders why Neeti is alone and wounded, contemplating if she came to the hospital for Parineet’s check-up. Recalling the bracelet resembling Parineet’s, he becomes confused and attempts to contact Parineet and Monty, but receives no response.

Meanwhile, Parminder resolves to transfer Parineet to another hospital despite Rakesh’s objections. Rakesh argues that Parineet is under observation and experiencing mood swings, mistaking everyone for her enemy. The doctor advises caution in interpreting Parineet’s mood swings. Parminder clarifies the doctor’s misunderstanding, emphasizing her concerns.

Sanju dials Parminder’s number, concerned about Parineet. Parminder explains that she didn’t answer his call because she had been admitted to the hospital. Curious, Sanju asks her which hospital she is in, and she reveals it’s a city hospital. Surprisingly, Sanju informs her that he is also at the same hospital. However, Rakesh worries that his plan will fail if Sanju finds him there, as he wouldn’t allow him to interfere. Taking matters into his own hands, Dai escorts Parineet to the basement while Rakesh receives a message from Dai, indicating that half of the work is complete.

When Sanju arrives at the hospital, Rakesh realizes that Parineet is not in her room and determines that he needs to prevent Sanju from finding her to ensure the success of her abortion. Sanju confronts Rakesh, questioning why he is present. Rakesh flips the situation, claiming that he wants to ask Sanju the same question. He creates a scene, expressing his disapproval of Sanju’s concern for Parineet and accuses him of having feelings for Neeti. Sanju dismisses Rakesh’s ramblings and defends his love for Parineet, reminding him of the sacrifices she has made for her family, including risking her life to save Neeti. Sanju refuses to waste his time with Rakesh and requests Chandrika to lead him to Parineet’s room.

Upon reaching the room, Sanju queries Chandrika about Parineet’s condition. Chandrika explains that Parineet had been experiencing abdominal pain. Sanju scolds them for not informing him about it, emphasizing that they should have let him know. Rakesh’s mother intervenes, asserting that her son is capable of taking care of Parineet. She reassures Sanju that Parineet is fine.

However, when Parineet mentions their baby as her heir, Sanju becomes frustrated. Parineet assures him that she will protect their child from harm. Jai warns Rakesh that his mother would be furious if anything were to happen to the baby. Rakesh tries to calm Jai, claiming that there’s no reason to worry since Parineet has reached the basement. Meanwhile, a nurse discreetly hides Parineet’s belongings and tidies up the room. Sanju realizes that Parineet is not present, and the nurse confesses that she doesn’t know who Parineet is. Everyone is shocked by this revelation. Parminder suggests checking at the reception, as they might have changed Parineet’s room. The nurse quickly sends a message to Dai, alerting her about the situation.

[Episode End]

Precap : The compounder will notify Dai of the potential danger to Parineet’s life and advise her against mistreating her. Sanju will share with Parminder the discovery of the exact bracelet, originally gifted by her, found at the hospital. Neeti will unintentionally overhear a conversation among the nurses discussing Parineet’s abortion. In desperation, Dai will attempt to perform an abortion on Parineet.

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