Parineetii 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Alahwad informing Sanju that the watch belongs to Rakesh. However, Sanju decides to lie and claims that the watch is actually his. Tao ji expresses his gratitude to Sanju for helping him locate the watch. Just then, Neeti arrives at the scene, and Alahwad recognizes her, stating that she and Rakesh have enemies present. Rakesh himself appears shortly after, warning them that he won’t spare anyone if something happens to his son. He cautions them to keep the watch safe as it bears his wife’s name. Sanju inspects the watch and realizes that he has been caught, acknowledging that he can’t easily deceive a politician. Rakesh issues a final warning before departing. Sanju, frustrated, refers to Tao ji as a fool, but Tao ji advises him to wait until Rakesh regains consciousness. Neeti, on the other hand, views this as the perfect opportunity to execute her plan flawlessly.

Meanwhile, Bebe comes to Parminder’s aid, explaining that her current state is a result of Parineet’s actions. Bebe confesses that she blindly trusted Parineet, who has been playing with their trust. She asks Gurinder to express her thoughts on whether Parineet is carrying Sanju or Rakesh’s child. Gurinder responds by affirming that the report holds the truth. Neeti interjects, mentioning that they conducted the DNA test to prove her innocence, but it has unexpectedly backfired. Bebe continues to criticize Parineet, which prompts Gurpreet to confront her for speaking ill of her.

Bebe hurls insults at Parineet, accusing her of betraying them by carrying Rakesh’s baby. Gurinder interjects, asserting that Parineet is not lying and emphasizing that they had placed immense trust in her and stood by her. Gurpeet questions whether she would have taken the same stance if it were her daughter-in-law in question. Gurinder denies any wrongdoing on their part. Just then, Sanju arrives and urges them to stop. He defends Parineet, stating that she is not at fault, but rather her reports are incorrect. Bebe accuses Sanju of siding with Parineet against his own mother. However, Sanju assures them that he wholeheartedly trusts Parineet and refuses to doubt her in this matter. He apologizes to Parineet on behalf of everyone and advises her to rest. Chandrika comments that Sanju has accepted Parineet. Gurinder points out that Sanju is actually married to Neeti and that he is her husband. Meanwhile, Neeti grows increasingly frustrated witnessing Sanju supporting Parineet. Bebe seizes this opportunity to instigate Neeti against Parineet. In response, Neeti reveals that they were aware that Parineet was carrying her child, and they had obtained medical proof confirming that the child belonged to Rakesh, even though he believed Parineet.

Sanju’s affection for Neeti is unwavering, yet his trust in Parineet is absolute. Bebe assures Neeti that Sanju will love her once again. However, Neeti declares that she doesn’t require his love; what she truly needs is the trust he places in Parineet. No matter what wrongdoings Parineet may commit, Sanju continues to support her. Neeti insists that they must send Rakesh away from their lives. Perplexed, Bebe questions the need to harm Rakesh. Neeti shares her troubling encounter with him and advises Bebe to inform Alahwad about Rakesh, as he can rescue him from Sanju’s custody. They must act swiftly before Rakesh regains consciousness and potentially exposes their secrets to everyone.

Later, Rakesh regains consciousness and requests food and water. Sensing the urgency, Neeti instructs Amith to confine Rakesh in a locked room. Concerned for Parineet’s well-being, Sanju instructs Gurpreet to look after her and ensure she gets ample rest during this challenging period. Gurpreet expresses her gratitude to Sanju, acknowledging that she never expected him to stand up for her daughter in such a manner. Neeti and Bebe overhear their conversation, and Bebe manipulates Neeti by exploiting the situation. Gurpreet reveals that she was devastated when Sanju married Neeti, feeling that he had shattered her daughter’s happiness. However, she now blesses him for his unwavering support of Parineet.

Tao ji requests Neeti to provide food to Rajesh. Neeti questions how she can bring him food after having beaten him. Chandrika steps in and offers food to Rakesh, but he refuses to eat from her hand. Rakesh boldly claims to be the father of Parineet’s child. Just as Neeti arrives on the scene, Rakesh threatens to expose her in front of everyone. Neeti anxiously ponders his revelation, but Bebe insists that he is lying and won’t divulge the truth to anyone. Tao ji implores Bebe to allow Rakesh to confess the truth freely.

[Episode End]

Precap : The inspector inquires about the situation and asks, “What is happening here?” Neeti steps forward to address everyone, revealing that Parineet is pregnant with Rakesh’s child. In response, Parineet pleads with them to trust her, insisting that she has no connection with Rakesh and is actually carrying Sanju’s baby. Gurinder, skeptical of her claim, demands evidence to support it.

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