Parineetii 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts With Bebe inquiring Chandrika about Parineet’s whereabouts. Chandrika responds by asking if Bebe suspects that her enemy has abducted Parineet. Bebe acknowledges the possibility and feigns concern for Parineet’s well-being. At that moment, Neeti arrives, and Bebe becomes anxious, fearing that Neeti might inadvertently reveal the truth to Chandrika. However, Chandrika comes to Neeti’s aid and asks her about Parineet’s location. Bebe pretends to cough, causing Chandrika to leave momentarily to fetch water for her. Neeti, growing impatient, urges Bebe to stop pretending and disclose Parineet’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Daima attempts to administer an injection to Parineet, but Parineet resists and manages to escape. Meanwhile, the police question Gurinder regarding the commotion at the hospital. Gurinder explains that they became agitated when they discovered Parineet was missing, emphasizing that she was unconscious and wondering how she could have disappeared. Rakesh interjects, questioning Gurinder’s statements. He engages in a disrespectful conversation with the police inspector, who then questions Rakesh about his alcohol consumption. Sanju voices his frustration, claiming that Rakesh is needlessly causing a scene while everyone is worried about Parineet. Rakesh argues with Sanju and is subsequently escorted away by the inspector.

Neeti threatens Bebe, warning her to reveal the truth. Bebe dismisses Neeti’s intimidation, stating that if Neeti treats her kindly, she will reciprocate, but if Neeti crosses her, she will witness Bebe’s true colors. Bebe refuses to disclose Parineet’s location. Meanwhile, Parineet hides, nursing an injured leg, and evades Daima’s sight. Daima collects medicine from Preetha, who questions the consequences if something were to happen to Parineet. Daima callously remarks that no one can save Parineet if it’s her destiny. Neeti senses that Parineet has called out to her and begins searching for her. Bebe inquires about Neeti’s actions, while Daima discovers Parineet’s slipper and deduces that she must be hiding nearby. Later, the inspector reprimands Rakesh for his outburst. Rakesh reveals that Parineet is safe and that he intends to marry her, but he discloses that she is carrying another man’s child. He expresses his reluctance to become a father to someone else’s baby and even offers money to the inspector. The inspector vehemently rebukes Rakesh, warning him that he will expose him in front of everyone.

The inspector informs Rakesh that he has obtained the CCTV footage, and he can sense Rakesh’s fear. Rakesh realizes that any mistakes made will lead to immediate capture. The inspector then requests Rakesh to hand over 10 lakhs to him. In front of everyone, the inspector announces that he is offering a reward of 10 lakhs to anyone who can help find his beloved wife, Parineet. He expresses his deep affection for her and assures everyone that he will review the CCTV footage to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Parineet attempts to escape from the location, but Daima notices a blood stain on her. Neeti urges Bebe to disclose the truth. Bebe explains that they took Parineet to have an abortion but is unaware of her current whereabouts. Neeti spots a nurse and interrogates her about Parineet’s location. Neeti threatens to harm the nurse if she doesn’t reveal the truth, and the nurse discloses that Parineet is in the basement. Bebe worries that Parineet might escape once again. The nurse acknowledges that the hospital basement is a dangerous place, and once someone enters, it becomes nearly impossible to leave.

Sanju asks the inspector about his conversation with Rakesh. The inspector reveals that Rakesh convinced him of his love for Parineet, but he still suspects him. Sanju and Rakesh engage in a heated argument. Parminder suggests leaving them to argue, as she is unsure why they constantly fight. Gurinder claims that their conflict will end once she marries Rakesh. She attributes all the current troubles to Parineet. Sanju questions why Gurinder is involving Parineet when she isn’t present. Gurinder complains about Sanju’s resistance to discussing Parineet. Rakesh’s mother agrees with Sanju, emphasizing that Parineet is not at fault and is, in fact, her daughter-in-law carrying their family’s heir. She confronts Gurinder in the argument. Sanju requests the inspector to examine the CCTV footage for any potential leads. However, the inspector deceitfully claims that the CCTV system is not functional on his laptop.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti will feel a sense of responsibility, believing that Parineet’s life is at risk due to her actions. Overwhelmed by guilt, she contemplates the potential danger that has befallen her dear friend. Parineet, on the other hand, finds herself grappling with the perplexity of her own circumstances, wondering about the turmoil that has entered her life. Nonetheless, an unwavering determination awakens within her as she resolves to protect the unborn child, setting her on a path of resolute action.

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