Parineetii 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene unfolds as Rakesh earnestly expresses to Parineet his desire to escape from everyone and create a blissful life together with their baby. He has even chosen a name for their child. Rakesh’s determination leads him to forcefully attempt to take Parineet away from the current situation. However, Sanju intervenes and a physical confrontation ensues between him and Rakesh. Amidst the heated exchange, Rakesh sincerely apologizes to Parineet. Gurinder steps in and urges them to engage in a calm conversation instead of arguing. Rakesh asserts that he has already shared everything with them. Neeti challenges Rakesh to prove that Parineet contacted him and called him there. Rakesh proceeds to reveal a message from Parineet on his phone, shocking everyone present. Neeti recollects the way she manipulated the situation by sending the message to Rakesh from Parineet’s mobile. Parineet vehemently denies the authenticity of the message, claiming it to be a lie. Rakesh confronts her, accusing her of being untruthful to everyone. He warns Parineet that any further attempts to speak will only result in more lies. Parineet finally confesses that she is the surrogate mother, but Rakesh insists that they do not disclose the truth about the baby. He claims it as his own and firmly declares that he will not accept any denial from Parineet.

Neeti insists on speaking to everyone privately, as the matter at hand cannot be discussed openly. She confides in Parminder, expressing her concern about Rakesh causing trouble. They both agree that they must prove his accusations wrong and establish Parineet’s innocence. Neeti emphasizes that Parineet is her childhood best friend, and while she wants to support her, she fears that Rakesh will accuse her of bias. Parminder seeks clarification, asking Neeti to explain her plan. Neeti proposes conducting a DNA test for Parineet to provide irrefutable evidence. However, Gurinder interjects, stating her unwavering trust in Parineet, especially since she is carrying Sanju and Neeti’s baby. Parminder argues that Parineet is incapable of betraying them. Neeti acknowledges that she does not doubt Parineet’s pregnancy, but she fears Rakesh’s disbelief. Parminder cautions against jeopardizing Parineet’s self-respect, as she may interpret their actions as a lack of trust. Gurinder concurs with Parminder’s viewpoint. Bebe reiterates her belief that Parineet is incapable of betrayal, emphasizing her unwavering faith. Parminder reiterates that Parineet may perceive their doubts, causing her distress.

Neeti insists that taking action is necessary to silence Rakesh. She assures Parminder that she will approach Parineet and persuade them. Given that everyone is aware Parineet is carrying their child, there is no need to worry, she argues. Later, Neeti meets with Parineet and apologizes for her earlier remarks, emphasizing that they should not misunderstand her. Parineet assures her that there are no hard feelings. Neeti explains to Parineet that it is crucial to prove to everyone that she is indeed carrying their baby, urging her to undergo a DNA test. Parineet questions Neeti’s trust in her, asking if she doubts her. Neeti explains that it is necessary to ensure everyone accepts the truth as it directly impacts their family’s reputation. Sanju, however, objects to the idea. Despite Sanju’s disapproval, Parineet agrees to undergo the DNA test for Neeti’s sake. Sanju expresses his displeasure but is asked to leave by Parineet. Bebe, curious about the situation, inquires about what is happening. Neeti reveals their plan to potentially bribe someone and manipulate the test results.

Rakesh expresses his belief that they are currently packing Parineet’s luggage. Sanju reassures him that he will cease doing so in a few minutes. Sanju fabricates a story, accusing Parineet of inviting him over and drinking with him. However, nobody in the vicinity believes his tale. In response, Sanju proposes a DNA test, claiming that it will reveal the truth about Parineet carrying Sanju and Neeti’s baby. Neeti insists on accompanying Sanju, fearing that Rakesh may cause a scene. She confidently asserts her ability to handle him. Parminder urges them to change their attire and depart, applauding Neeti’s suggestion. Bebe questions who sent a message from Parineet’s phone and opened the door for Sanju. Gurpreet suggests that it is easy to send a message and obtain a new key for the house by paying extra money. Chandrika speculates that a similar situation may have occurred during Parineet’s abortion matter. Parminder instructs everyone to let go of this issue.

Later, Sanju confronts Rakesh, demanding that he refrain from looking at Parineet. Rakesh defiantly states that he can look at anyone because he has the right to use his own eyes. This statement frustrates Sanju, leading to a heated argument between them.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju will inquire of Parineet whether she has any questions for him. She will confide her sorrow in him. Parineet will request Sanju to disclose the contents of that report. Neeti will inform her that the result is positive and state that Rakesh’s DNA is a match with hers.

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