Parineetii 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Rakesh accidentally bumping into Sanju. Rakesh expresses gratitude to Sanju for his assistance. Since Rakesh was wearing Amith’s attire, he felt like an older brother to him, and he believed he should treat him well. Sanju advises Rakesh to stay away from Parineet or else face the consequences. Rakesh suggests that Sanju should seek help from a psychiatrist since he always seems to be fixated on fighting with him. Rakesh mentions that he is going to marry Parineet and expects Sanju to show him respect. Sanju retorts, referring to his grandfather’s advice about refraining from throwing stones into the drainage. Rakesh assures him that he has no intention of causing harm. He confesses that he has become infatuated with love. Unfazed, Sanju disregards Rakesh’s words. Rakesh openly expresses his love for Parineet to Sanju, disregarding any threats. He even mentions his plans to dance during her farewell ceremony. Sanju confidently asserts that Rakesh’s dreams will never come true as Parineet will not leave their house. Sanju warns Rakesh that he won’t let him off easily and promises to punish him. However, Rakesh confidently states that Sanju won’t get the chance to do so. Just then, Neeti arrives, but Sanju abruptly ends the call. Neeti questions him about hiding something from her, but Sanju denies it.

Neeti firmly states that he cannot lie in front of her, as she never expected him to conceal anything within their relationship. Sanju claims that she has been acting strangely lately. Neeti acknowledges that she understands the reason behind his behavior but reminds him that he will be leaving the house soon. Later, Gurinder encourages Chandrika to dance well, leaving Parineet disheartened. Alavat questions Tao ji about the purpose of their dance at the event. Tao ji explains that it brings happiness. Alavat excuses themselves, mentioning a party meeting they need to attend. Tao ji requests Monty to drop him off at the meeting. Alavat advises Rakesh to enjoy the wedding because afterward, his wife will be happy. Subsequently, Rakesh complains to Parineet that Sanju ruined his coordinated outfit. Meanwhile, Sanju informs Neeti that he has an important task to attend to, a meeting. Rakesh urges him to return after the wedding and complains about being forced to wear the specific clothes. Parminder asks Sanju to buy some medicine for her. Rakesh asks his mother if she brought the items the priest had given her, to which she replies affirmatively, stating that she kept them in the car.

Rakesh surreptitiously added abortion medicine to the holy water, causing a disturbance. Neeti, bewildered by his actions, questions him about his presence there. Rakesh dismisses her concerns and implores her not to bother him. Neeti points out that the inclusion of Haldi is not part of their plan, to which Rakesh retorts that it is customary in all weddings. He then proceeds to belittle Neeti’s life, mocking her for being neglected by Sanju, who is constantly pursuing Parineet. Neeti, refusing to tolerate his insolence, asks him if he drinks in the morning. Rakesh counters by questioning why the truth is so bitter to her. Demanding answers, Neeti insists on knowing what he is doing there. Rakesh smugly reveals that he is accomplishing something she failed to do, insinuating that his involvement is with Parineet rather than Neeti. He further taunts Sanju, catching his attention. Sanju confronts Neeti about her conversation with Rakesh, to which she manages to fabricate a plausible lie. Sanju forgives her, and Neeti breathes a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, Tao Ji is preparing to leave, but Parminder persuades him to stay. Rakesh hands the holy water to his mother, instructing her to consume it. Parineet unsuspectingly drinks it, and Rakesh smirks triumphantly.

Concerned about the unfolding events, Bebe inquires if everything is going smoothly. Despite the festivities and dancing around them, Neeti conceals the truth from Bebe, assuring her that Sanju is merely suspicious. Bebe advises Neeti to concentrate on her assigned task, as Rakesh is plotting something without their knowledge. Neeti reveals her suspicion that something is brewing in Sanju’s mind as well. She reflects on how, had Sanju not helped her, she would have assisted Parineet instead. Bebe sternly warns Neeti against fixating on Parineet, whom she perceives as a treacherous individual. Parminder joins the conversation and encourages Neeti to dance. In the meantime, Sanju meets with an acquaintance and inquires about the progress of their work. The individual explains the difficulties involved, expressing reluctance to investigate Rakesh. However, Sanju pleads with him, emphasizing that he is his only hope. He cautions the person about the dangers of confronting someone like Rakesh, comparing it to facing a lion in its den. Sanju implores the person to prevent the wedding, emphasizing Rakesh’s dangerous nature. Neeti dances with Amith and Monty while Parineet becomes emotional. Neeti dances with her briefly, but Parineet excuses herself due to abdominal pain. Rakesh revels in the success of his plan, confident that his scheme has worked flawlessly.

[Episode End]

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