Parineetii 20 May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 20 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Ranjan expressing his suspicion to the family, indicating that he believes Neeti is responsible for Pari’s attack. Pari and Sanju vehemently deny the allegations, while Neeti visibly trembles with fear. Determined to uncover the truth, Ranjan decides to bring Raju to the scene and rely on his inability to lie after receiving a truth injection. Raj is escorted to the gathering, and Ranjan prompts him to disclose who hired him to carry out the assault on Pari. Without hesitation, Raju points directly at Neeti, affirming Ranjan’s suspicions. However, Pari refuses to accept this revelation, asserting her unwavering trust in Neeti and defending her character. Taiji confronts Neeti, but Pari remains resolute in her belief in Neeti’s innocence. Raju continues his testimony, implicating not only Neeti but also Bebe in the orchestrated plan. Taiji confronts Bebe, expressing disbelief at her involvement in scheming against their own family. Gurinder echoes the same sentiment, demanding answers. Despite Neeti’s continuous apologies, Pari questions the need for her remorse since she is not at fault. Bebe feels cornered, realizing that her actions have been exposed. Raju emphasizes that he cannot even lie due to the effects of the medicine he was administered. Furthermore, he reveals that Neeti did not compensate him for his services, leading him to approach her for payment, only to be intercepted by Sanju.

Raju firmly believes in his own strength, convinced that even the mightiest of foes cannot affect him. With a sly grin, he declares that it was not Neeti and Bebe who hired him, but rather Gurinder. This revelation bewilders everyone, but just as confusion sets in, Raju swiftly changes his statement again, alleging that Pari orchestrated her own attack for sympathy. This sudden twist leaves everyone questioning his mental state, believing that he has succumbed to the effects of the injection.

Ranjan speculates that the first injection did not work as intended and administers a second dose to Raju. However, before Raju can utter a word, the police arrive and apprehend him. The others turn to Neeti, seeking an explanation for her earlier apologies. She admits that she made a grave mistake by suggesting an abortion and now wishes for Pari to proceed with the pregnancy. This revelation brings immense joy to everyone’s hearts, and Neeti implores Pari never to consider aborting the baby.

Feeling betrayed by Neeti, Raju vows revenge against her. Meanwhile, Bebe approaches Neeti and inquires about Sanju’s whereabouts. Neeti informs her that Sanju is not in the room, prompting Bebe to joyfully embrace her. She attributes their fortunate escape to divine favor, believing that God is on their side. Neeti, however, shares a different perspective, asserting that their escape was not a result of divine intervention. She reveals that it was her presence at the scene that allowed her to swap the medication with a different one, enabling their escape. Bebe commends Neeti for her cleverness and expresses gratitude towards her. Rajeev enters the scene, confessing that he had harbored suspicions from the beginning, although he never anticipated them to be proven true.

[Episode End]

Precap : Gurinder urgently requests Neeti to accompany Pari to the hospital. Unfortunately, while at the hospital, Pari’s obsessive lover unexpectedly discovers her presence, causing a chaotic situation. Neeti swiftly springs into action, determined to protect Pari from any harm.

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