Parineetii 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Bebe confronting Parineet, pointing out that everyone can see her relationship with Rakesh. Parminder, who considers Parineet as her own daughter, and Neeti, who sees her as a sister, have even asked her to take a DNA test, which unveiled the truth. Bebe, filled with anger, demands that Parineet leave the house forever and proceeds to humiliate her family members. She questions Parineet if she still has feelings for her husband, Sanju, a truth known to Bebe but not to Neeti. Bebe threatens to reveal this truth to Neeti if Parineet refuses to marry Rakesh, which would inevitably sever their relationship and break the family apart. Bebe insists that Parineet must marry Rakesh without causing any scene.

Later, Rakesh’s henchman hands him some sweets, but Rakesh complains about Parineet’s pregnancy and Neeti’s lack of action regarding the abortion. He asks his henchman if they need to take any further steps. Rakesh calls Neeti to inquire about her progress, but she requests him not to constantly remind her, assuring him that she is attempting to terminate the pregnancy. Rakesh becomes frustrated upon hearing this news. Parineet notices a photo of Neeti and reminisces about Bebe’s warning, which leads her to break down in tears. Chandrika notices her distress and inquires why she is crying. She offers her support, stating that she will always be there to understand her pain. Parineet acknowledges Chandrika’s kindness, mentioning that it was Chandrika who accepted her when she first entered the house. Parineet laments that her fate has turned her into a villain in Neeti’s home. She fears that if she doesn’t marry Rakesh, her relationship with Neeti will be destroyed, and she will be forced to reveal Rajeev’s and her own relationship with Neeti. Overwhelmed, Parineet leaves the scene.

Chandrika suspects that Bebe is pressuring Parineet into marrying Rakesh and worries that he may be threatening her. She wonders what Bebe hopes to gain by orchestrating all of this. Determined to confront Bebe, Chandrika approaches her, but Bebe dismisses her. Bebe informs Neeti that Chandrika attempted to speak with her and suspects that she may have discovered something. Neeti inquires if Chandrika has learned the truth. Bebe asserts that she wouldn’t remain silent if Chandrika knew the truth. Neeti expresses her confusion, prompting Bebe to advise her against overthinking the situation. Bebe reassures Neeti that there is nothing wrong with considering their own happiness and emphasizes that they are willing to do anything to achieve it. Neeti reveals that Rakesh contacted her to discuss the abortion, issuing threats if she doesn’t take action. Bebe dismisses Rakesh’s capabilities, claiming that he is not a god who can control everything. Bebe urges Neeti to stay calm until the wedding takes place. She then warns Parineet that if she refuses to marry Rakesh, she will expose her relationship with Sanju to Neeti. Neeti supports Bebe’s decision, believing it to be the right course of action.

Sanju is preparing to leave when Rakesh arrives with the guests. Sanju asks them what’s happening, to which Rakesh reveals that it’s Parineet’s Haldi ceremony. Sanju expresses his surprise, as they weren’t informed beforehand. Rakesh teases him and goes to meet Parineet. Bebe compliments Parineet’s appearance, and she mentions needing to take some tablets. Baby observes that she’s taking care of the baby, but it won’t survive in her womb. Bebe informs Parineet about her Haldi ceremony and Rakesh’s wait for her, advising her to be happy.

Rakesh tells Neeti that he knows she’ll follow him and asks her what’s happening. Neeti responds by asking the same question. Rakesh dismisses talking about it with her, considering it a waste of time. Neeti brings up the topic of abortion, and Rakesh opens up about his feelings for Parineet. Later, Bebe escorts Parineet to the stage, and Sanju becomes emotional upon seeing her there.

Neeti stands beside Sanju and questions why he hasn’t gone to the office yet. He explains that it’s important for him to stay there and that he spoke to his boss. Simi grows frustrated with Rakesh’s behavior, and Parminder encourages her to defend herself, reminding her that Parineet is part of the family. The Haldi ceremony proceeds for Parineet and Rakesh. Sanju becomes agitated witnessing Rakesh touching Parineet, prompting him to reminisce about his moments with her. Neeti notices the pain on Sanju’s face whenever Rakesh interacts with Parineet. Rakesh prevents Sanju from applying Haldi on Parineet’s face and angrily pushes the Haldi away. Sanju pretends to apologize to Rakesh and instructs him to change his clothes, using the opportunity to take Neeti away. Sanju acknowledges that he knows what she wants to ask him, and Neeti accuses him of trying to deceive everyone. She demands an honest answer from him. Sanju warns her that his answer will break her heart.

Sanju tells Neeti that she shouldn’t complain later about him hurting her. He emphasizes that he’s not the old Sanju and questions why he’s fighting Rakesh. Sanju admits that he’s not a good person, and everyone knows he opposes Parineet and Rakesh’s wedding. Neeti is aware that Rakesh isn’t suitable, yet she’s not taking any steps to stop the wedding.

[Episode End]

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