Parineetii 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Neeti informing Bebe about Parineet’s illness and her reluctance to get married. Neeti believes that Sanju will assist Parineet in this matter. Bebe then shows a picture to Neeti and reveals that Rakesh has demanded an abortion for Parineet’s child before the wedding. Bebe expresses confidence in a woman who can help them secretly terminate the pregnancy without anyone finding out. She shares examples of how this lady has assisted their relatives in similar situations. Curious, Neeti asks when the woman will arrive, and Bebe assures her that the woman will be there the following day.

Meanwhile, Parminder questions Gurinder about her thoughts on the situation, to which Gurinder responds positively, expressing happiness about the upcoming wedding. Parminder voices her concerns, suggesting that Parineet might eventually leave their household. Parminder also criticizes Parineet for shamelessly staying in their house while carrying someone else’s baby. Parminder advises Gurinder to have some shame and refrain from discussing the matter further.

In another scene, Sanju informs Parminder about the arrival of a cook, but Parminder denies having made any arrangements. Bebe steps in and clarifies that she hired the cook for the wedding preparations, mentioning that the cook has previously worked at her relative’s house.

Parminder privately expresses suspicion to Gurinder about the cook’s sudden arrival. Meanwhile, Pallavi confides in Bebe, revealing her awareness of the dire situation. She explains that Parineet’s life will be ruined if she doesn’t abort the baby before the wedding. Neeti interjects, adding a twist to the situation by stating that Parineet’s life will be ruined as well, as she is attempting to get closer to Neeti’s husband, Rakesh. Neeti praises Rakesh for being a good person who was willing to marry Parineet despite her carrying someone else’s child. Pallavi shows Neeti the medicine that will be used for the abortion.

Later on, Rakesh ignores his mother’s advice and becomes concerned about whether Neeti has completed her task. He calls Neeti, but Sanju answers the call instead. Rakesh inquires about Neeti and expresses his earlier request for the abortion. However, Sanju is unable to hear him clearly, and Neeti, afraid of being caught, quickly makes an excuse and ends the call. Shortly after, Pallavi accidentally enters Bebe’s room while searching for something in the kitchen.

Pallavi confides in Bebe that she had intended to inquire about a servant’s duty schedule, but she’s glad to have run into Bebe instead. She admits that she can’t bring herself to carry out the task at hand because Parineet saved her life and she doesn’t want to harm her. Neeti offers her extra money and assures her that someone will assist her in terminating the pregnancy. Eventually, Pallavi reluctantly agrees to proceed. As a part of her plan, she decides to prepare kheer for Parineet, knowing that her baby won’t survive after consuming it. Neeti smirks in response.

Later, Pallavi serves food to everyone, and Neeti signals her. Pallavi serves food to Parineet and mentions that she specially cooked kheer for her because of her pregnancy. Parineet declines, stating that she doesn’t need it. Bebe insists that she taste it a little. Both Neeti and Bebe closely observe Parineet. Suddenly, Parineet starts feeling nauseous and hurriedly leaves. Gurinder comments that she’s putting on a show, but Parminder assures them that such occurrences are normal during pregnancy. Parminder requests Pallavi to bring juice for her instead, to which Parineet agrees, frustrating Neeti.

Meanwhile, Rakesh’s mother complains to him about not having a good husband or son, confiding her grief in him. Rakesh is hiding something from her, but she asserts that she isn’t foolish enough to believe their lies.

Rakesh’s mother advises him against making the wrong decision, emphasizing that any misstep will create problems for everyone’s lives.

Later, Bebe questions Pallavi about her activities, and Pallavi responds that she’s cleaning the table. Bebe clarifies that she didn’t bring her there to clean tables and asks her not to scold her in that manner. Pallavi assures her that she isn’t foolish and promises to bring something for Parineet. Subsequently, Neeti expresses her nervousness to Bebe, and when Parineet inquires about it, Neeti shares their concerns. Parineet reassures them that she is fine and hugs Neeti, evoking an emotional response from her. At that moment, Pallavi brings some dishes for Parineet.

Parineet questions Pallavi’s excessive cooking, stating that she only wants a simple dish. Pallavi contemplates the fact that she added medication and papaya to the food. Parineet insists on cooking for herself. Bebe insists that she should eat it, and Parineet refuses, citing the presence of papaya, which could lead to an abortion. Parminder forcefully pushes the dish away, questioning why she is being coerced into eating it when it contains papaya. Bebe insists that the dish doesn’t contain papaya, but Parminder instructs Pallavi to stop right there.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju will express to Neeti that this wedding is merely a ceremonial event. He understands that she is organizing it with ulterior motives. Afterwards, Sanju will inquire of Rajesh about the situation, seeking clarification. Rajesh will inform her that it’s his haldi ceremony today. Neeti will experience a sense of guilt for applying haldi to Parineet. In an attempt to prevent Rakesh from applying haldi to Parineet, Sanju swiftly knocks the haldi out of his hand.

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