Parineetii 30 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 30 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Rakesh deliberately provoking Neeti against Sanju, expressing his disappointment in her lack of action. He recounts how Sanju carried Parineet in his arms and left, expecting Neeti to intervene. Rakesh confesses his anger towards Sanju, his blood boiling at the sight, and questions why Neeti didn’t react. Frustrated, he directs his anger towards Neeti, venting his emotions. Neeti defends herself, claiming that she, too, was angry at the situation. Rakesh, emphasizing his friendship with Neeti, explains that he cares for her and threatens that if she doesn’t take action, he will pursue Parineet indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Parminder asks Chandrika to prepare some dishes for Parineet. Chandrika questions if someone is taking care of Parineet’s well-being there. Parminder reveals that Rakesh’s mother is looking after her. Chandrika insists that they should discuss the matter, as Parineet is not yet married. Parminder reveals that Parineet is carrying Rakesh’s baby and has moved on in her life.

Rakesh confronts Neeti again, lamenting that he wasted two lakhs on the nursemaid (Daima), fearing that Parineet might leave the house. He believes that if Parineet doesn’t leave, Neeti will succumb to jealousy. Determined, Rakesh asserts that the wedding will proceed without any obstacles, warning that he will unleash his anger on anyone who tries to hinder it. He informs Neeti that Parineet won’t be allowed to enter his house for the Grahpravesh (welcoming ceremony) until she undergoes an abortion. With that, Rakesh storms off. Neeti notices a DNA report falling out of his coat, revealing that it confirms Parineet is carrying Sanju’s baby. She shares her discovery with Bebe, stating that the report clearly indicates the truth.

Parineet approaches Sanju and asks him what’s bothering him. Sanju expresses his concern for her, worried about the problems she encounters whenever she’s with Rakesh. He wonders how she will manage after their wedding. Parineet reassures him, urging him not to worry about her.

Sanju acknowledges that she lacks the authority to prevent him from doing as he pleases. He believes he has a claim over her and genuinely cares for her well-being. He constantly wonders if Parineet is happy with him and worries about who will take care of her. Sanju advises her to learn how to live independently and confides in her about his sorrows. He emphasizes her sensitivity and expresses concern that she may not be able to handle it, directing her to prioritize self-care. He informs her that she will leave the house the following day, just as he was about to share his feelings with her. He asks her to promise that she will take care of herself, to which she requests a promise in return that he won’t make any wrong decisions. She reassures him not to worry about her. Sanju reveals that he constantly thinks about her and questions why she is marrying him. Parineet embraces Sanju, but their intimate moment is interrupted by Rakesh, who becomes frustrated upon seeing them together. He warns Parineet to be cautious or risk falling down. Parineet assures him that she won’t stumble. Rakesh, angered by their proximity, storms off. Sanju inquires if someone was present, and then offers to tend to her wound.

Rakesh resolves that he won’t let Sanju off the hook after the wedding. He hides upon spotting Parminder, who questions Rakesh about his absence when Parineet was in danger. She doubts Rakesh’s suitability for Parineet. Bebe fabricates a story, claiming that Rakesh fainted in her presence and that she saved him from Parminder. Rakesh makes an excuse to meet Parineet, and Bebe warns Parminder that no one should dare to marry Parineet, as she is carrying a baby before the wedding. Bebe falsely asserts that the baby belongs to Rakesh, confusing Parminder, who then departs. Sanju takes care of Parineet, with Rakesh observing them. Rakesh asserts that he can handle everything and urges Sanju to leave, allowing him to assist Parineet. However, Sanju hesitates upon noticing Neeti’s presence.

Rakesh pretends to shower Parineet with affection and claims to love her deeply. He remarks that while Parineet is a modern girl, his mindset is somewhat old-fashioned. He can’t bear the thought of anyone else setting their sights on her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju will confront Parineet, asking her if she truly intends to marry Rakesh. Parineet, however, will deceive Sanju by claiming that she is indeed going to marry Rakesh. Unbeknownst to them, Neeti overhears their conversation. Overwhelmed by the situation, Parineet and Sanju embrace each other in a tight hug. However, Neeti, consumed by anger, reacts by slapping Parineet.

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