Parineetii 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Parineet inquiring about Neeti from Dai. Dai assures her that her family members will arrive soon to meet her. Overwhelmed with fear, Parineet confides in Dai, who manages to calm her down. Dai assures Parineet that she will soon be relieved of her pain forever, within minutes. Confused and unable to open her eyes, Parineet questions what is happening.

Meanwhile, Sanju approaches the receptionist and inquires about Parineet. He learns that she was admitted to the hospital but is not in her assigned room. Wondering if she has been shifted to another room, Sanju expresses his concern. The receptionist confirms that Parineet was indeed there. Rakesh’s mother intervenes and demands to know Parineet’s whereabouts, expressing her anger towards the staff. Concerned, Rakesh decides to cause a scene to divert suspicion and buy Dai more time for the abortion procedure. Chandrika urges Rakesh’s mother to contact Alavat and inform him about the situation.

Rakesh vents his frustration at the receptionist, accusing them of carelessness. He warns that he won’t spare anyone if Parineet cannot be found, emphasizing that she is his wife and carrying his child. Threatening to set the hospital ablaze, he asserts his determination.

Sanju intervenes, attempting to reason with Rakesh, while arguing with the receptionist. Sensing the escalating tension caused by Rakesh’s relatives, the receptionist notifies the doctor that Parineet is missing from her room. Rakesh’s family’s behavior is causing a disturbance. In the midst of the chaos, Rakesh continues to cause a scene, issuing a warning that no one will be spared if anything happens to Parineet. Bebe, Parineet’s mother, expresses her distress, questioning the whereabouts of her daughter. The argument intensifies between Rakesh’s family and the hospital staff. Frustrated, the receptionist contacts the police, reporting the unruly behavior of some individuals in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dai seeks information from the compounder regarding the abortion supplies, expressing her frustration at his irresponsibility. Parineet overhears their conversation and realizes that she must protect her baby. She consoles her unborn child and makes a swift escape. Dai becomes aware of Parineet’s disappearance, observing that she has managed to flee. Later, Sanju explains the situation to the doctor, informing him that Parineet is missing, which has caused agitation among the family members.

Rakesh contacts Dai urgently, informing her that the police will arrive at their location very soon. In response, Dai hastens to complete her tasks. Rakesh advises Dai that the authorities will initially review the CCTV footage to determine who took her out. Rakesh insists that Dai must expedite the abortion procedure. However, Dai discloses that Parineet overheard their conversation and fled. Rakesh suggests that Parineet may have already terminated the pregnancy before the police’s arrival, which shocks Parineet as she contemplates who could be attempting to harm her unborn child. Meanwhile, Dai searches for Parineet.

Rakesh informs Jai that Dai has not yet completed her assignment and that Parineet has managed to escape. He instructs Jai to investigate the basement and uncover the ongoing situation there. Rakesh advises Jai to wear a mask for safety before proceeding. Later, Parineet observes a nurse pressuring a woman into undergoing an operation. Parineet attempts to intervene and assist the woman, but Dai administers an injection to Parineet, causing her to faint. The nurse questions Dai, reminding her that an overdose could endanger Parineet’s life. Dai explains that she is attempting to flee the premises. The nurse informs her colleague that Dai intends to terminate Parineet’s pregnancy. Neeti overhears their conversation.

Rakesh discusses with the doctor how Sanju consistently appears concerned about his wife, projecting himself as innocent. Rakesh questions Sanju’s motives and why he feigns care for Parineet. Sanju asserts that he genuinely cares for her and reveals that Neeti has also been admitted to the same hospital. Bebe suggests that Rakesh may have misunderstood something and exits the scene. Sanju explains that Neeti fainted in front of him, and he was about to reveal the truth to others. Rakesh suspects that Mahesh, his friend, might come to the hospital to acquire another copy of the DNA test results. Sanju mentions that he saw Parineet wearing the same bracelet he had gifted her, leading him to believe she took Parineet. Unfortunately, he failed to notice her. Meanwhile, Rakesh notices the arrival of the police. Deliberately, Rakesh initiates a fight with Sanju to divert the attention of the authorities. Gurinder and Parminder plead with the police to leave them alone, but the officer insists on conducting an investigation. Chandrika proposes that they all go to the police station, while she takes it upon herself to locate Parineet. The compounder warns Dai that handling the situation alone is dangerous, but Dai asserts her competence, stating that she is no less than a doctor and that nobody can save Parineet from her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Parineet will launch an assault on Dai before swiftly making her escape. In the meantime, the constable will hand over a collection of CCTV footage clips to the inspector. Simultaneously, Neeti will intimidate the nurse in order to uncover Parineet’s current location. Parineet will cunningly evade Dai’s line of vision while Dai diligently hunts for her.

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