Parineetii 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Rakesh’s mother expressing to the Bajwas how much he adores Parineet. Despite his peculiar demeanor, he is truly a remarkable person. Rakesh reveals that he spoke to the senior doctor about Parineet, prompting the nurse to instruct everyone to leave the area. Rakesh recognizes the nurse and signals her discreetly. Turning to Parineet, Rakesh reassures her that nobody can come between them. He gestures towards her abdomen and deceitfully claims that he is referring to her pain. Meanwhile, Sanju anxiously waits for Mahesh in his office, hoping that Mahesh has the DNA test results stored on his laptop. Sanju calls Mahesh, but his call is declined as Mahesh informs him that he is occupied with an important surgery. Mahesh promises Sanju to wait patiently. Later, Bebe stealthily enters a room, while Rakesh informs his accomplice that Parineet is alone in her room. Urgently, he orders his henchman to proceed with the abortion. In the meantime, Bebe discovers a foreboding room. Rakesh’s henchman informs him that the nurse is not answering his calls, frustrating Rakesh upon hearing this news. Outside the room, everyone anxiously awaits. Bebe overhears the conversation and questions Rakesh about his plan to have the doctor perform the abortion. She emphasizes the risks involved in relying on a nurse for such a procedure. Concerned for Parineet’s well-being, Bebe confronts Rakesh, stating that he cannot proceed with the abortion. Rakesh stubbornly declares that he will not marry Parineet until she undergoes the abortion. He insists that the nurse will be the one to terminate the pregnancy.

Neeti firmly insists that it is an impossibility. She firmly believes that the nurse must not proceed with the abortion of her unborn child. Rakesh counters her statement, pointing out her inconsistent remarks. The situation takes a sinister turn as Bebe escorts Neeti to a foreboding room. Rakesh contemplates taking advantage of this unsettling situation. Bewildered, Neeti questions Bebe about the happenings within the room. Bebe proceeds to divulge the truth to Neeti. In response, Neeti expresses her anger towards Rakesh for attempting to use the nurse to terminate her pregnancy. Disturbingly, Bebe locks Neeti inside the room, explaining that she is doing so to protect her from Parineet. Bebe believes that Neeti is perpetually indecisive and she refuses to let her become as confused as she is. Bebe claims that she is acting in Neeti’s best interest. However, Neeti accuses Bebe of acting out of selfishness, suspecting ulterior motives and implicating her own name. Unbeknownst to Neeti, Bebe overhears her accusation. Meanwhile, Sanju, concerned for Parineet’s well-being, acknowledges that she always seems to find herself in troublesome situations. He yearns to rescue Parineet from Rakesh and fervently prays for divine intervention. He senses that something suspicious is transpiring. Rakesh, plotting something for the Haldi ceremony, realizes that he must return home to retrieve a report, despite originally planning to remain at the house. Curiosity piqued, he attempts to access Mahesh’s laptop. Neeti implores Bebe to disclose the underlying reason for her attempts to harm Parineet, suggesting that there may be a hidden agenda at play. In response, Bebe professes her love for Neeti, emphasizing her lack of understanding between right and wrong. She cannot bear to witness Neeti’s struggles and insists that her actions were necessary to safeguard her life.

If she fails to accomplish it, then Parineet will snatch her husband away. Neeti expresses her unwillingness to toy with Parineet’s life due to this situation. She cannot bear to see her struggling like that. Bebe assures her that she will stand by her side. Neeti warns her that she won’t spare her if she harms Parineet. In the meantime, Bebe insists that Rakesh must proceed with her abortion as soon as possible. Neeti is willing to go to great lengths to save Parineet, even considering abandoning her plan to expel her from the house. Rakesh questions why she keeps changing her mind. Bebe urges him to stop worrying about Neeti and focus on her abortion. Rakesh shares a personal story about his own grandmother, who was a kind-hearted person. One day, she irritated him to the point where he asked her to play with him, but he ended up pushing her off the terrace. Jai interrupts with news that she slipped, leading to her demise. He warns that if Bebe tries to trouble him again, he won’t hesitate to kill her too. Parineet slaps him, and that’s why he wants to marry her and subject her to a lifetime of torment. He demands that she stop troubling him.

The staff questions Rakesh as he exits the room. Bebe asks if that area is off-limits. She had locked her daughter-in-law in that room, emphasizing that they should avoid going to the basement. She reveals the dark side of this hospital, where those unable to afford treatment are admitted. The compounder provides care to them, and there were instances of organ trafficking. They could take Parineet to the basement for her abortion. Rakesh insists that Parineet is a clever girl, but Bebe counters that she has seen many girls like her, who ultimately leave the house after an abortion.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti’s plan involves leaping out of the window, while Dhai takes on the responsibility of notifying Rakesh about Parineet’s decision to leave the hospital following her abortion. Additionally, Mahesh hands over a duplicate of the DNA report, while Dhai administers an injection to Parineet, resulting in her losing consciousness on the spot.

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