Parineetii 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Parineetii 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On

The episode commences with the troubling behavior of Rakesh’s mother towards Neeti, involving various rituals. Sanju feels distressed witnessing this and observes as Rakesh’s mother forcefully makes Neeti consume something. Meanwhile, Pari attempts to leave, but she is prevented from doing so, enduring further mistreatment under the pretext of Neeti’s well-being. Adding fuel to the fire, Rakesh provokes others by claiming that he kept coming back and forth to meet Pari. His words disgust everyone, prompting Rakesh to leave the scene.

In the midst of the chaos, Gurpreet receives a call from Harman, urgently informing her that Beeji has suffered a heart attack. Shocked by the news, Gurpreet grapples with the decision of whether to reveal this to Pari, considering her fragile state. Eventually, Bebe advises Gurpreet to depart discreetly without informing Pari, taking into account her delicate condition. Following Bebe’s advice, Gurpreet leaves the premises.

Meanwhile, Neeti pulls Rakesh aside and confronts him about his actions. However, Bebe warns Neeti, and in response, Neeti demands that Rakesh confess the truth. Ramesh admits that he struggles to accept the fact that Pari is carrying someone else’s child. Trying to assuage Rakesh’s concerns, Neeti assures him that the pregnancy can be terminated after their marriage. Though initially skeptical, Rakesh reluctantly agrees, and Neeti promises to stand by him until the termination is carried out.

Amidst the turmoil, Rakesh’s mother proceeds to perform a ritual by pouring milk on Pari’s head, claiming that she will ensure Pari’s happiness since the child she carries belongs to their family. It is at this moment that Pari realizes she is not valued for herself but rather solely for the baby she is carrying. Determined to set the record straight, Pari declares that the child does not belong to Rakesh.

Sanju seethes with anger as he ponders over Pari’s impending marriage. His brother informs him about Pari’s grandmother’s condition. Sanju contemplates leaving, but his brother intervenes, reminding him that he no longer has any connection with Pari. Sanju confesses his love for Neeti but expresses his desire to see Pari happy forever. Reluctantly, his brother agrees.

Rakesh’s mother admits that she already knew about the situation, as Rakesh had confessed his embarrassment regarding the truth. However, she promises to keep Pari happy. Overwhelmed, Pari stands beneath the shower, tears streaming down her face as she recalls everything that has transpired.

Later, Gurinder advises Pari to rest, while Sanju mentions that the vehicle has arrived for Barnala. Confused, Pari inquires about who is going to Barnala, and Gurpreet reveals that she is the one. Pari implores her to stay, but Gurpreet declines, unwilling to witness Pari’s union with Rakesh. She asks Neeti to take care of Pari if she can, leaving Neeti feeling guilty. Gurinder entrusts Pari’s marriage responsibilities to Neeti, and Bebe agrees to assist her.

Lost in her thoughts, Pari stands in the kitchen and accidentally injures herself. Sanju rushes to her aid, and Pari admits that regardless of whether he loves her or not, she will truly miss him. Sanju attempts to draw closer to her, but Pari instinctively pulls away.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti discovers Pari harming herself, which prompts Neeti to react angrily towards Parineet for what she perceives as an act of theatrics. Pari, however, expresses her genuine desire to avoid getting engaged to Rakesh. Sanju intervenes and encourages Pari to confide in him if she truly doesn’t wish to proceed with the engagement, assuring her of his unwavering support.

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