Parineetii 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Bebe informing Tao ji that Rakesh won’t suffer any harm if he refrains from eating for four consecutive days. She expresses her indifference towards his relationship with Parineet but firmly states that she won’t forgive him for physically assaulting Sanju. Bebe cleverly reveals that Rakesh has managed to impregnate Parineet. Sanju requests Bebe to refrain from involving Parineet in the matter, but Bebe insists on discussing her. Tao ji expresses his own distress, as he frequently hears Parineet’s name associated with such incidents.

Suddenly, Alavat arrives on the scene and announces that his son is present. Tao ji informs him that he had already informed Alavat about Rakesh’s absence. Alavat engages in a heated argument with them, boasting about his connections with the Commissioner. He claims that the Commissioner is there to assist him, as a politician who is dedicated to serving the people. The Commissioner asserts his authority, threatening them, and proceeds to search for Rakesh. The inspector warns them that they will be arrested if they hinder their investigation.

Meanwhile, the constable releases Rakesh, and he embraces his father. Alavat creates a scene, demanding the arrest of everyone involved in hurting his son. Sanju points out that the Commissioner is taking sides and not investigating the situation properly.

Gurinder attempts to shift the blame onto Parineet, but Gurpreet swiftly retaliates with a fitting response. Rakesh tells Parineet that there’s only one way to protect their family: if she wants to see her family again, she must go to jail. At that moment, Sanju intervenes between Rajesh and Parineet. Rakesh accuses Sanju of interfering once more and declares that Parineet belongs to him. Sanju asserts that he will continue to come between them. Rakesh threatens him, but Sanju pushes him away. Just then, Rakesh’s mother arrives and questions Alavat about the commotion, wondering why no action has been taken against those who harmed her son. Gurpreet interjects, urging them to refrain from arresting Sanju, emphasizing that it’s a family matter. Rakesh’s mother asserts that he is her son, a young politician, and Gurinder threatens that she won’t spare him for meddling with her family. Alavat reminds them that they shouldn’t speak like that, considering they hid Rakesh inside their house. Tao ji adds that Rakesh had been causing trouble for Parineet, but Rakesh’s mother insists that Rakesh loves Parineet and questions why they are hurting him for it. Parminder argues that Rakesh had gone too far, which is why they restrained him there.

Chandrika alleges that they are standing up for a criminal, someone who attempted to murder Sanju. That’s why Neeti resorted to violence against him. Neeti reveals that Parineet is pregnant with Rakesh’s child. Bebe informs everyone that they allowed Rakesh to stay until the DNA test results were received. Eventually, the test confirms that Rakesh is indeed the father. Filled with anger, Alavat slaps Rakesh, prompting his mother to intervene and take Rakesh away from the situation. Parineet pleads with them to trust her, explaining that the baby is not Rakesh’s and that they have no relationship. Gurpreet supports Parineet, while Neeti refutes her claims, asserting that they are false. Later on, Rakesh’s mother questions him about the chaos, demanding to know the truth. She urges him to stop being beaten by everyone because of his love for Parineet. She asks him if it’s true and inquires whether he wants to accept the baby or abandon it. Sanju and Parminder disagree with the DNA report, suggesting that it is incorrect. Gurinder states that Mahesh, who provided the report, cannot be bribed, and the truth is that Parineet is carrying Rakesh’s child. Gurinder challenges Parineet to prove them wrong by presenting evidence. Rakesh turns to his mother and asks if she will accept Parineet and her baby. Alavat allegedly sent a person named Leo to kill Parineet. Rakesh’s mother assures him that she will discuss the matter with Alavat.

Neeti and Bebe successfully persuade Rakesh, with Bebe explaining that Neeti didn’t intentionally defeat him; rather, she had to defeat him in order to protect him from the police. Rakesh forgives them and announces that he plans to marry Parineet and take her with him. However, he also reveals his intention to seek revenge. Despite his love for Parineet, he acknowledges that she loves Sanju, so he feels compelled to make her fall in love with him. Bebe insists that he share his plan, but he refuses to divulge any details.

Rakesh’s mother approaches Alavat, requesting a private conversation with him. Alavat, in turn, threatens Neeti for defeating him and begins questioning her. He wonders why she’s suddenly suspicious of Parineet if she blindly trusts her. He demands answers from Neeti, expressing his belief that Sanju always risks his life to save Parineet. Furthermore, Alavat humiliates Parineet by criticizing her for carrying Rakesh’s baby, calling her characterless. Gurinder blames Parineet for the problems they’re facing, arguing that Gurpeet blindly supports her due to her blindness. Parminder, however, takes a stand in defense of Parineet.

Gurinder expresses her frustration with Parineet, while Parineet herself starts feeling dizzy. When Sanju attempts to help her, Gurinder stops him and threatens to harm Parineet if he intervenes. Rakesh assures everyone that he will take good care of his child.

Rakesh’s mother tries to persuade Alavat, emphasizing the immense help he has provided to Parineet. She discloses that Parineet is carrying Rakesh’s child. Neeti and Bebe, who don’t want Parineet to remain in the family, had never denied this fact. Alavat realizes that if this news were to be leaked, it would spell the end of his political career. In response, he questions why Rakesh’s mother refuses to marry him. Despite Amith’s attempts to convince Rakesh otherwise, he remains stubborn in his decision.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rakesh intends to coerce Parineet into marrying him by threatening to have her family members arrested. In the event that she rejects his proposal, he further threatens to prevent her from carrying the baby by arranging for its abortion. Amith candidly reveals to Sanju that he harbors romantic feelings for Parineet, evident through his expressive eyes.

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