Parineetii 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Neeti requesting the lift key from Daima. However, Parminder intervenes and informs Neeti that they have found Parineet. Daima harbors thoughts of not letting go of Parineet if given the chance. Meanwhile, Sanju advises Parineet to seek immediate medical consultation. Just then, the police arrive and inform Sanju that they are taking him into custody. Despite Sanju’s attempts to explain his situation, the officer remains adamant about arresting him. In a timely manner, Tao ji arrives with the bail papers and requests the inspector to speak with the commissioner. Eventually, the inspector agrees to release Sanju. Inquisitive, Sanju questions Parineet about the doctor who took her to the basement. Parineet tries to recall the incident but expresses her reluctance to meet any doctor. Tao ji suggests taking her back home, while Parineet reassures Parminder that she is feeling better. Parminder explains to Sanju that they ventured into the basement in search of Parineet and narrates what transpired there. Sanju then contacts Neeti, who reveals her location in the room. Rakesh questions Neeti’s intentions and expresses concern about her becoming a third wheel in their relationship.

Tao ji urges Sanju to complete the bail formalities, while Chandrika advises Parminder to inform the police about the basement incident. However, Parminder dismisses the idea, citing their ongoing wedding preparations and the need to avoid unnecessary involvement. She instructs Gurinder to speak with Parineet and Gurinder leaves the room. Meanwhile, Parineet experiences pain in her abdomen but finds solace in recalling Neeti’s efforts to save her. Parineet contemplates who could have attempted to harm her unborn child. In another scene, Rakesh engages in an argument with Bebe. Bebe suggests that it would be easy to terminate Parineet’s pregnancy after their wedding and assures Rakesh that Sanju will no longer come between them. Bebe believes that Rakesh will do anything for Parineet and become the sole decision-maker in their relationship. Neeti interjects, asserting that she will be Rakesh’s wife, not his possession, and engages in a heated argument with Bebe. Bebe insists that she was merely trying to make Rakesh understand the possibility of Parineet terminating her pregnancy after the wedding, as she is carrying Neeti’s baby. Bebe asserts that after the wedding, Rakesh would have rights over the baby, according to societal norms, and could opt for an abortion. Neeti vehemently declares her opposition to the wedding, vowing not to allow it to happen.

Gurinder requests Chandrika to prepare a meal for Parineet, stating that she will leave the house. Just then, a doctor arrives at the scene. Parineet knocks on Neeti’s door, and upon witnessing her distressed state, Neeti becomes agitated. Parineet explains that she is experiencing abdominal pain, and Neeti assures her that she will call the doctor. However, Parineet insists that she doesn’t need a doctor because Neeti is there for her. Instead, she asks Neeti to call Sanju. Chandrika questions Parineet about their conversation, and Parminder reveals that she is planning to get married. Their conversation is interrupted, and Sanju reassures Parineet that he is by her side. Rakesh contemplates punishing Sanju’s child after the wedding. After examining Parineet, the doctor prescribes medication for her. Sanju offers to take her to her room and carries her in his arms, much to the irritation of Neeti and Rakesh.

Chandrika reminds Parminder that she had previously mentioned Sanju’s feelings for Parineet, highlighting his care for her. Neeti becomes infuriated upon hearing this. Parminder excuses herself from the situation. Meanwhile, Sanju brings Parineet to her room and implores her not to keep anything from him. He notices her injured hand and tends to it. Parineet admires his actions, and he assures her that everything will be fine. She urges him not to worry about her so much and questions what has happened to him. Rakesh criticizes Neeti for being an inattentive wife, as she watches her husband show concern for another woman. Sanju attempts to share something with Neeti, but she interrupts him by grasping his hand.

[Episode End]

Precap : Rakesh will inform Neeti that unless Parineet departs from this house, Neeti’s life will be in jeopardy due to jealousy. Sanju will advise Parineet to embrace a solitary existence, separate from both Sanju and Neeti. Rakesh will incite Neeti, urging her to take action to protect her own life, or else Sanju will pursue Parineet. Rakesh will disclose to Sanju that Parineet is his future spouse. Sanju will interject, stating that she was already his wife. Neeti glares at him in response.

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