Parineetii 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode Starts with Rakesh extending an invitation to Neeti, asking her to dance with him. Sanju intervenes, stating that she won’t dance with Rakesh. Rakesh then claims to be Neeti’s childhood friend and explains that he desires to dance with Parineet instead, having received her permission. However, Parineet declines Rakesh’s offer to dance with him. In an attempt to coerce Neeti, Rakesh threatens her. Despite her anger, Neeti manages to control herself and places her hand on Rakesh’s. Sanju wonders why Neeti is tolerating this behavior.

Rakesh persists in requesting Parineet to impress his relatives with her dance, but Parineet adamantly refuses. Rakesh insists that the music begin and forcibly drags Parineet into dancing with him. Parineet feels uncomfortable in his presence, frustrating Sanju, who witnesses Rakesh’s mistreatment. Overwhelmed by anger, Sanju pushes Rakesh away and sternly warns him not to trouble Parineet. Rakesh questions Sanju’s jealousy, to which Sanju responds that he genuinely cares for Parineet. Alavat chimes in, claiming that Sanju has lost his senses, but Sanju retorts that it is Rakesh who has lost his sanity. An argument ensues between Sanju and Rakesh, and Parminder intervenes, taking Sanju away from the scene. Bebe manipulates Neeti against Parineet, while Parminder questions Sanju’s behavior in front of everyone. Sanju questions whether Parminder did not witness Rakesh’s mistreatment of Parineet and explains that nobody else is standing up for her. Parminder reminds Sanju that he is going to marry Parineet and questions why he is so concerned about her. Parminder even suggests that Sanju might be in love with Parineet, but he denies it. Parminder then reveals that Parineet is carrying Rakesh’s child.

Neeti tries to calm Sanju down, claiming that he is overreacting. Sanju counters by saying that she is not reacting at all and has changed. Neeti reveals that Parineet is pregnant, and Sanju expresses his desire not to be constantly reminded of it. He questions why Neeti is not stopping Rakesh from hurting Parineet, emphasizing that it is the wrong decision. Neeti asserts that she can make her own decisions. Monty steps in and takes Sanju away, attempting to reason with him, but Sanju remains angry with him. Monty mentions that he noticed Sanju’s jealousy when Rakesh danced with Parineet. Sanju acknowledges that Parineet has done a lot for them and made many sacrifices. He cannot bear to see her in pain. Monty senses something in Sanju’s eyes and leaves. Sanju questions himself whether he has feelings for Parineet, despite his love for Neeti. He reflects on Parineet’s selflessness and determines that he must take action. Meanwhile, Parineet contemplates not coming between Sanju and Neeti, acknowledging that she sacrificed her life for their happiness. She feels compelled to marry Rakesh without any alternative. She reminisces about the past, recognizing the love that both Sanju and Neeti have for their unborn child. Parineet realizes that once this baby enters the world, Neeti will be ecstatically happy.

Parminder inquires of Parineet about the current situation, expressing a genuine concern for her happiness. Parineet reciprocates the question, wanting to ensure that Parminder herself leads a joyful life. Parminder then voices her doubts about Rakesh, stating that he is not a suitable match for Parineet. Despite her reservations, Parminder acknowledges that Parineet has convinced herself to accept him. Parminder admits that she would have been thrilled if someone else had been in Rakesh’s position.

Later on, Sanju observes Rakesh emerging from the washroom and witnesses Rakesh mocking him. Annoyed, Sanju implores Rakesh to cease troubling Parineet. In response, Rakesh taunts Sanju, questioning whether he does anything beneficial for Parineet. Rakesh asserts that Parineet has been crying since she married Sanju, highlighting his confusion as to why Sanju is hurt when he himself is causing distress to Parineet. Sanju, who is married to Neeti, warns Rakesh to stay within his limits and threatens him. Rakesh, undeterred, lectures Sanju. Sanju warns him once more, declaring that he will kill Rakesh if he continues to harm Parineet. In turn, Rakesh brazenly retorts that he will not lock his door on their wedding night. Sanju reacts by attempting to strangle Rakesh, but Neeti and Bebe arrive promptly to separate them.

Sanju asserts that he will not leave Rakesh alone and Rakesh manipulates Neeti against Sanju, complaining that Sanju was creating unnecessary problems despite Rakesh’s intention to marry Parineet. Sanju lashes out at Rakesh, while Neeti pleads for them to stop. Parineet, observing the heated exchange, expresses her frustration that Sanju fails to understand that she and Rakesh love each other and are soon to be married. Parineet emphasizes that no one has the right to intervene between a husband and wife. The commotion eventually disperses, and Sanju intercepts Neeti, but she rebuffs his attempts to communicate, stating that she does not wish to talk with him. Sanju implores her to take care of Parineet, but Neeti urges him to stop concerning himself with Parineet’s well-being. Sanju is perplexed by Neeti’s change in attitude and contemplates that something suspicious is occurring.

Meanwhile, Rakesh’s mother searches for Parineet, and Neeti assures her that she will escort Parineet. Neeti resolves not to abandon Parineet, determined to ensure that the engagement proceeds as planned. Neeti confronts Parineet, questioning her self-reflection and reminding her that everyone is waiting for her. Neeti wonders why Parineet agreed to the engagement if she did not truly desire it. Neeti does not allow Parineet to respond and breaks down in tears, seeking solace in a comforting embrace. Neeti believes she is powerless to change the situation and blames herself for exacerbating the strained relationship.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rakesh is going to place the ring on Parineet’s hand. Gurinder will counsel Sanju to let go of the fact that he was once married to Parineet. Parineet will be taken aback by the presence of Rakesh in her room. Rakesh will exhibit inappropriate behavior towards Parineet, prompting her to call out for assistance. Neeti will embark on a search mission to locate her.

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