Parineetii 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Parineetii 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Rakesh’s relatives extending an invitation to Parminder to join them in dancing. However, she politely declines the offer. Rakesh, overwhelmed with joy, starts dancing. Suddenly, Parineet experiences a sharp pain in her abdomen, causing Gurinder to inquire about her well-being. Parineet, in tears from the pain, requests Neeti’s assistance and asks to be taken to the hospital. Acting swiftly, Rakesh carries her and escorts her to a room. Parminder requests Gurinder to bring hot water, while Neeti inquires if the medicine will provide relief to Parineet. Rakesh volunteers to fetch some water and inquires about the location of the kitchen. Gurinder reminds him that he had previously visited the house.

Concerned for Parineet, Neeti contacts the doctor to inform her about the situation. Bebe, perceiving Neeti’s fear, assumes that she is terrified due to Parineet’s condition. Rakesh contacts his accomplice, instructing him to carry out the assigned task. He expresses his lack of trust in anyone, as Neeti frequently changes her allegiances. Rakesh prepares to take Parineet to the hospital while Bebe overhears his conversation and questions his actions. Requesting hot water, Rakesh reminds Bebe that she had promised to arrange for Parineet’s abortion, which she has yet to fulfill. Bebe reveals that she was already aware of his scheme upon his arrival and commends him for his cunning. She acknowledges his value and offers him a place within her party. Bebe queries Rakesh about his true intentions regarding Parineet, but he dismisses her suspicions, reiterating his lack of trust in anyone.

Bebe attempts to advise Rakesh, emphasizing the importance of her and Neeti’s assistance. However, he refuses to disclose his plan to Bebe, asserting that he doesn’t require their help since he considers himself a one-man army. Bebe reveals that Parineet experienced pain after consuming the holy water and that she overheard Rakesh arranging for her abortion at the hospital through his henchman. She commends his scheme and ponders the situation. Chandrika, observing Bebe and Rakesh’s interactions, becomes suspicious of Rakesh’s motives. Meanwhile, Parineet continues to endure her pain, causing worry for Parminder, Gurinder, and Neeti. Rakesh questions Bebe about Neeti’s well-being, to which Bebe assures him that she is being taken care of. Bebe also mentions her resentment towards Neeti for stealing Sanju but acknowledges that Neeti is kind-hearted and will change her mood when it comes to Sanju. Rakesh remains skeptical, asserting that he does not trust her, prompting Bebe to compare him to herself.

Sanju finds himself lost in deep contemplation, his mind consumed by a whirlwind of thoughts. In this state of distraction, he inadvertently stumbles upon Parineet’s surrogacy report. A wave of confusion washes over him as he ponders the authenticity of the report and how it aligns with the claim that Rakesh shares a biological connection with Parineet. This predicament arose when Rakesh professed that Parineet was carrying his child. Determined to seek clarity, Sanju feels an urgent need to meet with Mahesh.

Meanwhile, Rakesh, plagued by his own uncertainties, turns to his mother and poses a question that weighs heavily on his heart. He inquires whether she harbors any dislike towards Parineet, urging her to express her true feelings. Disappointed by her apparent silence, Rakesh implores his parents to accompany him in taking Parineet to the hospital. He contacts a certain goon and seeks confirmation regarding the arrangements made at the hospital. Specifically, he inquires if everything has been organized at the city hospital. The goon reassures him, affirming that all necessary preparations have indeed been made within the confines of that very hospital. It holds a special significance for Rakesh, as it was the same hospital where he orchestrated the termination of Parineet’s pregnancy. Money is of no concern to him in this matter.

As the events unfold, a doctor named Rashmi arrives at the scene. Rakesh, eager to maintain an illusion of normalcy, deceives her into believing that Parineet is in good health. He cites Neeti’s anxious phone call as the reason for Rashmi’s presence, and promptly hands her a monetary offering before swiftly dismissing her. Observing this exchange is Chandrika, who takes note of Rakesh’s actions and becomes suspicious of his motives.

Curiosity getting the better of her, Chandrika confronts Rakesh and questions his decision to deceive the doctor and send her away. In response, Rakesh insists that she has not heard his full conversation, emphasizing the paramount importance of Parineet and the unborn child in his life. Just then, Neeti arrives, leading Parineet to their location. Anxious and in pain, Parineet implores Rakesh to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sanju approaches Mehra, his superior, and humbly requests a half day’s leave. However, Mehra is resolute, asserting the importance of a client meeting and refusing to grant Sanju’s request. Rakesh assures Neeti that he has taken care of all the arrangements, urging her to remain patient as he swiftly tends to the situation. Parineet’s anguish intensifies as she cries out in pain, and Rakesh assures Neeti that she must wait, as he has taken care of everything and will ensure their prompt arrival at the hospital.

[Episode End]

Precap : Neeti will be informed by the doctor that the pain she is experiencing is not a normal occurrence. It will be revealed that Neeti has ingested something harmful to her unborn baby. Sanju, filled with worry, will fervently pray to God for Parineet’s safety, hoping for divine intervention against Rakesh. Simultaneously, Rakesh will discreetly approach the doctor, urging them to perform an abortion on Parineet’s baby, stressing the importance of keeping it a secret from everyone. Neeti, however, firmly asserts that such a procedure will never take place. In the midst of the tense situation, the doctor administers an injection to Parineet, causing her to lose consciousness right then and there.

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