Parineetii 25 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 25 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Chandrika disclosing to Neeti that Bebe is plotting against Parineet. Neeti recollects the incident when Bebe locked her in a room. Bebe deceitfully asserts that she was already aware that Parineet was in the basement, without knowing any further details. Chandrika narrates the entire incident to Neeti, but Neeti fails to sense anything suspicious. Bebe sternly warns Chandrika against exposing her. Chandrika insists that she knows Bebe had something planned. Neeti attempts to call Sanju, but he doesn’t answer her phone. Neeti requests Gurinder to pass the phone to him. Gurinder advises Neeti to stop searching for her, implying that she has gone to Barnala to escape from Rakesh. Parminder overhears the conversation.

Parminder expresses her dismay to Gurinder, stating that despite Parineet sacrificing her husband, rights, and vermillion for Sanju, she still thinks lowly of Parineet. Parminder feels ashamed to acknowledge Parineet as her sister-in-law. Gurinder acknowledges that Parminder isn’t entirely wrong and believes that everything happened because of Parineet. Meanwhile, Parineet becomes terrified upon encountering a person tied up in the basement. Overwhelmed with fear, she hastily flees from the scene. The compounder, identified as Jai, reveals to Daima that he has arrived to offer assistance. Daima mentions that Parineet is unable to escape the darkness and has placed a reward of 50,000 rupees to capture her. Daima confidently asserts that Parineet will be apprehended soon, or else she will perish from starvation. Jai witnesses Daima’s callous attitude and becomes frightened. Daima emphasizes the need to keep Parineet alive, either to claim the reward or obtain her lifeless body. Parineet recollects Sanju’s promise to protect her and pleads with him to save her.

Meanwhile, Sanju suddenly recalls that he forgot to check the DNA test results. The report slips from his hand and lands in the hands of Rakesh. Curious, Rakesh examines the report and realizes that Sanju went to the hospital for this very reason. Sanju asks the constable to inspect the report, hoping to confirm the results. Rakesh signs the register, thinking that Sanju must not have checked the results yet, or else he wouldn’t remain so calm. Rakesh smirks at him, implying that he knows something. In response, Sanju informs Rakesh that he is well aware of his ulterior motives. Unfazed, Rakesh urges Sanju to forget about Parineet and assures him that he will personally search for her. Frustration builds within Sanju as he struggles to find the missing paper. Meanwhile, Neeti notices Shilpa’s presence and intercepts her, preventing her from escaping. Chandrika informs Shilpa that they are heading towards the same basement, unintentionally landing there. To her dismay, Neeti realizes that accessing the basement is not an easy task due to some security measures. Determined, Neeti wishes to find a way to reach the basement.

In another turn of events, Parineet faints, catching Jai’s attention. He promptly rushes to her aid and carries her away from the dangerous location. Neeti arrives at the police station to file a complaint, only to be shocked by the sight of Sanju behind bars. Gurinder explains that Rakesh had him locked up, but he managed to escape. Concerned, Gurinder inquires about Neeti’s injury, while Neeti questions whether Bebe mentioned anything to her. Bebe claims she was with Neeti the whole time, but Neeti finds herself questioning why these unfortunate events are happening and how Parineet could have gone missing. Chandrika suspects that Bebe is hiding something from them. Bebe creates a scene, indirectly threatening Neeti and warning her not to expose her secrets. As tensions rise, Neeti pleads with the police to help locate Parineet. Rakesh’s mother pleads for assistance, wanting to save her daughter-in-law and heir. Sensing an opportunity, Sanju advises Neeti to steal a crucial pen drive containing evidence that could lead them closer to Parineet’s whereabouts. Neeti proceeds to stealthily take the pen drive and pretends to be angry at Sanju. Afterward, Neeti examines the CCTV footage and discovers Rakesh offering money to Daima, further deepening the mystery.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju ponders, “Will I be able to save Parineet?” Neeti, burdened by guilt over her actions, contemplates how to rescue Parineet. Parineet finds herself reflecting on the current state of her life and wonders about her ability to protect the child. Nevertheless, she becomes resolute in her determination to safeguard the baby.

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