Parineetii 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Alahwad urging the Inspector to file a missing complaint for Rakesh. However, the Inspector informs him that the mandatory 24-hour period has not yet elapsed, preventing him from lodging the complaint at that moment. Undeterred, Alahwad reveals his suspicion that Sanju has concealed Rakesh in his residence, casting doubt on the Bajwa family. Nevertheless, the Inspector stands firm in his decision to wait until the full 24 hours have passed before taking any action.

Meanwhile, Rakesh forcibly takes Parineet outside, prompting Sanju to intervene. Rakesh claims that they are a blessed couple and that Parineet is carrying his child, citing medical evidence. Parineet counters his assertion, asserting that the report is false and suggests that Rakesh may have tampered with it using bribery. She further suggests that the child she is carrying belongs to someone else entirely. Sanju declares that he will investigate the matter further.

Tensions rise as Sanju demands Rakesh release Parineet’s hand, leading to a physical altercation between the two. Neeti, witnessing the altercation, pleads with Rakesh to let Sanju go and launches an attack from behind to defend her brother. Alahwad gathers his henchmen and departs from the scene to search for Rakesh.

Gurinder holds the belief that it is an impossible situation. Parineet is currently carrying a precious family heir, but Bebe claims that the child belongs to Rakesh. Bebe’s lack of faith in Parineet leads her to incite provocation against her. Chandrika counters, stating that such a scenario is unlikely and suggests that the reports may have been tampered with. Bebe defends Mahesh, asserting that he would never engage in such deceptive acts. However, Bebe discovers that Parineet had secretly attempted to abort the baby in order to conceal her relationship with Rakesh. Gurinder chooses to believe Bebe’s account, and Bebe congratulates herself on her astuteness.

In the midst of this, Tao ji receives a phone call from Surendar, who informs him that Alahwad is searching for Rakesh. Surendar advises Tao ji to file a complaint against Sanju. Sanju brings Rakesh to their location, and Neeti accuses Rakesh of misbehaving with Parineet, recounting her fight with him. After Neeti beats him, Rakesh faints. Parminder suggests locking him inside a room to prevent trouble with the police, who are currently searching for him.

Neeti questions how Parineet’s report turned out positive, to which Parineet claims ignorance. Gurpreet offers comfort to Parineet, while Bebe harbors the belief that Gurinder takes pride in her favorable fate. Bebe sees Gurinder as a threat to her family’s happiness and vows not to leave the house until she achieves her objective of preventing the heir’s welcome. Neeti arrives and shares the news of Rakesh’s fainting, stating that Sanju has locked him in the room once again. Neeti fears that Rakesh might reveal her involvement to everyone and expresses confusion over how Parineet’s report was altered. Bebe reveals that Parineet is not carrying Rakesh’s baby and discloses her visit to the hospital, where she bribed the courier boy to change the reports. Neeti expresses gratitude for Bebe’s timely intervention, but Parminder remains skeptical about Parineet’s betrayal. Bebe stokes Parminder’s emotions against Parineet, further provoking her.

Neeti feigns her support for Parineet, while Bebe insists that she is still standing by her. Parineet’s audacity to flaunt her pregnancy and freely roam around the house without shame is criticized. Parminder intervenes, urging Bebe to refrain from speaking ill of Parineet. Parminder declares her trust in Parineet, firmly stating that she refuses to believe any negative rumors. Bebe remains unconvinced, refusing to trust them despite everything that has transpired. In the midst of the conversation, Alahwad arrives and requests them to summon Rakesh. They inform him that Rakesh is not present. However, Alahwad insists that Rakesh is indeed there. Seeking confirmation, Alahwad urges them to allow his henchman to search his house. Sanju objects, stating that he cannot grant permission for such an intrusion. Tao ji informs Alahwad that Rakesh is not present, but Alahwad demands respect and notices Rakesh’s watch in the vicinity.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti will inform everyone about their decision to undergo a DNA test in order to establish Parineet’s innocence. However, their well-intentioned action has had an unintended negative outcome. Alahwad will disclose to Sanju that the person who harbors animosity towards Rakesh is present within the confines of their house, compelling Alahwad to be present as well. Subsequently, Rakesh will approach Neeti, requesting her assistance, warning that if she refuses, he will expose the truth to everyone. Sanju will be taken aback by this revelation.

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