Parineetii 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With the goon notifying Rakesh about Sanju hiding behind his car, as the police are on the lookout for him. Rakesh devises a plan to buy some time by misleading Sanju, claiming he knows the way to the basement. During this distraction, Rakesh intends to facilitate the abortion of Parineet’s baby. The goons engage in a fake conversation on the phone, discussing the basement, which Sanju overhears, prompting him to follow them. Meanwhile, Daima ambushes Parineet from behind, confidently asserting that nobody can save her. Neeti pretends to be unconscious upon seeing Shilpa, who accuses her of issuing threats. Shilpa declares that no one can prevent Parineet’s abortion today, and if fate is on her side, she will manage to escape. Neeti retaliates by biting Shilpa’s hand, demanding to be untied. Shilpa complies, and Neeti proceeds to bind her to the bed. Unbeknownst to them, Sanju trails the goon and arrives at the scene. Parineet pleads with Daima to release her, expressing her desire to save Neeti’s baby.

Neeti accidentally bumps into Rakesh, surprised to find him there. She inquires about Parineet’s whereabouts, adamant about preventing the abortion. Rakesh fails to comprehend her concerns and wonders why she is troubling him. Neeti insists that she cannot allow the abortion to occur in this place. Rakesh reminds her that their wedding is scheduled in two days and that the abortion will undoubtedly proceed. Unyielding, Neeti declares that she will not permit the wedding to take place. Jai binds Neeti’s hands and legs, brushing off her warning that the abortion will not happen. Neeti demands her release, shouting the names of Parineet and Rakesh. Daima informs her team that she has Parineet in her grasp, relishing the fact that nobody has ever defied her to this extent. She questions Parineet’s audacity to oppose her in a bid to save her baby, and requests Rakesh’s assistance in restraining Parineet.

Daima clutches a knife in her hand, determined to terminate Parineet’s unborn child. With a surge of aggression, she lunges at Rakesh and Jai, brandishing the surgical blade, and menacingly threatens them. Seizing the opportunity, Parineet flees from the scene, prompting Rakesh to chase after her. Meanwhile, Neeti smashes a nearby bottle and hastily fashions makeshift shards to cut through a rope. Parineet winces in pain as she feels a twinge in her leg. In the distance, Neeti catches a faint sound of Parineet’s voice.

In the midst of the chaos, Bebe inadvertently loses her way and coincidentally encounters Rakesh. Overwhelmed by fear, she confides in him, revealing her concerns. Rakesh reassures Bebe that although Parineet was initially apprehended, she managed to elude them once again. Parineet is currently on a desperate quest to locate a drainage system.

Meanwhile, a thug engages in a phone conversation while the vigilant Sanju questions his motives, suspecting that he is deliberately wasting time. Assuming Rakesh’s involvement, Sanju swiftly locks the thug inside a room, realizing that he must return to the drainage to search for Parineet.

Perceiving a ladder nearby, Parineet positions it next to the sewer cover. However, her fear intensifies upon sighting a rat lurking nearby. Suddenly, she hears approaching footsteps, causing her heart to race. Sanju rushes towards the drainage, immediately noticing Parineet’s presence. Desperate, she implores him to save her, and he promises to do just that. Bracing himself, he removes the cover and extends his hand towards her. Parineet, on the verge of fainting, clings to his outstretched hand as he pulls her to safety. Witnessing this heroic act, Neeti arrives at the scene, astounded by Sanju’s valiant rescue. In perfect timing, Rakesh and Bebe also reach the spot. Rakesh pleads with Parineet to open her eyes, while Sanju, relieved to see her unharmed, tenderly kisses her forehead. Neeti, stunned by the display of affection, is left speechless, while Rakesh’s frustration mounts. Parineet, addressing him directly, expresses her unwavering faith in his unwavering commitment to saving her. Bebe affirms her earlier warning, indicating that this turn of events was inevitable. Growing exasperated, Rakesh implores Jai to intervene and bring an end to the escalating tension.

[Episode End]

Precap : Parineet requests Neeti to contact Sanju before reaching out to the doctor. Chandrika inquires about their conversation, prompting Parminder to reveal that Parineet’s wedding is scheduled in two days, leading to their separation. Parineet assures Sanju not to be concerned and questions her authority to prevent him from pursuing his own choices. Rakesh and Bebe express their certainty that the wedding will indeed occur, while Neeti refutes their claim.

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