Parineetii 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Amith expressing to Sanju that he has developed feelings for Parineet, believing he may have fallen in love with her. He constantly finds himself thinking about her and believes she is right for him. Amith’s brother is present during this conversation. Later, Rakesh confides in his mother, expressing that she can treat Parineet however she wishes once they are married. Assuring him that she will take care of Parineet because she is carrying Rakesh’s child, Rakesh contemplates revealing his true nature to Parineet after their marriage. In the meantime, Rakesh’s mother mentions an important ritual for pregnant women, suggesting they make her a grandmother before the wedding. Meanwhile, Parineet and Neeti recall a previous incident, causing Neeti to feel guilty and troubled, resulting in nightmares of Rakesh misbehaving with Parineet. Bebe notices Neeti’s distressed state and inquires about what happened.

Neeti confides in Bebe, expressing her belief that Rakesh is not a good person. Bebe insists that Rakesh truly loves Parineet and will change after their wedding. She adds that Rakesh is even willing to accept Parineet and her child. Neeti counters, stating that Rakesh won’t change because he is inherently a bad person and will subject Parineet to torment. Neeti confesses her desire to portray Parineet as the wrongdoer in front of everyone, but questions her own actions, acknowledging that Parineet is not to blame—they are responsible for the situation. The problem has now escalated to the point of a wedding. Bebe acknowledges their powerlessness in the matter but suggests they seize this opportunity. She proposes the idea of proving to everyone that Parineet is carrying Sanju’s baby. Bebe believes it’s better to let Parineet marry Rakesh and remove her from Sanju’s life permanently. Meanwhile, Parineet remains confident that Neeti is incapable of harming her. She reassures her baby that she will protect them, emphasizing that Neeti is her everything and their mother. Bebe reiterates that Parineet will depart from their lives forever, allowing Sanju to shower Neeti with his love. Meanwhile, Alavat’s family examines Rakesh and Parineet’s horoscopes. Rakesh attempts to tease Sanju, but Sanju responds with a fitting reply.

As the rasam begins, Sanju’s frustration and confusion continue to grow. He approaches Parineet and asks her why she is going along with all of this. Parineet, with a troubled expression, responds that she isn’t doing anything and doesn’t know what’s happening either. Before they can discuss further, Neeti forcefully takes Parineet away to continue with the rasam.

Parineet looks back at Sanju with an emotional gaze, leaving him feeling helpless and angry. Unable to contain his frustration, Sanju vents his anger by breaking things nearby. Rakesh’s mother informs Parineet that the engagement is scheduled for the next day. The priest advises them to perform the rasam before the engagement to ensure Parineet and her baby’s safety.

Gurinder and Bebe express their admiration for Parineet’s love and dedication, while Alavat urges them to hasten the rasam as he has a meeting to attend. With mixed emotions and a sense of helplessness, Parineet reluctantly begins the rasam, unsure of what lies ahead.

[Episode End]

Precap : Parineet plans to reveal to Rakesh’s mother that the baby is not his. Gurinder advises Parineet to take a break and relax. Parineet confides in Neeti, expressing her reluctance to marry Rakesh. Unfortunately, Neeti’s response disappoints Parineet. Seeking solace, Parineet confides in Sanju about her sorrow.

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