Parineetii 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Sanju discussing Rakesh’s claim with the doctor, stating that Rakesh insists the baby is his. The doctor assures Sanju that they will expedite the test results. Exiting the doctor’s office, Sanju and the doctor inform Neeti that the procedure has been completed. Neeti contemplates that it’s time for her to consult with the doctor personally. She suggests that Sanju and Pari go home while she stays back for further examinations. Concerned, Sanju and Pari offer to wait, but Neeti insists that they leave. Despite their protests, Neeti firmly requests their compliance, leaving them with no choice but to agree. In a hushed tone, Neeti privately confides in Rakesh, sharing her intention to manipulate the doctor’s report. Rakesh accompanies them as they depart.

Pari and Sanju arrive home, causing everyone to become concerned about Pari’s health. Just then, Rakesh appears, and they inquire about the test results. Sanju explains that these types of tests usually take a while for the reports to come in, but they should receive them by evening. He also mentions that Doctor Mahesh is a strict individual who doesn’t hesitate to take legal action against anyone attempting to involve him in illegal activities. Bebe and Rakesh are taken aback by this revelation. Rakesh tries to make a sneaky exit, but Sanju catches him and confines him to a room.

Pari asks Sanju if it’s acceptable to lock Rakesh in the room, and he affirms that it’s for the best. Pari expresses her desire to depart from Sanju’s life after delivering the baby, and they both share an emotional moment. They draw closer to each other, but Pari abruptly withdraws, sensing the implications of their actions. She beseeches God to bring happiness and love into Neeti’s life. Neeti notices the doctor leaving and pleads with him for a moment of his time. The doctor agrees and takes her into his office. Neeti attempts to confide in the doctor, but Bebe incessantly calls her, trying to prevent her from offering money to the doctor. Annoyed, Neeti ends the call.

Neeti pleads with the Doctor to tamper with the DNA test results of Pari, offering an unlimited sum of money in return. However, the Doctor becomes furious with her and unleashes his anger, sternly instructing Neeti to leave. Despite his hostility, Neeti persists in her attempts to convince him, but he warns her of involving the police. Disheartened, Neeti departs, feeling upset and defeated.

Meanwhile, Pari enters the room and kindly serves tea to everyone. Parminder, noticing Neeti’s absence, inquires about her well-being. Sanju updates them on Neeti’s health, prompting a wave of sympathy from the group. Bebe wonders how Sanju can love both Pari and Neeti equally and expresses her concern for Neeti’s emotional state if her secret were to be exposed.

Driven by desperation, Neeti seeks another meeting with the Doctor, desperately pleading with him to keep her truth hidden from the family. She tries to explain her situation, but the Doctor abruptly interrupts her, refusing to entertain her pleas. He asserts that only the true results will be revealed, dismissing Neeti’s entreaties.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju receives the DNA results, and Neeti reveals that the report unequivocally states that Rakesh is indeed Pari’s father. Rakesh forcefully drags Pari away, prompting Sanju to confront him. A fierce altercation ensues, causing Sanju to stumble as Rakesh gains the upper hand. However, in a moment of bravery, Neeti strikes Rakesh with a heavy rock, rendering him unconscious and bringing the confrontation to a halt.

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