Parineetii 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Parminder confronting Pallavi about the addition of papaya to the dish. Parminder questions her motives, as she is aware that it could harm Parineet’s baby. Bebe steps in to defend Pallavi, but Parminder firmly asserts that if Pallavi has no connection with her, she should stay away from the matter. Parminder demands that Pallavi confess the truth or face involving the police. In response, Neeti pretends to dismiss Pallavi from the house and assures her that the promised money will be transferred to her account.

Later on, Neeti notices Sanju engrossed in a book on pregnancy. She complains that Sanju always prioritizes Parineet and doesn’t care about her at all. Frustrated by his love for Parineet, Neeti asks him to give her the book and storms off. Meanwhile, Parminder advises Parineet to take some rest. Parineet expresses her gratitude for Parminder’s timely intervention and thanks her for saving her and the baby. She opens up to Parminder, considering her as a mother figure. Parminder consoles her, emphasizing that love is the only bond between a mother and her child. Parineet embraces Parminder, finding solace in her support.

Meanwhile, Rakesh becomes concerned when Neeti doesn’t call him. He decides to contact Parineet to gauge her well-being. If she talks to him normally, he concludes that everything is fine; otherwise, he suspects that her baby might have been aborted. In anger, Parineet rejects Rakesh’s call. Rakesh confronts Parineet, questioning her well-being. Parineet, feeling suspicious, wonders why he is so interested in her situation. Rakesh calls Neeti and expresses his anger, blaming her for not aborting Parineet’s baby. He warns her that he won’t marry her until the baby is terminated, as he believes they have ruined his life. Neeti informs Rakesh that they made two attempts to abort the baby, but Parineet managed to escape both times. She assures him that she will fulfill her promise and asks for his patience. Rakesh, mindful of the approaching wedding, stresses the urgency of aborting the child. Neeti promises him once again that she will take care of the abortion as she assured him.

Parminder reflects on Parineet’s emotional words and notices Bebe’s presence. She confronts Bebe, expressing her disapproval of Bebe’s actions. Bebe retorts that Parminder shouldn’t have spoken to Parineet in such a manner, emphasizing that she has never treated Parineet poorly since her arrival in the house. Parminder counters, stating that she has never behaved that way either. Bebe justifies her behavior by mentioning that Parineet had not eaten anything since morning, forcing her to consume the food. Parminder asserts that she had informed Parineet about the presence of papaya in the dish, despite being forced to eat it. Bebe accuses Parminder of insinuating that she attempted to abort her baby. Parminder deflects the topic, causing her to lash out at Bebe before storming off. Bebe believes that Parminder scolded her on behalf of Parineet and resolves to make Parminder’s life miserable, assuming she has won.

Meanwhile, Monty inquires about Sanju’s concerns. Sanju confesses that he is preoccupied with thoughts of Parineet and feels guilty for doing so. He believes he has no right to think about her but admits to being worried for her well-being. He laments the lack of assistance being provided to Parineet and vows to put an end to the wedding at any cost. Monty questions the feasibility of his plan, considering the limited time left with only two days remaining. Sanju remains resolute, asserting that he will prove Parineet’s innocence and halt the wedding. He takes a day off work to accomplish his mission. Sanju notices Parineet sleeping and seizes the opportunity to express his deep appreciation for her. He acknowledges the sacrifices she has made for his family and expresses gratitude, acknowledging that if the situation were reversed, someone else might have tried to ruin his life. He thanks Parineet sincerely. Later, Neeti contemplates ways to terminate Parineet’s pregnancy. Sanju asks her about her concerns, and Neeti recalls Bebe’s advice.

Neeti manages to deceive Sanju, concealing her true intentions. Sanju recalls his thoughts about Parineet and wonders why Neeti lied about being with her. He questions what she might be hiding from him. Meanwhile, Parineet is cooking in the kitchen while reflecting on Rakesh’s ill-treatment of her. Bebe interrupts, inquiring about her absent-mindedness. Parineet expresses her discontent with Rakesh, stating that he is not a good person. Bebe admonishes Parineet, reminding her that she was carrying his baby and should not complain about him. Parineet reveals that the baby is not Rakesh’s, prompting Bebe to humiliate her further.

[Episode End]

Precap : Sanju will inform Neeti that this wedding is merely a formality, knowing well that she has ulterior motives behind organizing it. Subsequently, Sanju will approach Rajesh and inquire about the situation. Rajesh will reveal that it’s his haldi ceremony today. Overwhelmed with guilt for applying Haldi to Parineet, Neeti will impulsively intervene by forcefully knocking the haldi from Rakesh’s hand to prevent him from applying it on Parineet.

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